Alexander Nowak Apps

Tiniest Smallest App APK ever
It's half 2 in the morning rn and idk what tosay about this, this app doesn't do much but show you that it'spossible to upload a Hello World App to the play store that is 3425BYTES in size.Maybe someone wants to donate a cookie or sth idk man not even sureif the app is actually installable the only thing I know is that amgoing to sleep now gnight everyone
Launch Buttons - Ableton MIDI Controller
Use your phone as a midi controller in every DAW!
Trap Maker 1.3
Drum part of the next series "Trap Maker".It's very experimental as this is a genre I don't know that muchlike the others. Keep in mind that you have to choose the audiooutput you are using.
Dubstep Dubpad Pusher 4.0
After Dubstep Dubpad Buttons was a real success in my 3-months-longprogrammer's history, many people demanded something to make "real"drops. This is my answer to it. You get 15 unique 1-2 bar loops(drums+leads+bass) on 140 BPM that you can combine as you want to.You WILL like it!
Simple Tiny Small EQ 14kb 1.0
No ads, no popups, just the Equalizer itself at 14kb to boost thebass, increase the volume of certain frequencies and improve theoverall sound quality. MOTOROLA ANDROID 5 NOTE: I've had severalpeople contacting me about the app not adjusting any sound at all,I don't own any Motorola devices so I couldn't investigate this onemy own yet. I tried a couple of other equalizer apps on a friends'Moto G and none of them seemed to works so it appears to be aglobal issue. I hope we will find a way to get around this, staytuned. Project based on uploaded with hisconsent.
Southern 808 Crunk Kit FREE 1.3
Use your phone to trigger 808 Kit sounds! The kit is based ontypical southern (/CRUNK) sounds. !!! I Strongly recommend usingheadphones or pretty phat speakers due excessive sub-bass use !!! Iwanted to go crunk on my Android Phone but didn't find any app so Imade one. I love lil jon and tried to include sounds that are usedin his songs. If you want other sounds, just tell me, I willreplace them.
Launch Buttons Plus - Ableton MIDI Controller
Use your phone as a midi controller in every DAW!
Kontrol Traktor Controller
Kontrol is a MIDI DJ controller to control Traktor, Virtual DJ andmany more.