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Steven Gerrard HD Wallpaper 1.0
** If you like Steven Gerrard, try it yourlike it. **The legend player of Liverpool football club.Keep it on your device with HD wallpaper.
arabic calligraphy 1.0
How to learn arabic calligraphy
Easy Arabic Learn Tajweed 1.0
Learn How to read Holy Quran and Arabiclanguage on the right way.Easy arabic For youWhat is Tajweed?The word "tajweed" means to improve, make better.Tajweed of the Holy Qur'an is the knowledge and application ofthe rules of recitation so the reading of the Qur'an is as theProphet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him, recited.
Islamic HD Wallpaper 1.0
“Islamic HD Wallpapers” is a cool new app thatbrings all the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds to your Androiddevice.Islamic HD Wallpapers - High Definition Wallpapers for you todownload for free
Quran Recitation 1.0
Quran Recitation by Mishary bin Rashid AlAfasyQuran a Pak recitation in magical voice of Mishary Al Afasy withbreathtaking pictures of nature. All credit goes to people whorecorded this Audio, Mishary Al Afsay and to people who made itavailable online for others to enjoy. I encourage all brothers andsister to listen to Holy Quran and pay close attention to orders ofAllaha suban-o-talah. If arabic is not your first language Isuggest you look for Quran with your native language so you canunderstand better. May Allaha makes us from the people who takeorders of Quran and implement in there daily life. Remember Quranis source of guidance for us, the way of life. Please pray for meand my family. May Allah protect us from the bad and put us to paththat leads to success
Mosque Wallpaper HD for Free 1.0
Mosque Wallpaper HD - Mosque around the worldHigh definition wallpapers for you to download for free