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Dawa Connect 0.8.1
App to connect the person you want to inviteto islam
Adkaar - Saheeh Hisnul Muslim 2.0.2
Android application based on the world renowned supplicationsbook,Hisnul Muslim (Remembrance and Supplication from the QuranandSunnah) by Sheikh Sa'eed bin Ali bin Wahf al-Qahtani anditsMalayalam Translation by Abu Abdillah, Jeddah Features:i)Translation of Duas in Malayalam to know its implication.ii)Transliteration choice helps user in knowing correct wayofarticulating supplications in Arabic. iii) Recitation for eachduais also given in application which will help the users to reciteaDua or Dhikr correctly. iv) Search feature allows the user tofindout Duas featuring that particular term. iv) 9 main DuaCategoriesmeant for achievement in different instances areavailable: DailyPrayers: Contains daily supplications from wakingup to sleeping.Salah: Contains Duas for Wudu, Hearing Adhan,Entering Masjid etc.Fasting/Ramadan: Dua after forgetting Fast,family inviting forbreaking fast etc. Hajj/Umrah: Daus for MountSafa and MountMarwah, on the Day of Arafa etc. Nature: When windblows, Duringand after rain and withholding of Rain etc. Human: Duawhen you areangry, happy etc. Situations: Duas to be recited indifferentsituations like Funeral/grave, Group of peopleetc.Sihr/Protection: Duas for protection, against distractions ofSatanetc. Forgiveness: Asking for Allah's Forgiveness(Astaghfar),Replying Salam of non Muslim etc. v) Beautifulpresentation witheye soothing graphics. vi) Favorites option letsindividual to markits most preferred Duas for frequent usage vii)Font Size can beadjusted according to preference. viii) Shareoption lets one todistribute the duas and this beautiful app withloved ones.Download this free and easy to use Islamic ApplicationonSmartphone in order to benefit from Daily Duas in your life.
Al Islah Radio 2.1.6
Listen to authentic malayalam islamic internet radio streaming24hours featuring Quran, Hadith Study classes & lectures.Listen& be Enlightened.