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Fantasy Defender 1.0.29
It’s a classic castle defender game with alots of RPG features. Your mission is to shoot and destroy all theenemy forces.Control the crossbow turret which moves in front of your castle,and fires at the enemies. The crossbow is protected by a magicshield, so it can catch the enemy shells.Use special weapons:• The Fireball is destroying multiple targets at once• The Freezing Frost is paralyzing enemies• The magic Air Dome is protecting the entire castle• The Meteor Strike which blast covers the whole battlefield.For every enemy destroyed you get silver coins, and gold coins forthe completing of missions, and protecting your castle.Spend the coins between missions to upgrade weapons and protectionof the castle, and to improve special weapons as well!Get awards for various achievements, and even for the fact ofstarting the game! Play every day, and your daily award will bebigger and bigger!
Smashy Drift Racing
Endless Arcade Drifting!
Codex of Victory - sci-fi turn based strategy 1.0.88
AKPublish pty ltd
Features: • Exciting combination of turn-based combat andreal-timebase building • 20+ hours of story-based singleplayercampaign •25+ unique units, each with countless variations • Highreplayvalue ensured by randomly generated campaign missions •Neo-feudalsci-fi environment with vivid, cel-shaded graphics Humansocietyhas been divided. On one side, the natural course ofhumanevolution has been disrupted. What started as an attempt toadaptto the harsh conditions of outer space and hostile planets,led tothe creation of a weird race of transhuman cyborgs – theAugments.Driven by a desire to ‘liberate’ ordinary humans fromthelimitations of their wholly organic bodies, the Augmentshavelaunched a full-scale attack. Now we must defend our territoryandfight back, to save our Kingdoms and all of humanity as we knowit!Codex of Victory features an extensive story-driven,single-playercampaign that tasks you with building and commanding ahi-tech armyof drone vehicles, tanks and robots. The campaignoffers anexciting mix of real-time base building, global strategicplanningand turn-based combat. Travelling between planets andterritories,your sole task is to stop the Augments. Inspired byclassics of thestrategy genre, the base building element involvesexpanding yourunderground HQ in real-time. Collect room blueprints,buildfactories, research centers, workshops, laboratories andotherfacilities, to prepare for battles ahead. Global tacticaloversightcomes from your Planetary map, on which you’ll instantlysee whereyour armies need to be deployed. Engage in tacticalturn-basedcombat on hex-mapped battlefields. Select your units andupgrades,deploy them to the battlefield using the terrain to youradvantageand test your tactical skills in each mission. As youprogressthrough the battles of the main storyline and thevariousrandomly-generated side missions, you’ll gain access to over25units. Each type of unit comes in countless variations, thanks toadiverse range of upgrades and add-on modules. Build your bestandput them to the test against the incoming Augments!
Crashy Race 0.260
Crash your opponents and finish first! Dash obstacles, smashzombies, earn coins, gems and unlock new cars! KEY FEATURES: - 10unlockable cars! - Drifting elements: 360 spins - New contentcoming soon! Survive in driftapocalypse, make 360 spins and bumpother cars from the road.
Magic Siege - Castle Defender
Battle pve-PvE in a Dark Fantasy RPG. Become a legend usingstrategy and heroes
Drift Clash Online Racing
Real-time multiplayer drifting and racing game!
Gunspell - Match 3 Puzzle RPG
Erkunde die Welt der 3-Gewinnt-Kämpfe in diesem offline spielbarenRPG!
Gunspell 2: Match 3 Puzzle RPG
Rare combination of story Match 3 Adventure with PvP battles magicand guns!
Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter - Arcade Base Defender 1.22.19
Tank ON 2 - is a 3D sequel to popular defender game with tanksandguns! Protect your base from the waves of enemies! Controltheturret which moves in front of your base, and can firewithdifferent weapons of your choosing. The turret is protected byaforce field, so it can 'catch' the enemy shells, preventingthedamage to the base. Use special weapons and buildings: • Minigun•Rocket launcher • Tesla-gun • Orbital Ion Cannon • EnergyReactorand others! For every enemy destroyed you get silver coins,andgold coins for the completing of missions, and protectingyourbase. Spend the coins between missions to upgrade weapons andbase!Earn rewards for various achievements!
Drift Straya Online Race
Real-time multiplayer drifting game!
Drift Slam 0.149
Drift Slam is a racing arcade with a lot of cars and tracks! Slamyour way through opponents and win.