D-MEN:The Defenders 2.0.801
Choose and assemble the ultimate team of legendary heroes toprotect the earth from invasion. This innovated new game combinesthe best parts of collecting your favourite heroes, and levellingtheir skills and abilities, and defeating waves of enemies thathave come to destroy your home! Welcome to D-MEN:The Defenders! Newsystem Realms Long before there were humans on earth, titans andgods clashed over the control of the Realms. To protect theinhabitants of each realm, the mightiest of all the gods sealed thepassage to each world. A millennium has passed since then and theseal has been broken by Hela herself! The time has come to not onlyprotect your world but of all beings in all the realms! StandardFeatures Improve, Adapt, and Fight Choose from a wide range oflegendary heroes to stand against the forces of evil. Your teamwill work even while you are sleeping. Only have a few minutes toplay each day, don’t worry! Your heroes will continuously protectthe world and when you log back in, you can collect the resourcesthey gathered, and upgrade your abilities, equipment and expandyour team! Unlimited possibilities! Tower defence A new spin to aclassic tower defence game! Balance the different classes of yourunique heroes when you deploy them in the battlefield. Prepare yourcombat strategies using your hero’s special abilities to protectyour world! Collect Legendary Heroes Assemble your heroes from thefour different factions, each of whom has their own uniqueabilities, skills and attributes. The more heroes you have, themore versatile your team can be! Immersive strategy Find andimprove the combination of the right heroes to use in both PVE andPVP. Matching the right team for the task will produce verydifferent results! Share, your strategies, and find recommendationsfrom your teammates to see who can build the strongest team!Contact us Email: [email protected] FB: Discord: