Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! 4.7.3
Watch music ball dancing and surfing in this ball game, avoidfalling in hole
Magic Twist: Twister Music Bal 2.10.01
Magic ball music game - Rhythm ball twist
Beat Roller - Music Ball Race 1.39
Amazing rhythm ball games - game of songs
Magic Piano Tiles Vocal 1.19.102
Magic at the tip of your fingers
They are among us! 2.012
Earth population is growing giving the opportunity to Aliens,Vampires and Werewolves to sneak into human communities. You arepart of the secret services the PIB - People in Black to identifythe hidden infiltrators. ⭐ Swipe to examine or ban suspect humans ⭐Use garlic, meat and ultrasounds to identify the hidden species ⭐Identify the hints to spot non-humans ⭐ Build your rest areabetween 2 missions
Tap Tap: Sơn Tùng M-TP 1.7.2
A collaboration from MTP Entertainment & Amanotes, Tap Tapft.Son Tung M-TP is a beat tapping game with classic gameplayandexclusive HITS from Son Tung M-TP. Turn on maximum volume oruseheadphone for the best experience with your most favorite songandenjoy the beat fever. How To Play - Tap the ball as itreachesscoring areas. You score by getting as much combo aspossible withPerfect tap accuracy. Game Features - Exclusive HITSfrom Son TungM-TP. - Challenge your friends in Weekly Tournament.Are you readyto tap and become the next tap hero, or rhythm gameincarnate? Trythis now for FREE!
Agent Strike 1.002
It’s time to show the world your shooting skill! Show offyourdeadly accuracy with our new music shooting game: AgentStrike.This exciting game will give you a wonderful time to relaxand tochallenge your skills. Hold your weapons firmly, eliminateall theenemies, and become the best agent in town. Are you ready tobecomea hero? Download now! Game features: 1. Stunning 3D design2.Multiple levels of increasing difficulty with their own stories3.High quality and various music genres which suit differentmusictastes.
Sword Ninja 0.1
Let’s start your ultimate ninja journey with our epic fightinggameThe world is on the edge of an epic war. And you are the onlyonewho can save us. Become the best ninja dash warrior withourfantastic game: Sword Ninja. Hold your sword firmly, kill asmanybad guys as you can. Don’t let your daily routine bored you.Joinus now! How to play: Hold and drag to keep the ninja run andkill.Move in harmony with music and go as far as you can.Beautifulbackground music, fantastic theme, multiple levels ofincreasingdifficulty to show your skills - that’s just half of theamazingworld which is waiting for you. Download now!!!
Beat Hover 0.8
⭐ Show your accuracy skill ⭐ Friendly control and simple gameplay⭐Updated with the top-hit soundtrack, music content ⭐Featuresupdated weekly ⭐ Enhanced with friendly design
Magic Skate 1.0.2
Grab your board and skate like a pro with Magic Skate! Welcome tothe street of Magic Skate - amazing music background, stunningdesign, and real skateboard action! Feel the beat, hop on yourboard, and get as many bonuses as you can. Don’t forget to avoidobstacles and cars. Beat the highest scores and show your skills tothe world! What are you waiting for? Gear up and let`s go!! Gamefeatures: - Easy to pick up, hard to master! - Relax with top hitmusic. - Multiple levels of increasing difficulty to show yourskills.
Zombie Escape 1.002
Try to escape away from the brain eaters! Save your life byavoidingthe zombie and reach the exit with other survivors Becareful!Zombies have sensitive senses, you will get caught ifstand in frontof them. Funny levels & unlimited puzzles ! Goahead and savethe survivors! Beat them all ⭐ 3D design graphic ⭐Enhance with thepopular soundtrack, music content ⭐ Feature updateweekly ⭐ Friendlycontrol and simple gameplay
Color Plug 1.007
Matching the color Plug-in! The music will be activated foreveryplug matched in Color Plug Show me your musical talent byhearingthe instrument Let's play the new best music - puzzle gamein 2020⭐ Show your accuracy skill ⭐ Friendly control and simplegameplay ⭐Enhanced with top soothing and meditative soundtracks ⭐Featuresupdated weekly ⭐ Colorful and cartoon design
Rhythm Flash 1.0.1
Catch the rhythm in this challenging music game. Shout out to allmusic lovers! Do you want to become a music master? Join us onRhythm Flash today! This amazing brand new music rhythm game willgive you a chance to test your tapping skill and music sense. Tryto go as far as you can, unlock new songs, enjoy the fantasticgameplay, and keep your score on top. What’re you waiting for? Trynow! You will not regret it! 🎹 How to play? Simple hold and drag tocatch the flash rhythm. Don’t forget to collect the sweet bonus.🎹Game features: - Beautiful background music. - Super easy gameplayto relax. - Multiple levels of increasing difficulty to show yourskills. For the best experience, play with headphones and fullvolume.
Music Royale 1.0
The show has started and only one will remain. Come andcelebratemusic with us. Join the battle and become the King ofMusic! 𝐇𝐎𝐖 𝐓𝐎𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘❓ 1. Press play and for all the players to getbefore the musicstarts 🎶🎶 2. Tap at the right time to play the song3. Do a lot ofperfect to use a power 🤟. You will attack others orprotectyourself! 4. Don't miss! If your life goes to zero you willbeeliminated. POWER: * Hide the notes of the opponent * Addmorenotes to confuse them * Dance on their lane! * Get some lifeback *Use a shield to stay safe UNLOCK THE ELITE LOUNGE FOR HARDERSONGS!"🎶 Numerous well-known songs 🤸 Regular updated new contents ⭐Easyto play with simple control 🤸 Spectacular music gameexperiences 🎶Play with rhythm and music ⭐ Unique gameplay andexperience ⭐Harder than it looks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"
Prison Rescue 1.004
Grab your weapon, use your skills to enter the fire zone, andrescue your friends. Our latest music game: Prison Rescue will giveyou a wonderful experience with stunning design, lovely music, andnumerous levels. Join us on Prison Rescue now to show the worldyour shooting and logical skills! Can you save all your friends?Features: - Beautiful background music - Fantastic theme - Multiplelevels of increasing difficulty to show your skills For the bestexperience, play with headphones and full volume. Try now! You willnot regret it!
Dance n Gun 1.14
The most skillful trigger is in town! It's so easy, that she caneven dance. Destroy all your enemies while dancing and followingthe melody! HOW TO PLAY: * Tap when the target is on the enemy *The more you match the melody, the more precisely you shoot "🎶Numerous well-known songs to choose from 🤸 Weekly updated newcontents ⭐ Easy to play with simple control 🤸 Spectacular musicgame experiences 🎶 Play with rhythm and music ⭐ Unique gameplay andexperience ⭐ Summer Hit ⭐ Harder than it looks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"
Song Hop 2.53.676
Bounce off tiles in the best music game ever!
Smash Color 1.0.6
Love dancing and music? Now you can fantastically enjoy it with ournewest rhythm music game: Smash Color. Drive your neon ball toexplore the colorful tubes! Speed it up with our fancy beat. Joinus on Color Smash today. You will not regret it! How to play:Simply hold and drag to control the ball and hit the same color onthe tube to pass. Don’t forget to collect as many sweet bonuses asyou can. Game features: 1. Stunning 3D design 2. Multiple levels ofincreasing difficulty with their own stories 3. High quality andvarious music genres which suit different music tastes. 4.Beautiful shape design.
Clash Hero 0.0.1
Run! Clash into your enemies and beat ‘em up! Welcome to ClashHero,the best run and clash game ever. Enjoy your day with our tophitsongs and relax with the easy gameplay. Simply hold yourfinger,move to run, move to fight, and move to beat the gang. Onlyyou V.Sthe gang, can you win and save the city? It is not as easyas youthought! How to play - Hold and drag to beat the gang! DON'TTAP -Move to run and to avoid obstacles. - Feel the beat of ourhitsongs. Game feature: - Lively 3D design - Multiple levelsofincreasing difficulty - Simple game-play and 1-hand control -Highquality and various songs for you to choose from. Let’s havefun!
Parkour Shooter 0.1
Feel the beat, parkour your way, and SHOOT! Be careful! You willbeaddicted to this fantastic parkour game! Make crazy jumps,runalong the walls, and shoot all the enemies in Parkour Shooter -ournewest music shooting game. Beautiful background music,fantasticthemes, multiple levels of increasing difficulty to showyourskills - that’s just half of the amazing world which is waitingforyou. Join us on Parkour Shooter now to show the world yourshootingand parkour skills! 🤸‍♂️HOW TO PLAY: Simply hold and dragtocontrol your gun and tap to shoot all the enemies.🤸‍♂️GAMEFEATURES: 1. Original background music in line with thecolorfultheme 2. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty withtheir ownstories 3. High quality and various music genres thatsuitdifferent music tastes.
Rocket Ball EDM 1.1
A journey through time and space with beautiful rhythm.Let’sexplore the galaxy with RocketBall - our fantastic music ballgame.Move in harmony with music and go as far as you can. Don’tforgetto beat all obstacles to get sweet bonus. Can you reach theblackhole? Be focus! It is harder than you think. Come on! Downloadnowand you will not regret it! Game features: 🚀Beautifulbackgroundmusic 🚀Fantastic galaxy theme 🚀Multiple levels ofincreasingdifficulty to show your skills 🚀Super-easy gameplay. Justhold yourfinger to guild the Rocket Ball.
Dancing Bullet 3D 1.1
DANCING BULLET 3D is a reckless music game where you turn yourselfinto the best trigger and dancer ! This new HOT hyper casual musicgame from Amanotes will surely satisfy most of you 😎👌 𝐇𝐎𝐖 𝐓𝐎 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘❓1. Choose your favorite song 🎶🎶 2. Feel the beat 🤟. Swipe left andright to shoot all the note's boxes as they come closer. Do notTap! This is not a Tap Tap music game. "🎶 Numerous well-known songsto choose from 🤸 Regular updated new contents ⭐ Easy to play withsimple control 🤸 Spectacular music game experiences 🎶 Play withrhythm and music ⭐ Unique gameplay and experience ⭐ Summer Hit ⭐Harder than it looks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"
City Gang 3D 0.7
Becomes a true gangster in this mafia town. The criminal worldalways exists, and there is only one who can be the king. Welcometo the gangster’s real-life with our newest music fighting game:City Gang 3D. Rage to fight your way through street fighters, bossgangs, and become the BOSS. Don’t let your daily routine bored you.Join us now! Punching, grabbing, kicking, throwing, it is just halfof the defenses and attack techniques that our fantastic game givesyou. Unleash hard punches, hit perfect kicks and combos, fightthem! FEATURES: - New fun gameplay. - Different fighting moves -Beautiful background music - Amazing 3D retro graphics.
Game of Song - All music games 3.17.1
Dancing piano tiles hop ball with 1M popular songs
Shark 0.1
Welcome to, where sharks are the king. But you arenotthe only shark in this undersea world, and they're out totoppleyou from the throne. So try to assert your dominance in thekingdomby continuously eating fish. Avoid the other sharks that arebiggerthan you, compete against all the predators, and be on top ofthefood chain! Fantastic music theme along with the excitinggameplay,you will never be bored with How to play:Hold anddrag to eat as much fish as you can. Avoid bigger sharksand makethe sea yours. Game features: 1. Original background musicin linewith the beautiful theme 2. Multiple levels ofincreasingdifficulty with their own stories 3. High quality andvarious musicgenres which suit different music tastes.
Rhythm GO! 0.1
🎶 Rocking the new year 2021 with the new rhythm shooting gameRhythmGO! ⭐ Huge song playlist to choose 🤸 Weekly updated newcontents ⭐Easy to play with simple control 🤸 Spectacular musicgameexperiences 🎶 Play with rhythm and music ⭐ Unique gameplayandrelaxation experience ⭐ Summer Hit ⭐ Harder than it looks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"
Rhythm Ballz 1.2.1
🎶 Enjoy 3 exciting offline music games in just one downloadforfree. ⭐ Huge song playlist to choose 🤸 Weekly updated newcontents⭐ Easy to play with simple control 🤸 Spectacular musicgameexperiences 🎶 Play with rhythm and music ⭐ Unique gameplayandrelaxation experience ⭐ Summer Hit ⭐ Harder than it looks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"
Dancing Ballz: Magic Tiles 2.4.3
Stay on dance line in the magic music game
Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash 1.12.60
Beat Runner Music Game with stunning neon levels 🤟
Color Hop 3D - Music Game 3.3.2
Upload your favorite songs and trigger the rhythm on music tilesroad
Beat Jumper: EDM up 2.7.2
Jump into Fun with the newest EDM songs
Piano Games - Free Music Piano Challenge 2020 8.0.0
Get control of the song beat 🎶- Feel the music as you tap🎹Explorethe game and be the winner of our online piano gamechallenges withfriends or in battles 🏆 🎼PIANO GAMES - FREE MUSICPIANO CHALLENGE2020 🎼 How to play: 🎵Tap on the dark tiles (pianokeys) to feel therhythm and chords in order to form a pleasantrise-and-fall patternof sounds. 🎵Remember, don’t touch the whitetiles! 🎵For a completemusic experience, headphones are recommended🎧 Game Features: 🎵Thebeat and speed of the notes are interactiveand controlled by yourmoves. So it might be easy to tap the tiles,but difficult tomaster! 🎵 Battle mode: Challenge more than 10million playersaround the world by joining the world of piano magictiles in highspeed. The winner takes it all! 🎵 Diverse list ofsongs fromclassic ones to the most popular ones, in piano versions.The songsare updated every week. 🎵Song request: Suggest any pianosongs youlove, we will find and introduce it to the game as quicklyaspossible. 🎵Lightweight to install. Got questions or feedback?Emailus at [email protected] PrivacyPolicy:
Hop Ball 3D: Dancing Ball 2.9.3
Hop ball on the music tiles 3D
Dancing Sky 3 2.0.7
Feel the rhythm and tap the ball to the sky
Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! 2.2.0
Addictive Color Matching Game!
Piano Solo - Magic Dream tiles 3.0.2
Tap the magic tiles and enjoy Piano Solo 1,000 songs - Best Pianogame of 2019
Clash Gang: Epic Beat Em 1.7.6
Gang beasts? Gang Clash? Gun gang? Let's beat em up!🤜Punch &Brawl Their Skull!
Dancing Race 2.1.3
Dancing with Tiktok songs and be a survivor hero on high heels.Juegos de ninas
Dunk n Beat 1.5.0
🎄☃️Enjoy Your Favorite Music With Dunk this holiday☃️🎄
Dancing Bullet 2.1.7
DANCING BULLET 3D is a reckless music game where you turn yourselfinto the best shooter and dancer! This new HOT hyper-casual musicgame from Amanotes will surely satisfy most of you 😎👌 𝐇𝐎𝐖 𝐓𝐎 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘❓1. Choose your favorite song 🎶🎶 2. Equip your best guns 🔫 3. Feelthe beat 🤟. Swipe left and right to shoot all the bombs and frag asthey come closer. Do not Tap! This is not a Tap Tap music game. 🎶Numerous hit songs from top singers like Blackpink, Avicii, BigBang, Imagine Dragons etc. 🤸 Regular updated new contents fromtrending genres such as Pop, Kpop, Hip Hop, Rock and EDM. ⭐ Easy toplay with simple control 🤸 Spectacular music game experiences 🎶Play with rhythm and music ⭐ Unique gameplay and experience ⭐Summer Hit ⭐ Harder than it looks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Magic Surfers 2 1.4.8
Feel the beat in the running race!
Magic Dream Tiles 3.2.001
Enjoy 2021 hits and have fun in Magic Dream Tiles now!
Magic Tiles Vocal 5.20.1615
Perfect Your Timing! A Piano at the Tip of your Fingers!
Music Battle 1.0.42
Set your night on fire with our music battle! Music Battle isanamazing music battle game where you have to use multiple skillstobeat your opponents in funky music battle. Up, Down, LeftandRight, follow the rhythm, fight till the last minute, earnyourrespect and win the heart of your girlfriend! Features: -EasyControls - Week 1-6 + Open source MOD content You think youarecool?! Then let's have a music battle.
Like a Pet 2.30.4
Want to enjoy the music while playing with your pets? Like APetbrings the best of both worlds - music and your happylittlefriends. Challenge yourselves and your pets with excitingbeats andrhythm. Collect as many music notes as possible to becomethemaster of melody. Your pets bring so much joy as they turnintofunny characters when they collect many notes. - How to playHoldand drag to collect as many music notes as you can. Let’s seehowyou can team up with your pets to win this fun music game.Beready! The game will speed up after every round to challengeyouand your pets. - Game features: + Relaxing and upbeat music+Multiple levels of increasing difficulty in each song +Cutecharacters for collection Are you ready to join thisexcitingmusical journey with your pets? DOWNLOAD NOW to see howyour petscan really surprise you with music. Term ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Dancing Snake: Colorful Balls 4.0.11
Run & stack colorful balls on a musical road of the popularmusic songs
Sky Dance 0.1
Hop the ball on EDM tiles
Looper Band 1.0
Loop Music Your Way
Beat Slash 3D 0.2.22
Hit the drum beat and enjoy the great music experience ever