Soul of Legends 1.35
A Legend is born in your hands!LOL optimized for mobile phones!!The best MOBA(AOS) game yet!Grow Heroes, destroy enemy base, and enjoy dynamic battles!MOBA game is now playable in mobiles!*************************************************★★★ Introduction ★★★Playing alone is boring!Enjoy live mobile battle with your friends!Fight with your friends or try random matching!★★★ Features ★★★☆ Live Network PlayAlong with the basic single play against AI,you can battle live by inviting your friends or by randommatching!Feel the thrill of 1vs1 or 2vs2 battle by strategizing with yourteam and fighing against the enemy.Become a legend!☆ Various Game SystemsChose your own item tree and gems! Use strategy!!Gem crafting system with 100% success rate!Bring victory by obtaining the Master Soul
Jurassic Village 1.1.2
★☆★ Jurassic Village Growth Project! ★☆★As Chieftain, expand the Jurassic Village through variousactivitiessuch as hunting, mining, logging, farming and selling!Bored of waiting in SNG?No time to get bored with Jurassic mini games!★ Mini games connected with all productions!☆ Prehistoric dinosaurs and cute SD character tribesmen!★ Trade items with other users!-=- Open Event -=->> Get Double Gems on your First Purchase!- Bonus Event>> Get extra tools & rewards daily!- Chieftain's Mission>> The more the merrier! Participate in the mission andreceive Gems!- Cafe Event>> Appcross Cafe exclusive Events! Check them out now.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Developer Contact Info:7F, DMC Hi-Tech Industry Center, Sungam-ro 330, Mapo-gu, Seoul- Business Registration Number: 113-86-59738- Comunication Business Registration Number: 2014-SeoulMapo-1251(Mapo-gu Office)- Customer Center: +82-2-2038-0100
오쉐프타이쿤 for Kakao 1.12.0
① 게임 소개오쉐프는..간단하면서도 누구나 쉽고 즐겁게 중독성 강한 재미를 느낄 수 있는 타이쿤 게임 입니다.오쉐프 마을의 족장을 도와 마을 사람들을 위해 맛있는 ‘공룡 스테이크’를 만들어 주세요!사냥터에서 사냥꾼들이 막 잡아온 신선한 공룡 고기로 ‘레어’, ‘미디움’, ‘웰던’으로 구워 마을 사람들을 만족시켜보세요!오쉐프 마을의 최고 요리사가 될 수 있는 이 기회를 절대! 놓치지 마세요!!② 특징• 코믹하고 다양한 마을 사람들을 만나 보세요.마을 사람들마다 고유한 특징을 가지고 있어서, 잘 파악만 한다면 마을 사람들에게 인기가 많은 요리사가될거예요!• 개성 강한 요리사에 꼭 맞는 조리대를 함께 사용해 보세요.내 요리사 캐릭터에 딱 어울리는 조리대와 함께 한다면, 새로운 능력을 확인 할 수 있어요!• 손이 보이지 않을 정도로 빠른 손놀림이 필요해요.정신 없이 고기 굽고~ 미션도 수행 하면서 많은 점수와 소라를 획득 하세요!• 공룡 사냥을 전담하는 사냥꾼들에게 힘을 주세요.사냥꾼의 능력을 키운다면 험악한 공룡들은 결코 무섭지 않아요!• 알 공룡이 출현 했다면 불 판 한군데를 비워두세요.알 공룡이 주고 간 프라이는 모든 사람들의 기분을 최고로 만족 시켜줘요!• 수시로 마을을 방문해 보세요.마을에서는 일정 시간에 따라 플레이에 도움이 되는 아이템들이 쏟아져요!③ 가격• 일부 유료 아이템이 있습니다.키워드오쉐프, 오쉐프 for Kakao, 오쉐프 타이쿤, 타이쿤, 타이쿤게임, 카카오게임, kakao game,kakao,ochef, ochef tycoon----개발자 연락처 :[email protected]서울시 마포구 상암동 성암로 330 dmc첨단산업센터 722-1호① About game   Oh Chef.   A simple, fun and easy for anyone to feel thefunaddictive tycoon game.      Chef five chiefs of the village to helpthevillagers delicious 'dinosaur steak' Please make!   Hold on just fresh from the huntershuntingdinosaur meat 'rare', 'medium', 'Well done' to satisfythevillagers burnt off!      Chef's Chef of the five villages that could beagreat opportunity! Do not miss!② Features   • Meet the villagers, and various comics.     The villagers have their ownuniquefeatures so, if you are familiar, but the people of thevillagewill be popular with many cooks!   • Strong personality perfect for chefs trywithcountertops.     My character is good to cook with,ifappropriate countertops, new capabilities can check it!   • If your hand fast enough to see thehandmovements needed.     Grilling meat without the spirit-even while performing missions for Sora and Earn morepoints!   • dedicated to hunting dinosaur hunters thepowerto please.     If you raised the ability ofhuntersinclement not scared of dinosaurs ever!   • If you know the appearance of dinosaursLeaveblank fire on board one place.     Between dinosaurs known to givethebest feeling of all those fries to satisfy me!   • Visit the village from time to time.     In the village a certain amountoftime depending on the items that will help you play thepouringtoo!③ price   • Some items may surcharge.KeywordFive chefs, five chefs for Kakao, five chefs Tycoon, Tycoon,TycoonGames, cacao game, kakao game, kakao, ochef, ochef tycoon