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Shaun the Sheep AR Viewer 2.6.5
Use the Shaun the Sheep Augmented Reality viewer to bring specialShaun pictures to life! Look out for images with the specialborder; when you point the app at them a mini Shaun sports moviewill play within the picture frame! The exciting sports day themedmarkers can be found inside the Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps bookand on selected merchandise packaging. © and TM Aardman Animations2020. All Rights Reserved. Shaun the Sheep (word mark) and thecharacter ‘Shaun the Sheep’ © and TM Aardman Animations Limited.Around the world Shaun is also known as Shaun das Schaf, Shaun hetSchaap, Shaun le Mouton, Shaun Vita da Pecora, A Ovelha Chone,Fåret Shaun, F for Får and Барашек Шон.
Early Man Run 1.0.24
An official Early Man movie game from Aardman AnimationsandStudioCanal. Help Dug, Hognob and Goona escape the clutchesofdastardly Lord Nooth and his giant Bronze Age mammoths!Racethrough prehistoric landscapes straight from the film,collectingbronze coins and football cards to unlock power ups!Defeat Noothin a penalty shoot-out at the end of each stage forbonus coins!Join the tribe Run and shoot as different herocharacters from thefilm – Dug, Hognob and Goona - and help themescape Lord Nooth andhis fearsome Bronze Age Mammoths. Race throughthe ages Run throughthe breath-taking environments of the Valley,the Badlands and theMarket, all featuring original scenery from thefilm. Get ready torubble! Hurdle rocks, avoid obstacles and leapover chasms as youzoom through each stage. Use your special PowerKick to destroyobstacles and get out of tricky situations! Earnyour bronze andcollect the team Grab bronze coins as you run tounlock newcharacters and football cards. Complete sets of footballcards tounlock special power-ups that help you go faster andfurther! Kickoff Take the ultimate test and show off your penaltyskills in ashoot-out against Lord Nooth to escape to the next stageof youradventure - plus earn some bonus coins! Free to play EarlyMan Runis free to play and features no in-app purchases oradvertising.------------------------ Early Man Run requires anAndroid devicerunning Android 4.0.3 or higher.------------------------ EarlyMan, directed by Nick Park releasesin cinemas and movie theatersworldwide in 2018 and across the UK on26th January 2018. For moreinformation, to watch the trailer or tobuy tickets for the EarlyMan movie visit: www.earlymanmovie.comJoin the Tribe at:www.facebook.com/earlymanmoviewww.youtube.com/earlymanmoviewww.instagram.com/earlymanmoviewww.twitter.com/earlymanmovie------------------------www.aardman.comhttp://www.studiocanal.co.uk/------------------------
Sustainable Shaun 1.0.7
Help Shaun the Sheep build sustainable communities for strayanimalsall over Europe! Play a mix of connected game types incolourfulcities such as Athens, Copenhagen, and Paris. Dive intothe junkyardpile and play match-3 to retrieve materials. Use whatyou find tocraft buildings from blueprints in Bitzer's workshop.Then placethem wherever you like to build your ideal sustainablesettlement.Join with Shaun as he tours the capital cities ofEurope, using yoursustainability smarts to beat the mission mode,or get the highscore in freeplay! - A mix of game types: match 3,strategy citybuilder, and crafting! - Balance the needs of theanimals bychoosing what to build next - Play in different citiesand countriesall across Europe - Take on special challenges in themission mode -Upgrade the buildings and unlock special abilitiesin the junkyard -Learn about sustainability with a healthy servingof farmyard fun!Sustainable Shaun was created by Aardman withSustainable Learningas part of Bristol's year as the EuropeanGreen Capital. Now we haveworked with the European Commission tocreate new levels andtranslate the game into 23 Europeanlanguages.
Farmageddon AR Viewer 1.1.1
***PLEASE NOTE the Farmageddon AR Viewer app can only be usedinconjunction with Farmageddon themed marker images which canbefound on selected Farmageddon merchandise andpromotionalmaterial.*** Use the Farmageddon Augmented Realityviewer to bringFarmageddon movie clips to life! Look out for imageswith thespecial border; when you point your device at them, minimovieswill play within the picture frame, including exclusive movieclipsnever been seen before! Join in the alien-powered fun andadventurewith Shaun, Lu-La and the flock down on Mossy Bottom Farm!Look outfor fun Farmageddon themed markers on selectedFarmageddonmerchandise and promotional items to activateFarmageddon clips onyour phone.
Glow Trail 2.5.1
**Please note, this app can only be used in conjunctionwithForestry England’s physical trails** ** Join Shaun and hisnewfriend Lu-La at the Forestry England centres and followourFarmageddon ‘Glow Trail’. Find the clues, reveal the puzzlesandcomplete physical challenges to help Lu-La charge hercommunicatorand get back home! Unlock an Augmented Realityexperience and posewith Shaun and Lu-La for a picture in theforest. ** Get moving,Agent Red and her Hazmats are coming! ** Usewith the Glow Trailactivity pack torch to reveal the clues 8interactive puzzles tosolve 8 physical challenges to complete -beat your previous score!Charge the communicator and send a signalto Lu-La’s spaceship toget her home Have fun posing with Lu-La andShaun in AR! Subscribeto Forestry England’s newsletters for apotential £500 ForestHoliday! Featuring audio FX and music from‘Shaun the Sheep:Farmageddon’ movie ** www.forestryengland.ukwww.shaunthesheep.com**
Fleece Lightning 1.8
Aardman Interactive
An official Shaun the Sheep app from Aardman Animations Let'sRace!Guide a turbo-charged Shaun the Sheep to victory againsthisfarmyard foes, the naughty pigs in an epic Championsheepsthemedrace known as Fleece Lightning! Race through over 80farmyardcourses, jam packed with jumps, tricky obstacles andawesomepower-ups! Fleece Lightning is farmyard fun you won't wantto missout on. PLAY AS SHAUN THE SHEEP! Help Shaun the Sheep outrunthepigs and get to the goal first. One of TV's most lovedcharacters,Shaun will have you smiling from start to finish.CLASSIC GAMEPLAYUse the ultra-simple controls to guide Shaunthrough each stage.Fleece Lightning is fun for the whole family!CRAZY COURSES Racethrough some of the craziest race courses you'veever seen! Burstthrough hedges, zip across rooftops, leap riversand more! DESIGNYOUR OWN LEVELS Use the in-depth level editor tocreate your veryown tracks. What weird, wonderful, or deviouslydifficult trackscan you come up with? For more information orsupport, please visitwww.shaunthesheep.com
Shaun the Sheep - Shear Speed 1.8.2
An official Shaun The Sheep Movie game from Aardman AnimationsandLionsgate. Shaun The Sheep Movie hits the big screen in 2015 andtocelebrate Aardman Animations brings you an all-new,action-packedgame where only the fastest survive! Turbo-charge yourhooves andget ready for the race of your life! Shear Speedchallenges you tolead the Flock through the bustle of the Big City,dodgingobstacles and keeping your distance from the dastardlyTrumper, anevil animal catcher with the Flock firmly set in hissights. Dropthe pace and you could find yourself spending the nightin thepound… Race through a colourful cityscape, jumping, rollinganddodging a variety of hazards along the way, keeping youreyespeeled for the grass you’ll need to munch to keep that boostmeterpowered up. Shear Speed is a racing challenge that’s simple toplaybut tricky to truly master. Are you ready? On your marks, getset,GO! Immerse Yourself in Shaun’s Movie Universe Experiencerealmovie environments as you play – the game featuresuniquestop-motion animations and real scenes from Shaun The SheepMovie.FREE Fun! Shear Speed is free, with no In-app purchases. Thisgameallows players to connect to social networks such as FacebookandTwitter to share scores. This connection is not requiredtoprogress through the game. Get Ready for Shaun the Sheep TheMovie!When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, hegets alittle more action than he bargained for. A mix up with theFarmer,a caravan, and a very steep hill lead them all to the BigCity andit's up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely tothegreen grass of home. Shaun The Sheep Movie - In Theaters August7,2015.http://www.shaunthesheepmovie.comhttps://www.facebook.com/ShaunTheSheepUShttps://twitter.com/ShaunTheSheephttps://www.pinterest.com/ShaunTheShe...#ShaunTheSheep Lionsgate,Studiocanal and Aardman Animations presentin association withAnthon Capital Entertainment, an Aardmanproduction.
Shaun the Sheep Top Knot Salon 1.8.2
An official Shaun The Sheep Movie app from Aardman AnimationsandLionsgate! Give yourself a Shaun The Sheep hairdo in thisuniquebaaaber shop experience – it’s the ONLY hair style to be seeninthis season! Shear Your Style Take a pic of you or a friend andtheTop Knot Salon app will transform your locks into a Shaun theSheepstyle fleecy mop for you to cut, color and style! PersonalizeYourTop Knot Select from a range of hilarious avatars and choosefrom aselection of grooming, shearing, dipping and dyeing tools tocreatea truly ewe-nique new hair style. Share Your Snaps With TheFlock!When you’re done snipping, show off your new look on yourfavoritesocial networks! Or save your pic to your own personalcollection.FREE Fun The app is free to use and has no in-apppurchases. Theapp allows players to connect to social networks suchas Facebookand Twitter to share pictures however this connection isnotcompulsory to fully experience the app. Get Ready for ShaunTheSheep Movie! When Shaun decides to take the day off and havesomefun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for. A mixupwith the Farmer, a caravan, and a very steep hill lead them alltothe Big City and it's up to Shaun and the flock to returneveryonesafely to the green grass of home. Shaun The Sheep Movie -InTheaters August 7, 2015.http://www.shaunthesheepmovie.comhttps://www.facebook.com/ShaunTheSheepUShttps://twitter.com/ShaunTheSheephttps://www.pinterest.com/ShaunTheShe...#ShaunTheSheep Lionsgate,Studiocanal and Aardman Animations presentin association withAnthon Capital Entertainment, an Aardmanproduction.
Shaun the Sheep VR Movie Barn 10601
Aardman present Shaun the Sheep’s first VR experience in MovieBarnVR! Join Shaun, Shirley, Timmy and the rest of the flock inthebarn to watch fun videos on the big screen in VR! SHAUN’S SAVEDYOUA SEAT! Sit back and relax with the flock as you viewyourfavourite Shaun the Sheep clips. The baas, bleats, and cheersaddto the fun! POPCORN AT THE READY! Interact with yourfavouritecharacters and immerse yourself in Shaun’s world for thefirst timein VR! Explore the barn from the comfort of your own haybale –you’ll be part of the flock in no time! CHANGING CONTENT!DownloadMovie Barn VR for your Google Cardboard compatible viewerto getstarted. New Aardman videos are added all the time so you’llneverrun out of fun things to watch! ** A Google Cardboardcompatibleviewer is required. Movie Barn VR is intended for use byadults andchildren aged 7+ under adult supervision. All usersshould takeregular rest breaks away from the app at least every 10minutes, ormore regularly as individual comfort dictates. Theexperience isbest enjoyed with an internet connection andheadphones, and playedwhile seated.
Aardman Animator 1.1.0
An easy to use stop-motion animation app from the worldfamousAardman studios, creators of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun theSheep,Morph and Chicken Run. Perfect for absolute beginners andprosalike, Aardman Animator has been tried and tested by theexperts atAardman. It’s simple to use, making it easy and fun tobring yourown stories to life! AARDMAN ANIMATOR FEATURES: · Simpleand easyto use interface · Hints and tips videos to show how to usethe app· Intuitive timeline and tools make animating easy · Shootinportrait or landscape · Onion skinning tool allows you toseeprevious frames · Delete, duplicate and move frames · Recordyourown dialogue or sound effects · Fixed or auto focus andexposure ·Use the timer to shoot automatically · Adjust playbackspeed tospeed up and slow down your animation · Export youranimations asMP4 files · Share your animations with friends and onsocial ·Unlockable trophies to collect