Alvaren Studio Apps

Goblin Sword Photo Editor 1.0
Goblin Sword K-Drama Make your photos like actor on film swordgoblin k-drama with real sticker. Instruction : - Open image fromgallery - Show sticker - Drag, zoom and rotate sticker (tap tap forshow and hide control sticker) - Save your photo
Lickster Ice 2K17 1.0.2
Lickster Ice is new 2017 games. Became a master of lickingbyfollowing the direction of the arrow. Open all of ice cream andyouwill be suprised!!! Lickster game features : - Awesome music -NiceIce Cream design - So many Ice Cream Designed by Photoroyalty/Freepik
Broken Screen Prank 1.0.0
Featured : - Schedule broken screen prank app - 3 themes ofbrokenscreen - Real cracked screen sound - Clear glass - Showbrokenscreen over the other application.
Xp Error Prank
Xp Error is prank app with BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)
EXO Lightstick 10.0
This is a simulator for exo lightstick ver 2. Color of Lightstick :1. Fire 2. Ice 3. Aqua 4. Lavender 5. Sunflower 6. Ocean 7. Sakura8. Greenlight
Hack It Prank 6.0
Be a real hacker and hack phones of your friends like computerhacker. Select time to show hack message, it can pop up at anygiven time even if the user is using another application. Note :this application is just a prank application so it doesn't reallydelete your files, the concept is that this application only readsall your files and doesn't delete them, there is no hack only pranklike hack whatsapp prank and facebook hack / fb hack or somethingelse.. Use cases: 1. Install it on a your phone or your friend'sphone. 2. Choose time to released and hack prank your friends withultimate laugh.
Phone Hacks Simulator Prank 6.0
"Phone Number Hacker Simulator Free" will trick your friends intothinking you are a genius and can hack anything! The graphic stylehas a real "hacker" look to it. Note: "Phone Number HackerSimulator Free" is a PRANK app and does not really hack phones orthe numbers! It is for fooling your friends into thinking yourhacking any phone number and is for fun only!
Phone Number Hacks Simulator Pro 4.0
Alvaren Studio
"Phone Number Hacker Simulator Pro With No Ads" will trickyourfriends into thinking you are a genius and can hack anything!Thegraphic style has a real "hacker" look to it. Note: "PhoneNumberHacker Simulator Pro" is a PRANK app and does not reallyhackphones or the numbers! It is for fooling your friends intothinkingyour hacking any phone number and is for fun only!