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Draw, Snap, Play!
DoodleMatic Education 1.67
DoodleMatic turns your drawings into video games! Build a gamebydrawing on paper, snapping a photo, and have your drawing cometolife in seconds. ■ Make games: Multiple game types encouragehoursof creative play. ■ Share your game: Share with your friendsandfamily so they can play your game on the web, without the app!■Powerup your game: Use the DoodleMatic Powerups to enhanceyourgame with tools like movement, projectiles and bounce. ■Createyour own Game Room: Create a Game Room for you and yourfriends. ■Like a game: Add a game to your favorites for quickaccess, andgive props to the creator! Get your paper and markersout, and getready to DRAW, SNAP, PLAY! * This application is freeto downloadand offers some optional in-app purchases. * Internetconnectivityrequired to play. Data charges may apply. * DoodleMaticrequiresuse of the camera, children under 13 require parentpermission toplay. ====================================== Teachersaround theworld are singing DoodleMatic's praises! Educationalbenefits arenumerous and nearly limitless. Here are just a few ofthe waysteachers and students are using DoodleMatic to learn andplay: ■Make games: DoodleMatic lets you instantly create gamesfromdrawings, with multiple game modes that encourage prototypinganditeration. DoodleMatic is the best rapid prototyping tool ontheplanet. ■ Any age: From the youngest game fans turningcolor-codeddrawings into playable levels through complexPhotoshop-createdillustrations, students from Kindergarten throughHigh School (andbeyond!) use DoodleMatic in many different ways. ■Reinforcementand Rewards: Connect classroom success with gamedesign,reinforcing reading and writing by accompanying games withstories.■ Make learning fun: Turn your subject content into a gamethatstudents can play and learn from. ■ Turn students intoteachers:Students can use DoodleMatic to make interactive quizzesfor eachother, to reinforce what they have learned. ■ Share: Putyourstudents' best lessons in the hands of other students inyourschool! Visit or email [email protected] for more information on creatinganeducator account!
Get your paper and markers out, and get ready to DRAW, SNAP, PLAY!
Find My Words
Enter any 3-8 letters – find every word to win the game!