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Kids Money Counting 2
Kids Money counting is to learn money countingfor kids. There are three modes Easy Medium and Hard. Based on Kidsexpertise they can choose the option.Enjoy this cool money counting game for kids and have fun learningmoney counting.To learn money counting we have specially designed Vending Machineto learn money counting. Drag currency from the bottom of thescreen and insert into money slot.1. Select option Easy Medium or Hard.2. Click on New button.3. Choose product category.4. Select items you want to purchase.5. Insert money from bottom of screen and insert into money slot(Do long press on Money to drag it and move it).6. You have to insert same amount as shown in Total Due box.Please give your feedback.Internet permission is required only for Google Store.
Picture Book: Baby Word Books
36 Picture Books for toddlers. More than 1200 Pictures with quiz.
English Listen and Write
English Spelling Listen and Write - 1600+ Words with sentences tolearn.
Spelling Master for Kids
Spelling Master for Kids Spelling Learning more than 500+ spellingsto learn.
Fast Math for Kids with Tables
A fun math game for all ages!
English Sentence Practice - Listening and Making
Learn to make sentence and how to read it.
Kids Learn English Reading: Learn how to pronounce
Learn how to read English sentences and words. More than 10ksentences to learn.
Match The Picture Shadow
Match The Picture with its shadow. Real fun game for kids.
Kids Spelling Matching Game
Kids Spelling Matching Game, match the object with correctspelling.
Math Puzzle - Plus & Minus
A fun math puzzles for all ages with 3 skill levels!
Kids Clock Learning
Learn Time Telling easily with multiple clock games for Kids.
Kids Piano: Baby's Piano
Kids Piano for real fun. With Animals and Birds Sound.
Simple Spelling Master
Kids Basic Spelling Learning with Pictures.
GK Quiz 2022
GK Quiz 2022 - General Knowledge Quiz - for All Age Group.
Kids English Word Reading: Learn to pronounce word
Kids English Word Reading, more than 8000 English words to learn.
Math Tables with Quiz - Audio
Learn Math Tables with Quiz from 1 to 20 with audio support.
Opposite Words Learning
Learn Opposite, Homophones, Irregular Verbs and Synonyms Words
English to Hindi Word Matching
English to Hindi Word Matching, 900+ English to Hindi wordmatching.
हिंदी वर्णमाला, बाराखडी, शब्द, वाक्य: Learn Hindi
Hindi Learning हिंदी - अक्षर, वर्णमाला, बाराखडी, शब्द, वाक्य, ओर​छोटे निबंध
Coloring Book
Kids Coloring Book, show your kids imagination.
Guess the Picture - Photo Quiz
Guess the Picture - Photo Quiz - Word Guessing Game
Basic Math for Kids
Learn addition, subtraction and multiplication easily.
Snake and Ladder Game - Fun Game
You will love to play snake and ladder game.
Simple Jigsaw Puzzle
Simple Jigsaw Puzzle with 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 board.
Gujarati Kakko & Barakhadi
Gujarati Kakko & Barakhadi- ગુજરાતી શીખો અને રમો
Math Games for Kids
Math Games for Kids with Tables and time telling quiz.
English Word Filling: Fill in the blanks
English Word Filling - English Sentence Making - 10,000 Fill in theblanks.
Animal Sounds for Baby
100 Animal and Bird Sounds with Quiz.
Memory Game for Kids
Matching objects game for kids. Match the pairs.
Hindi Varnamala Learn and Quiz
Learn Hindi varnamala, numbers and Quiz - हिंदी वर्णमाला औरप्रश्नोत्तरी
Roman Numerals Learn and Quiz
Roman Numerals Learning with Quiz, Easy way to learn roman numbers.
English Letter Tracing
Learn number, latters, word and shapes tracing for small kids.
Fill the Missing Letters
Complete the word by filling missing letters.
2 Pics 1 Word - Trivia Game
2 Pics 1 Word - Word Guessing Trivia Quiz - Pics Quiz
Jumble Word Game
Jumble Words is very addictive word game.
Learn to Spell - Spelling Game
675 English Spellings with Pictures and Sounds.
Brain Puzzle - Picture
Brain puzzle with pictures, real brain challenging puzzle.
Kids Spelling Game 2.2
Kids English Spelling Game helps kids to learn commonlyusedspelling in daily life. Each spelling has picture and you needtoidentify the picture and type the spelling. You kids willreallylove this spelling learning game. You will learn manyspellingsusing this application. Kids will also learn how topronouncespellings. Very easy and useful application for spellinglearningwith picture. Shows the help of each spelling if you don'tknow.This is real vocabulary builder for kids. Daily usingthisapplication will improve your English vocabulary. You canlearnEnglish spellings of animals, birds, colours and food etc...Manyother spellings are also included to learn. This is best forgrade1 to 3 kids to learn commonly used words. Features 1. Around400spellings to learn. 2. Correct and incorrect spellings sound.3.Each spelling with help button. 4. Simple and easy to usedesignspecially for kids. 5. Learn English spellings withpronunciationeasily. Hope you will enjoy this English spelling gamefor kids.For any feedback send mail at [email protected]
Emoji Game - Guess the Emoji
Emoji Games is a real fun puzzle. Guess Emoji Trivia Quiz.
Pic-Word Matching Game
Learn more than 950 English words with pictures.
Quick Math Exercise
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division learning
Baby Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle, Matching Game, Shadow Matching Game and Memory Game.
2 Pic 1 Word Matching
2 Pic 1 Word Matching - Word Guessing Fun - Word Matching Game
Word Jump Game: Choose the correct spelling
Word Jump Game: Challenge your friends to make a high score.
Block Sliding Puzzle
Block Sliding Puzzle - Move red block out of the board by sliding.
Tic Tac Toe: A Math Game
Tic-tac-toe is an ultimate game with math fun.
Sliding Puzzle
Sliding Puzzle with pictures, numbers, alphabets and colors.