AIO Studio (Apps For Mobile) Apps

Voice Recorder: Audio Recorder
Professional voice recording with noise cancellation and cut audiorecording.
Antivirus Lite - Virus Removal
Good antivirus application, remove all viruses on the phone.
QR Reader & Barcode Generator
Scan all the fastest QR code and barcode codes, create barcodes forAndroid
Antivirus: Virus Remover Boost
Antivirus = Phone Booster + CPU Cooler + Junk Cleaner + App Lock +Wifi Security
AppLock Lite - Lock App, Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern
Lock the app & protect privacy withFingerprint/Password/Pattern.
SnapTok: TikTok Downloader
SnapTok helps you save video TikTok NO watermark/Logo Easy &Fast!
Super Screen Recorder, Capture
Screen recorder with facecam, audio and capture screenshot andMORE!
sPDF Reader - PDF File Reader
sPDF READER - #1 free app to view pdf file anywhere withoutusingthe Internet! If you loved reading books or were interestedinresearching your field, sPDF Reader is a must have pdf filereadingapp for you! You just download documents to your phone orback upin the cloud, you can create a huge bookstore for you -It’stotally free! Moreover, thanks to sPDF Reader’s smartfunctions,you can adjust the view mode, size and color of thedocument toenjoy your time reading pdf books. sPDF READER isdifferent fromother apps because it can zoom in, zoom out screen,be vivacious ofsplitting and merging pages, which brings you anamazing experiencewhile using pdf viewing content. The highlightsof sPDF Reader 🔻The best and free pdf reader for android: - Thehuge sources ofinformation save an amount of data from emails andpdf file backupand restore on the cloud. - Customize various sizes,zoom in, zoomout to meet users’ needs. - Choose your favorite colorof pdf filereader. - A variety of view modes: vertical orhorizontal screen. 🔻Smart manager and security: - Manage all yourdocument reader pdfin the app. - Sorting files is optional to makeit optimal. - Smartlock function can assist with document security.- Sync all filesfrom the pdf cloud storage: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox,phone’s memory,... - Delete unnecessary files forpdf file open appdownload. 🔻 Easy to search name in pdf file: -Smart searchingfunctions can search keywords, and files. - Easilyfind words,paragraphs, and documents. - Document file pdf browseris muchfaster thanks to thumbnails. 🔻 Preeminent of integratedtools: -Highlight important pdf reader with bookmarks. - Easily seerecentfiles without taking too much time to search pdf text. -Share andprint file document and pdf viewer directly from yourphone. Thekey functions of sPDF Reader - This free app can readnumerous PDFdocument readers. - Easy to use with stunning features.- Open pdffiles on android and have a quick look. - Keywords indocuments,important files with an easy pdf reader with searchoption. -Choose your favorite color, suitable view mode of timeandworkspaces. - Scroll, zoom in, zoom out if you want. - Shareyourimportant pdf reader with highlighter and notes. - The mostsafeplaces to save your documents. - Easily unlock PDF files withyourpassword. - Complete PDF support and compatible with AdobeAcrobat®and other PDF viewers. - Smart manager: sorting, saving,ordeleting documents. - The huge sources of documents,ebooks,emagazines in small size. - Easily backup pdf file to thecloud:Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox. - Choose your ownthumbnailto detect the document. - Direct pdf printer for androidfrom yourphone. - Read stories, books, magazines,... anywherewithout usingthe Internet. - Friendly view mode: from pages’ colorsto splittingand merging functions in a simple way. - Dark mode forbatterysaver and efficient pdf file book reader at night. -Morebeneficial functions are being developed for pdf readingappoffline better. Let sPDF Reader be your best assistantwhensupporting you with a pdf viewer for android. Download nowanddon’t forget to rate us 5***** to support and improve sPDFReader!
AudioCut - MP3 Cutter Ringtone
Change your default ringtone to your favorite and style one, justby using AudioCut for ringtone maker. Let’s create ringtone fromsongs by yourself ! With AudioCut, you can easily trim audio song,merge audio files, and choose exactly your favorite part of thesong when ringtone cutter. Thus, you’d have a specific ring tonefor your contacts. Otherwise, you can set your alarm, notificationsand contacts. This tool also helps you adjust bitrate & volumeto make a high-quality melody. 🎶 Cut Ringtone and MP3 cutter: Wouldyou like to choose the refrain of your favorite song as a ringtone?You can choose a song and cut audio mp3, which would become yourringtone, then, set the start and end of the audio. (Recommend: Oneringtone lasts 45-50 seconds, set your ringtone within that time45-50 seconds). Next, choose your file format, bitrate, or volumeto create the best one. 🎶 Easily Merge Your MP3 Music: Do you wantto turn your songs, music, audio, MP3,... in many files to just oneor merge two audios? Find your favorite songs of a singer, analbum, or songs with the same melody would be recommended to edit.You can change the order of songs, and add these high-quality onesfor mp3 cutter and joiner. 🎶 The Audio Mixer: The Audio Mixer isthe best function for music lovers, help to you mix songs together.You can put your favorite songs into a piece of music. Moreover,you can adjust the volume, and create your unique ring tone. ⚡Incoming Phone Flashlight: Whenever you have incoming calls ormessengers ( SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger Facebook ...), the flash willturn on. The highlights of AudioCut: ✔ Good and convenientinterface ✔ Provide powerful audio editing function ✔ Audio cutting- cut exactly up to the millisecond. ✔ Easily set the song as thealarm, ringtone, incoming calls, notifications, and messages. ✔Ringtone maker for mp3 cutter ✔ Turn the volume up and down foraudio joiner mp3. ✔ Support the primary formats: MP3, Wav, Ogg,m4a, acc, FLAC, etc. ✔ Adjust birate: 64kb/s, 128kb/s, 192kb/s,256kb/s, etc. ✔ Manage files, ex. editing, music cutter, andcutting audio, which easily found. ✔ Make ringtones from my music ✔Set your unique ringtone for each contact. ✔ Mix audio tracks andmp3 cutter and merger. ✔ Integrating MP3 Player helps you enjoyyour ringtone before cutting and saving. ✔ This app supports almostall Android phones, such as Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, etc.Especially, this app is free. Explanation for permissions:android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: AudioCut can read andsave audio files to your phone. android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS:AudioCut may set the specific ringtone in each If you have any comments aboutAudioCut, please comment below. We’d develop our audio cutter appto make sure that you’ll have your amazing experience. Don’t forgetto rate 5* to support our mp3 cutter and ringtone maker app.
SnapTik Lite - Download TikTok
Using SnapTik Lite, you can download video to gallery. Also, youcan confirm a short video app download free and short videosdownload app to download funny videos, save audio tiktok, save livewallpapers tiktok and watch offline videos. You don’t need to login, you can copy link or share link, afterwards, video downloaderautomatically starts. It’s so EASY and SUPER FAST. ⚠️ Downloadvideo tiktok NO WATERMARK ⚠️ 100% FREE and FAST speed download ⚠️ 1TOUCH to download videos from TikTok. ⚠️ Watch HD videos offlinewith integrated player Like page to have the best support withvideo downloader: Video Downloader - Support 💡 How to download TikTok videos: Use “Copy link” to download video tiktok lite: Step 1:Open Tik Tok and click “Copy Link” of your videos that you’reinterested in. Step 2:Open SnapTok and click to “Paste Link” Yourtiktok downloader videos are automatically downloaded. Use “SnapTok” to download video from tiktok no watermark: Step 1: Open tabtrending on Snap Tok Step 2: Click to “Download” that you’reinterested in. Your tiktok wallpapers live with sound videos areautomatically downloaded. Use “Share link” to download video tiktokno logo: Step 1: Open Tik Tok and clink to “Share Link videos youare interested in Step 2: Choose Snap Tok to share. Your tiktokwall picture lock screen videos are automatically downloaded.