Akatsuki Buddy Apps

Mirror cakes 2.7.3
You'll be addicted to the "shiny, magical cake". Why not have funmaking a shiny mirror glaze cake that looks like a mirror? How youmix the colors is up to you! Let's decorate and have fun. Make yourown mirror glaze cake.
Draw Wall 1.6.3
Draw bouncy wall for lead a ball to goal. If you clear thisgame,you get full of satisfied.
Airport Master 1.6.1
Have you ever thought want to be a marshaller? If you play thisgame, you can be a marshaller. Marshal and park the airplane!
Scan it!! 5.3.0
Can you be the top of clerks? Welcome to the shoppingparadise!Every wondered how that amazing clerk works insupermarket. It istime to perfect your professionally. Wow yourcustomers with youramazing skills! Help your customers shop and getready for somefun! - Simple and easy controls - Realistic groceriesinsupermarket - Fun gameplay and varied games each levels
Pit Master! 1.23.1
Have you ever thought to be a Formula 1 mechanic? You can be aF1mechanic in this game! Help pit stop and win races! - Simpleandeasy controls - Realistic items and rich graphics - Fun gameplay