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Email - Fast Login mail for Hotmail & Outlook 2.110.0_07012021
💌 This is a free email client for Hotmail and Outlook. Theapplication not only supports outlook and hotmail login, but alsosupports sign in all other types of email. Fast login Hotmail andoutlook help users to enter email fast, easy and convenient tocreate, edit, reply, send, reply, forward mail quickly. Features ofFast Login mail for Hotmail & Outlook app: - Support to log into multiple Hotmail, Outlook or any type of email accounts. -Create signature: help users compose and respond to mail faster andmore professionally. - Easily edit file attachments during emailmanipulation. - Sign in once and use forever, you only need to signin Hotmail or outlook or any other email with password. - Thesecurity features of the Hotmail and outlook application help yousecure the application. - Notification when new email arrives andcustomize the sound notification. - Easily switch accounts ofdifferent types of email without having to sign out Hotmail,outlook or any mail. - Easily search email subject, content, date,status of mail. - Change languages : Easily switch to the outlookand hotmail app interface into another language.. - Change theme:Change the color background, the interface of the email app. 👉 Youcan download and use the outlook and hotmail login application forfree. If you have any questions, please send us your comments viaemail:[email protected]
PIP Collage Maker - Photo Collage Editor 7.8.0_99_16082021
PIP Collage Maker - Photo Collage Editor - the perfect choice forusers. Application is a combination of photo collage and PIPcollage Maker! Are you bored with mediocre snapshots? PIP CollageMaker - Photo Collage Editor will make your photos more artisticand new with frames and collages! With the desire to bring the mostsatisfaction to users, we have created a photo collage applicationwith convenient smart design, optimizing photo compositing andphoto editing on smooth applications. With PIP Collage Maker -Photo Collage Editor, users will definitely have the bestexperience when using! 📸 KEYS features: - More than 150+ styles ofphoto frames: create unique and different photo collage for free -Match up to 10 photos with one photo frame. - Diverse stickers ininteresting topics such as cat face, jewelry, beard, hair, … to addon your pictures collage. - Photo editor tool is designed to editphoto borders, background colors of pictures collage easier. - Morepattern background gives many choices for users - Insert text onphotos collage with more than 100+ unique fonts - Free photocollage maker application - Simple interface easy to use from thefirst time, easy to create beautiful pic collage - Editors likerotate photos, crop photos, zoom in, zoom out, flip images 90degrees. - Diverse filters help your photos collage become superbeautiful 🔥 Why should you choose the PIP Collage Maker - PhotoCollage Editor application, with the following detailed functionsthat the user should use and choose PIP Collage Maker - PhotoCollage Editor as a companion to make your photos collage moreunique! 🌟 Photo Collage ☆ Diverse beautiful photo frames, layoutswith many combinations for you pictures collage ☆ Split photoframes by each type of photo collage: 1 - 10 photos for users toeasily search and use ☆ The pic collage border can be adjusted fromsquare to curved, rounded, ... ☆ Create the desired backgroundcolor: basic colors, gradient colors, unique background images ☆Add stickers for images that are more dynamic and interesting ☆Insert text on images: Customize font color, text background color,font variety, ... ☆ Full tool: Customize collage, label, inserttext, … all in one pic collage maker app 🌟 Scrapbook ☆ Create aunique free-style collage full of pictures to create a completestory ☆ Easy collage maker without limit number of photos in yourphoto collage ☆ Arrange to arrange photos to create your own photosonly 🌟 PIP Photo Collage ☆ 50+ free photo frames for creatingartwork ☆ Create PIP collage with only 2 operations, fast andconvenient ☆ PIP collage maker helps you break down boredom andmake other unique choices 🌟 Photo editor ☆ Professional colorfilter ☆ Customize size, rotate photos, insert text ☆ Create photoframes, custom drawings as you like ☆ Central mode and blurbackground 📢 If you love PIP Collage Maker - Photo Collage Editorapp, don't forget to rate our 5-star app with helpful reviews so wehave more motivation to improve the app in the future. Thanks andwish you all created interesting photos collage!
QrCode generator: QR code Scanner - QR code Reader 1.3.8_46_20210816
QrCode generator is the fastest and best user friendly scannerappfree that lets you easily scan both barcodes and QR codes.Ourscanner app lets you scan barcodes, QRcode printed on allproducts,anywhere without internet connection. QRcode Scanner isnot just aQR code reader but also a free QR code generator. You cangeneratearbitrary QR codes with our escaner app without limit togenerateQR code and read barcodes. This is a powerful qr codescanner app:it scans various types of qr mode such as ISBN, EAN,UPC, matrixdata, EQS, EAN 8, Code39, Code128 ... 【Main Functions ofQR codereader app】 ✔️Scan QR code/Barcode directly with camera ✔️Read QRcode/Barcode from images in your device ✔️ Flashlight issupported✔️Zoom camera to scan QR code at far distance ✔️Open thewebaddress or search page of the decoding results by Google. ✔️ExportQR code which scanned to PDF file. ✔️History: store all ofthescans on your devices. ✔️ Save and share QR code/Barcode toyourfriends. 【Smart QR code/Barcode Generator App】 ✔️Automaticallydetect escaner. ✔️ Create your own QR code: e-mailaddresses,application, text, phone numbers, contact information,wifi, event,location and so on. ✔️ Create professional withdifferent themes ofQR code ✔️ Easy to save and share your new QRcode via socialnetworking (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Line,whatsapp, SMS...)【Search product information with QRcode】 Use theescaner app tosearch for product information. ✔️Search productdetail by barcodeor product’s name. ✔️Use the Qr code scanner appthen search forproduct information in our storage or in theinternet. Now it’stime to use scanner app free fast and precise QRcode scanning andgenerating! If there's something wrong with QRcodeScanner, pleasesend the details to us by email. We will try to doour best tooptimize the version.
Weather Radar Map Live & Real-time weather maps 1.1.4_15_20210825
🔥Knowing the weather today or weather tomorrow is something thatweall pretty much need to know. Weather Radar Map Live&Real-time weather maps is a fast, easy-to-use,convenientapplication that displays animated weather radar aroundyourcurrent location, allowing you to quickly see what weatheriscoming your way. 🔥Special Feature 🛰Animated Weather Radar Map-Auto detect location by GPS & network: quickly to knowweathertoday at my location. - High-resolution satellite radar mapandreal-time wind direction. - Global radar map: you cansearch,manage & track weather in multiple locations - Moreweatherradar overlays: provide weather information about cloudcover, winddirection, temperature, pressure... - Real time weatherradar 🌍Realtime weather forecast - Hourly and daily weatherforecast. -Weather forecast for all countries & cities: UnitedStates(US), France, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), Japan, Korea,London,New York, Sydney, Toronto, etc. - More weather information:sunrise& sunset time, humidity, precipitation probability,visibility,temperature, dewpoint, etc. - Change unit setting:temperature(C/F), time format (12h/24h), precipitation (mm, inch),wind speed(km/h, mi/h, m/s), pressure (mmHg, hPa, mbar) 🌤️Beautifulweatherwidget - Easily check the current weather information viawidgetsin 2*1, 4*1, 4*2, 5*1, 5*2 sizes. - Weather widgets canswitchbetween different themes according to current weatherconditions. -Variety radar widget formats & scale, you canchoose itaccording to your preference. ⛈️Smart Notification &Alertweather change - Weather notifications in status bars withtoday’sforecast help you have a better plan for your day and yourtravelswith weather warnings and alerts updates. 🌈Our weatherforecast appis free download on google play, we want to bring thebestexperience for users. We hope you enjoy Weather Radar MapLive& Real-time weather maps.
Add Text On Photo - Photo Text Editor 8.2.9_89_27092021
☀️In the world overflowed with visual content it is hard to grabthe attention of the seen-it-all viewer. Fortunately, a wittyphrase or an inspirational quote can do the trick. Intertwining theart of word and the art of imagery has proven to be quite effectivein making your works stand out. It’s not difficult with Add Text OnPhoto - Photo Text Editor. 💖Features for Valentine’s Day: ● Quicklyto add texts on photos, easy to create love photos, memes, photocaptions or creative typography design. ● More than 100+ free fontsand font design, multiple text, font size, opacity, color,position, perspective (transform angles), rotation, bold, italic,capitalize, centrations, line spacing and letter spacing, wraptext, shadow, stroke (outline), glow (highlight), flip, mirror. Nowyou can create thousands of beautiful typography designs foryourself by inserting text on photos. ● Professional text editortoolkit to edit text on photos: filter, crop, effect, brightness,contrast, saturation, colorize, blur, sharpen, transparency and soon. ● Add location and time in your text photos with many themes. ●Creating your own signature is easier than ever. ● Customize edittext: size, color, shadow, effect, decoration, stroke, border areavailable to edit text to photo for Valentine’s Day. ● Beautifulhearts stickers in various galleries to make your love photos moreglorious. ● Variety background in many categories: hearts photos,love photos, photos of flowers and a lot of free photos for you tochoose to add text on photos. ● Save your text images in highresolution and easy to share it to friends or in social networks. 💖If you are looking for a simple way to add text to photos, words onpictures or you love reading love quotes on social networks andwant to add quotes to photos, download our Add Text On Photo -Photo Text Editor app. All in one application, you are holding inhand the best insert text in photos for Valentine’s Day! 🌻Add TextOn Photo - Photo Text Editor is still in the development period, sowe always listen to your feedback, we highly appreciate your rateand comment to improve and make photo text editing better. 🍀 If youhave any feedback or suggestions, please write [email protected] . We would love to hear from you! Sincerely,thank you!
The weather timeline & weather - graphs & radar 1.4.2
☀️What is the weather forecast for today? What will be the weathertomorrow? Even for the national weather and the world weather? What7 day forecast? ... The weather timeline & weather - graphs& radar app can provide you detailed weather informationwherever you are! 🌎Worldwide Weather Forecasts - Automaticallydetect your location to get accurate real time weather news. -Support to track the weather forecast of any city of the world likeNew York(nyc weather), California(Los Angeles CA weather), London,Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Sydney, Rome, Seoul, Jakarta and so on at thesame time, and see the detailed weather information. ⛅Real TimeWeather News - Real time weather conditions, weather temperature(high and low temperatures), humidity, pressure, precipitation,wind speed and direction, AQI index and more. - Daily weatherforecast for the next 7 days with detailed w weather information -24 hour weather preview current temperature, precipitation, dewpoint, humidity, wind chill, feels like, UV index and winddirection. 🌧️Detailed Weather Graphs - Weather information likecurrent temperature, precipitation, humidity, pressure, wind andmore are displaying graphs. - Support weather charts forhourly/daily weather forecasts. 🌩️Severe Weather Alerts -Temperature Notification: Sends notification when temperature fallsbelow/rises over a certain degree. - Smart Alert for bad weather:Rain warning, Severe weather warning… 🌈Accurate Weather Radar - Youcan check the weather radar maps with full features. - Real-timeweather radar: rain, clouds, wind, temperature, humidity, pressure…- Diverse weather overlays: storm path, wind direction, lightningrain, pressure... - Locally detailed forecast: show localinformation about rain, sunset, sunraise… 🌤️Accurate Weather Widget- More widget sizes, 4x1, 4x2, 5x2.... - Weather widgets displaythe current temperature, time and date from the current location onyour home screen, simple weather information, daily and hourlyforecast. - Update the weather condition automatically. Much morewidget formats & scale, you can choose it according to yourpreference. ☀️ Download The weather timeline & weather - graphs& radar for free and experience. ☀️
Slideshow - Video Slide Maker 2.2.15_25_05102021
💖Slideshow - Photo Video Maker & Slideshow Maker is a powerfultool to create video from photos and music with an extremelydiverse and unique photo library, sound effects, frames… to helpyou to make video from images with music. With our slideshow app,you can add photos and music to create an amazing slideshow videoand share it with your friends and family. Slide show maker freeoffers a unique, creative and engaging experience. Save everymemorable moment in your life like birthday slideshow, wedding dayslideshow, graduations,... In particular, our application has justupdated a lot of interesting new music themes for your slideshow.🌈Features Of Slideshow Free: - Create slideshow from photos andmusic: choose your most favorite photos, customize effecttransitions, edit photos, add music to the library or on thedevice, choose the frame that suits the theme you create. - Make aslideshow more professional and attractive with amazing animations.- Edit photos right in the photo video editor, making photos lookbetter than ever with many different tools such as crop, filters,splash, overlay, funny sticker, add text, fit, blur, brush, mosaic.- 100+ beautiful frames to decorate your pic slideshow. - You canadd more images, delete images and change the position of the photoin your video easier than ever. - Our photo slideshow app offersyou a lot of free music that lets you make slideshow or videos withmusic. You can also add your favorite songs from your device tomake your videos interesting and engaging. - Set the speed of videofast/slow as you like by changing the time between images. - Ourfree slideshow can help you cutter, crop, reverse, rotate video inyour slideshow video. - Use fast motion/slow motion to adjust thespeed of the video. - Export high-quality slideshow with music -Review and rename slideshow video in my creative. 🌈 How to createamazing music slideshow with our slideshow maker: 1. Select photosfrom the gallery, you can add a photo multiple times. 2. Editphotos if you want, hold and move photo to arrange 3. Choosetransition animation 4. Decorate your video with frame and stickers5. Add your music files 6. Preview and save your slideshow 7. Shareslideshow clip with your friends 🌻If you like our slide show -photo video maker & slideshow maker, please rate 5 stars forus. Thank you!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Applock - Fingerprint, passwords, pattern 1.2.5_31_20210319
Applock - Fingerprint, passwords, pattern helps you to lockapps,photos, videos and other personal data with password lock ,patternlock, or DIY password. When opening app lock you can: Managelockedapps, manage private gallery including photos locked,videoslocked. Applock - Fingerprint, passwords, pattern is a freeapplock to prevent intruders and snoopers from peeping atyourpersonal data. ★Hide sensitive photos and videos by encryptingyourGallery, babysitting or getting exposed from messing upyoursettings, deleting important things or doing in-apppurchases.★Customize app lock settings as you want, more secure andsmart tolock all privacy in AppLock app. App Lock android app canlock allAndroid apps, including: ★Social Apps: AppLock can lockFacebook,WhatsApp Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,WeChat andso on. No one can peek at your private chat anymore.★System Apps:lock important contacts with Applock: SMS, Gallery,Videos, Emailand so on. ★Android Pay App: you can use Applock toprotect privatepayment information: Android Pay, Samsung Pay,Paypal and so on.App Lock gallery - can lock photos and videos.★Once locked galleryand video apps, no intruder can peek into yourprivate photos andvideos. ★No worries about privacy leaks. ★AppLockprovidesinvisible pattern lock . No one can peek into your passwordorpattern. Highlights of AppLock: ★ Fingerprint Faster andmoreconvenient operation with fingerprint sensor. (Fingerprintonlyworks in Android 6.0+) ★ Intruder selfie: Take Photo ofintruders,who try to break in your phone record time and images inAppLockfor check. ★ One-Tap Enable / Disable AppLock: Tap Lock iconin themenu App Lock, enable or disable AppLock. ★Lock incomingcalls:show lock screen when someone calls, you have to unlockpassword,fingerprint, pattern or DIY passwords to accept incomingcalls. ★Prevent uninstallation: Anti-applock applicationremoval:BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN requires permission to prevent othersfromuninstalling apps, keep it safe and avoid data loss. Thisiscompletely optional. Password with Applock -Fingerprint,passwords, pattern. Perform password setup / changepassword /forget password 1. How do I set up my password at thefirst moment?Open AppLock -> Draw a pattern -> Confirmpattern; or OpenAppLock -> Enter PIN -> Confirm PIN Note: ForAndroid 5.0+,enable AppLock to be accessible -> Find AppLock-> AllowAccess to use 2. Change my password? open AppLock ->SettingsReset password -> Enter new password -> Re-enterpasswordPlease download and install Applock - Fingerprint,passwords,pattern. We are trying to develop the best lock app forusers,please send us your comments at [email protected]
Photo Collage Maker - Photo Editor 1.5.2_15092021
Are you looking for a 💖💝💛free photo collage maker to save allyourmemorable? 💖Photo editor collage is the best 🔥photo collage&photo editor that helps you combine multiple photos withvariousphoto grid and frame layouts. With our 💖pic collage makerfree -photo editor collage, you can add photo frames and stickersto yourphotos. You can turn photos into artistic pic collage withcolorfilters and pretty light. Also, you can share your 🔥piccollage onsocial networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Whatsapp,... fast andconvenient. Outstanding Function Of Pic GridFree: - 100+ pic gridlayouts & beautiful frames to choose from.- Combine up to 10photos to create pic collages. - 250+ free cutestickers &frames to add to photos. - Changing backgrounds iseasier with alot of nice colors such as: soid, pattern, gradient. -Adjustmentratio of collage and edit border of collage. - Designyour photowith artistic text: font, color, shadow,... - Make piccollage withfree style. With Photo Editor Collage Tools, You Can: -Croppictures and edit photo with filter, text. - 50+ filters tohelpyou create awesome effects for your photo. - Adjust exposureandcolor automatically or manually with fine, precise control suchas:brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpen). - Blend mode withagorgeous overlay to make beautiful photos. - The picture willlookbetter than ever with other professional editing toolslike:splash, brush, fit, mosaic. 💖Free Pic Collage Maker - PhotoEditoris the best app. In addition, we also support a varietyofdifferent languages to make it easier for you to use. 🌻If youlikeour Photo Collage Maker - Photo Editor, please rate 5 stars forus.Thank You!💖💖💖