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Heels Master 1.1.3
Full Description: Are you ready for the best puzzle game in 2021?This is a fun game you've never experienced before. A great videogame to kill time and enhance your intelligence. ★ HOW TO PLAY: Thegameplay is extremely simple. You just have to arrange objects onthe phone screen so that the police girl can go to the location ofthe hostage, you win. Notice many dangerous pitfalls are alwaysstalking you. If you are a fan of the puzzle game, try andexperience Heels Master Why should you play Heels Master ★ GAMEFEATURES: - Simple and fun game - Easy controls: Control with onlyone finger. - Interesting gameplay - There are many items to showyour style - The pets are special and very cute - Absolute free toplay.
Gangster Bike Stunts 3D - Extreme City GT Racing
Hit the craziest mega ramps and start your thrilling adventure asacity gangster with Gangster Bike Stunts 3D - Extreme CityGTRacing! It will never be a dull moment playing this 3Dmotor-ridingsimulation game as it offers endless adrenaline-fueledscenariosand challenges for you to tackle. Wisely pick out yourowncharacter and motorbike ‘cause you are about to join thewildestrace where you break free from gravity and high into thesky. WIDERANGE OF VEHICLES Win the race and add to your collectionthe best,most luxurious and high-speed motorcycles from legendarybrandssuch as Ducati, Triumph, BMW, Harley Davidson, and so on.DYNAMICREAL-LIFE TERRAINS From the top of skyscrapers into thejungle upthe mountain hill. You will experience all kinds oflandscapes andobstacles that requires riding skills, fullconcentration, quickreflex and probably a bit of recklessness inyou. RACING SENSATIONSRealistic sound effects and stunning graphicsguarantee real racingexperience. Drive, boost, and master yourstunt skills to rule thegame! Whether you are here for some madracing actions, for fun, orjust to kill time, we’ve got youcovered. Download and RACE NOW!
Car Stunts 3D Free - Extreme City GT Racing 0.5.5
Car Stunt 3D Game is an extreme car racing game that gives racersthe best fast and furious speedway experience. You are joining inraces against time and don’t forget that time waits for no one.Ramp your car up to feel the speed and score as many Grand Prixwins as possible. To enjoy the most of the game, you can challengeyourself and make every race count by performing some crazy racingcar stunts. Show off a perfect drifting or a spectacular 360-degreeflip that makes everyone go wow. You don’t want to miss out on thisepic game because... - High-quality graphics even on phones withlow equipment. - FPP mode enabled for players to have the realin-car racing experience. - Easy to learn physical controls andmechanics. - Responsive and intuitive crazy car stunts experience.- Golden chance to become a stunt driving expert and master eachgame mode. - Nitro power-ups to feel monster truck madness in aprecise driving simulator. Some tips before running the trafficrace: - Use the button to go left or right. You can also choose thesteering wheel and pedal for more realistic and dynamic drivingexperience. - Climb the hills to reach the mountain before time isrunning out. The clock is ticking. While you’re here, other racershave already started their races. Download Car Stunts Racing 3D forfree now and show ‘em what you got.
Car Parking 3D Pro : City Car Driving 1.40
If you are looking for an awesome car parking simulator gamethenCar Parking 3D Pro: City Car Driving is the very one toperfectyour driving skills! One simple rule: steer away from thebarrierson the road to prevent your car from getting bumped orscratched,carefully drive it in the assigned parking lot. This taskmay seemas easy as pie, but it can be quite difficult even forprofessionaldrivers. MODE - PARKING PRACTICE PROFESIONNAL - GETDRIVER LICENSE- CITY CAR DRIVING REALISTIC GAMEPLAY Enjoy yourdriving experiencewith 3D graphic, a rear-view mirror, FPPview(First-Person-Perspective), gearbox, proximity sensor,turnsignals, traffic lights and satisfying engine sound.VARIABLEMODES, LEVELS AND MAPS Car Parking 3D Pro provides ParkingandLicense Mode, with 200 levels, newest day and night city map.Everysingle level is unique, brought you a total differentexperienceand keep you entertained for hours. ACQUIRE THE MOSTPRESTIGIOUSCARS Classic and sporty car, which do you prefer? Don’tforget wehave jeeps, vans, buses, ambulance and police car as well!SHOPPINGFOR FUN Who doesn’t like shopping? This is a parking game,but youcan buy a whole new car or a shield protection to conquerthemultilevel game system. SOCIAL AND GAME LEADERBOARDS Log inviaFacebook, invite your friends, challenge them and become aParkingMaster on worldwide leaderboards. But don’t forget yourThrone isat stake, targeted by millions of daily player! DownloadNOW forfree. Let’s get in your dream car to begin the journey. Andalwaysremember safety first!
Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas 1.2.9
Red Imposter is a fun and engaging Action game. Your missionissimple: Execute all living crewmates in the spaceship. Let noonesurvive. ★ HOW TO PLAY: - Hold and drag to move around theship,kill the crewmates, and sabotage the objects. - When youkilleveryone without getting noticed, the level is completed. -Becareful with crewmate, they may discover you are The Imposter★FEATURES: - Incredibly simple to understand. - One finger control-Countless challenges from easy to expert. - Absolute free to play.
Move.io: Move Stop Move - Stickman Crowd 3D 0.0.67
Move.io - Move Stop Move- Be the last one standing on battlefield Avery funny hyper casual game, in which you control a 3D Stickmanand move free in a map. Many enemies are out there and fight you bythrough their weapon. Dodge their attack and fight back. The more3D stickman you killed, the bigger you are. You will be like agiant fight in tiny gang clash. Be a giant and be the last onesurvived on this io game Move.io - Move Stop Move . HOW TO PLAY: •Drag your finger on screen to Move. • Release your finger when youare close to other enemy, it will automatic attack • Be careful,and be smart • The biggest one win in classic mode, the last onewin in crowd city survival mode • In Zombie City mode, survive tillDay Z to win FEATURES: • One finger control. • 2 Modes: io andsurvival battle ground. • Special event mode: Zombie City - defenseCity till Day Z • Many skills and weapons to unlock • Funny andcool skin to show off The whole world of stickman 3D popular warwith funny character, zombie crowd city are waiting for you. Supercool weapon like lollipop, hammer, axe, Z weapon are ready to beunlocked and fight the multiplayer war. Chase and run the funnyenemy and zombie, run and race to the top of leaderboard, survivein apocalypse cartoon war of stickman 3D and unlock super specialskin in this 3D world. Join the multiplayer io game of 3D cartoonwar. Be the best stickman 3d, clash 'em all and fight the gang iobattle. Enjoy the game Move.io - Move Stop Move Thank you, ABIGames Studio
Rescue The Lover 1.13.1
THE STORY The story is about a boy and his girl friend. The girl iskidnapped by a gangster for ransom. The boy is determined to savethe girl, in the face of many dangers, challenges, anddifficulties. Will he be able to save his girl friend? Let's joinhim to make the best decisions! HOW TO PLAY: It's pretty simple!You pick the right answer - you complete your challenge - thecharacters proceed to the next level! Get it wrong - and it's gameover for you! GAME FEATURES: - Tons of tricky puzzles with quirkysolutions - Beautiful, unique 2D graphics - Addicting scenarios -Intuitive controls - Surprising result
Stickman Red boy and Blue girl 1.4.8
Stickman Red And Blue is an addictive puzzle game where you have toembody both characters. Control both stickmen at the same time anduse the buttons to move, push boxes, and collect coins to find theexit in the jungle. On a beautiful day, Red Stickman and BlueStickman went out together in the forest, they accidentally gotlost in the maze. There are many pitfalls here and they must beovercome before they can go home. Two stickmen have to solve manytasks of the maze puzzle. Join them on an adventure, escape theforest and return home safely. In this cool collaboration game,Fire Red Stickman can handle incredible blazes while his companion,Water Blue Stickman can keep things cool with her marveloussea-going capacities. Red Stickman can slide across cold surfacesyet this hot kid going to struggle to scale any inclines that havesnow on them. Red Stickman will slide directly off. In the interim,Blue Stickman gets eased back down at whatever point her feetcontact level regions canvassed in snow and ice. Frigid inclinesare no issue for this cool young lady, however. Blue Stickman canimpact straight up to them! So this unique couple is going toindeed have to collaborate while Red Stickman And Blue Stickmanbounce across the entirety of the sanctuary's foundation and racetowards each leave entryway. It's the lone route for Red Stickmanand Blue Stickman to endure every one of the levels and gather hugeloads of valuable, shading-coded gems en route. Red And BlueStickman will undoubtedly experience bunches of traps and astounds,as well, and that is the place where you come in. Red And BlueStickman will require your assistance while they attempt to sortout some way to ignore lakes by freezing them with lasers or getaround pools loaded up with foaming liquid magma. These two saintsRed And Blue Stickman love a decent experience and they're trustingthat you do also. Features: • We will update new excitingchallenges every week, helping you to experience differentchallenges, not get bored. • Awesome animation and sound effects. •Easy but addictive teamwork gameplay. • Nice characters and design.• Smooth control. • Download the game completely for free. How toplay: • Move Red Stickman and Blue Stickman by arrows and avoidobstacles. Red Stickman must avoid water while Blue Stickman mustavoid fire. • Just touch the button "Swap" to change from BlueStickman to Red Stickman and vice versa • Collect gems as much aspossible. Do not hesitate to download and play Red And BlueStickman - today's most popular puzzle game to participate inconquering exciting challenges. Have fun and get through quicklyeach challenging level in Red And Blue Stickman.
FNF Troll Master - DOP Puzzle - Delete One Part 1.27
You think you're smart? Hey, join us and enjoy the game : FNFMaster - Delete One Part easily! Download this popular brain gameand use logic to solve fun and clear puzzles! 🧠Effortless gameplay,challenging brain teasers Playing is easy! Just touch the screenand drag your finger to erase part of the drawing and see what liesbehind it. The game may seem simple, but looks can be deceiving...Make the most of your free time by playing an engaging brain gamethat will sharpen your wit. With a Delete Puzzle, you can chill outand get smarter at the same time! Level up your brain while youlevel up in the game! 🧠Features of FNF Troll Master ★ Discover theunexpected twists hiding behind every image! Each stroke of youreraser will uncover a new, deeper layer to the story depicted inthe drawing. Only you can make the invisible visible! ★ Enjoy thedelightful graphics with their unique cartoon style and cuteanimations. ★ The optional music, sound effects, and vibrationsettings give you more control over your gameplay experience. ★Jump right into the simple and straightforward gameplay of thisthinking game: just swipe your finger across your phone screen toerase parts of the drawing and reveal what’s underneath. Themechanics may be easy, but the puzzles will keep your brain 🧩guessing! Strengthen your reasoning skills and put your mind to thetest with a relaxing and amusing thinking game. The best part isthat there is no way to mess up or fail: if you erase the wrongthing, the picture will just reset! The point is to make you think,not make you cry! 😭
Troll Robber: Steal it your way 1.6
Become a master thief in this fantastic game. You will be about tosteal but be struck by many things: your girlfriend's father, herex, your neighbor... Fortunately, you have a special ability tostretch your arm as much as you want to steal anything as long asyou like it. But be careful of dangerous things do not touch themor you will have to pay the price. How to play Stretch the hand tograb the items you want to steal without being caught. GAMEFEATURES: - Just download the game and discover to find out all themysterious features. Let's go!!
FNF Mod: Music Fight 1.0.0
FNF Mod: Music Fight is a rhythm matching music game to testyourmusical knowledge and reflexes. In FNF Mod: Music Fight ,Boyfriendtry to hook up with Girlfriend , but her father DaddyDearestdoesn't approve of him. Therefore, Boyfriend has to battlewitheveryone that stands in his way his lovely Girlfriend! Thinkyougot what it takes? This music game provides you with FNFcatchymusic presenting from various iconic FNF characters:Garcello,Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, Mommy Nearest,MonsterSpirit, Skid and Pump, Pico, Tankman, and Whitty. To win allthebattle in FNF Mod: Music Fight you need to: 🎶 Tap the Arrowwhenthey exact match. 🎶 Match notes to get the highest scorepoints. 🎶Beat all FNF mods. There are many things in FNF Mod: MusicFightyou need to know: 🔥Various FNF mod music and characters toexplore🔥Beautiful high-resolution graphics 🔥Music and sound effects🔥Phoneand tablet support Download FNF Mod: Music Fight for free nowtofeel Funkin music and rock the beat!
Fire and Water Stickman 2 : The Temple 0.4.2
Water and Fire Stickman 2: The Temple is an addictive puzzle gamewhere you have to embody both characters. Control both stickmen atthe same time and use the buttons to move, push boxes, and collectcoins to find the exit in the maze. After escape the forest fromStickman Red And Blue, this time Red Fire boy and Blue Water girlgot lost in the maze of Maya Empire. There are many pitfalls hereand they must be overcome before they can go home. Two stickmenhave to solve many tasks of the maze puzzle. Join them on anadventure, escape the maze of Maya Empire and return home safely.In this cool collaboration game, Red Fire Stickman can handleincredible blazes while his companion, Blue Water Stickman can keepthings cool with her marvelous sea-going capacities. Red FireStickman can slide across hot surfaces yet this hot kid going tostruggle to scale any inclines that have snow on them. Red FireStickman will slide directly off. In the interim, Blue WaterStickman gets eased back down at whatever point her feet contactlevel regions canvassed in snow and ice. Frigid inclines are noissue for this cool young lady, however. Blue Water Stickman canimpact straight up to them! So this unique couple is going toindeed have to collaborate while Red Fire Stickman And Blue WaterStickman bounce across the entirety of the sanctuary's foundationand race towards each leave entryway. It's the lone route for RedFire Stickman and Blue Water Stickman to endure every one of thelevels and gather huge loads of valuable, shading-coded gems enroute. Fire Stickman and Water Stickman will undoubtedly experiencebunches of traps and astounds, as well, and that is the place whereyou come in. Fire Stickman and Water Stickman will require yourassistance while they attempt to sort out some way to ignore lakesby freezing them with lasers or get around pools loaded up withfoaming liquid magma. These two saints Fire Stickman and WaterStickman love a decent experience and they're trusting that you doalso. Features: ⭐ We will update new exciting challenges everyweek, helping you to experience different challenges, not getbored. ⭐ Awesome animation and sound effects. ⭐ Easy but addictiveteamwork gameplay. ⭐ Nice characters and design. ⭐ Smooth control.⭐ Download the game completely for free. How to play: ⭐ Move RedFire Stickman and Blue Water Stickman by arrows and avoidobstacles. Red Fire Stickman must avoid water while Blue WaterStickman must avoid fire. ⭐ Just touch the button "Swap" to changefrom Blue Water Stickman to Red Fire Stickman and vice versa ⭐Collect gems as much as possible. Do not hesitate to download andplay Water and Fire Stickman 2: The Temple - today's most popularpuzzle game to participate in conquering exciting challenges. Havefun and get through quickly each challenging level in Fire Stickmanand Water Stickman.
FNF DOP - Friday Music Funkin' 0.0.5
How Smart Are you ? Let's play FNF Erase - Friday Night Music. FNFErase - Friday Night Music is a dop game with catchy FNF music .With FNF Erase, you can get brain smarter and enjoy various FNFbattle singed by FNF characters: Garcello, Boyfriend, Girlfriend,Daddy Dearest, Mommy Nearest, Monster Spirit, Skid and Pump, Pico,Tankman, and Whitty. Playing is easy! Just touch the screen anddrag your finger to erase part of the drawing and see what liesbehind and enjoy catchy music in Friday Night funkin mod battle.Click 💡 Button to ask for a hint if you are stuck. FEATURES🌟Combination of puzzle games and FNF music. 🌟Explore 100+ variouslevel with FNF mod music. 🌟Beautiful high-resolution graphics🌟Music and sound effects 🌟Phone and tablet support Download FNFErase - Friday Night Music for free now. Challenge your brain, feelFunkin music and rock the beat! 🔥🔥🔥
Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World 1.80
Evil power has cast a shadow over Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World.Awakethe hero within you, pick up your weapons and fight your waytovictory. Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World is the absolute best 3Dpixel/voxel style of adventure shooting game with 3 basic modes. 💣Storymode Experience the thrilling adventure with grenades, gunsandmelee weapons to destroy zombies and monsters. 💣 SurvivalmodeSurvive on a deserted island with unforeseen dangers lurking,whichare not for the faint of heart. 💣 PvP sniper mode Become arealsniper with PvP mode, play and be friends with people allaroundthe world. 💣 Our superb features • More than 50 campaignlevels •100 different maps: ocean map, maze map, magma map, icemap, etc •100+ types of monsters and bosses • 180+ creative skins:zombie,slender, pirate, sniper, skeleton and even a pretty nurse;•Upgradable Battle Pass with challenges and rewards
Craft Runner - Miner Rush: Building and Crafting 0.0.26
Craft Runner - Miner Rush: Building and Crafting Explore the wholecraft world with the craft game: Craft Runner - Miner Rush A minisandbox craft-miner world is opening and waiting for you toexplore. On a run way, you need to collect lumber, wood and gold tobuild and craft your dream house or go explore the map and fightdangerous monsters and zombies (on next updates). You need tocollect enough resource to build your city, village, castle, growanimal. Especially you could attack the other user's land, likePirate King. In the upcoming updates, many mini games will be addedto the craft games Craft Runner - Miner Rush. - You could fight aPixel Giant Rush or Zombie Monster - Join clash of zootopia, let'sblock animals fight - Shoot 'em up and enjoy the retro classicfeelings - Mini idle with your island like lumberjack - Running andsolve ABC quiz, typing master like a printer Not like Minercraftwhere you can go everywhere in the map, in this craft game - CraftRunner: Lumbercraft- you could only move on a straight way, avoidtrap and solve puzzle to finish levels. Many cool buildings,beautiful animals are waiting for you to craft. Be a great miner,collect lumbercraft and be the king of your land. NEW FEATURES INCraft Runner - Crafting and Building game - Various levels withmany kind of traps and puzzles - Basic Crafting & Building -Perfect craft game for the family: boys and girls will love it,even the kids - Choose your character skins: Youtuber, Super Hero,- Attack the other user's Island - Many types of animals: sheep,horse, wolf, chicken, fish, cow, mouse, steer - Build your ownshelter and home. - Master Craft and play for free. Are you readyto discover all the secrets of life in a mysterious cubic World?Download the Craft Runner - Miner Rush and Play Now! Thank you forplaying our game, ABI Games Studio P/s: This is not an officialMojang application. This game is not associated or connected withMinecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang and itis not endorsed by or affiliated with this game's creator or itslicensors.
Fat Boy Slim Girl 1.8
TEAMWORK MAKES DREAM WORK 🕵 Wanna be a billionaire? Let’s joinFatBoy Slim Girl! and complete multi-task with challenging levelstoearn money. If you are a fan of spy games, action games,funnycasual games or tricky puzzle games, Fat 2 Slim is youridealchoice. You’ll play as Mr. Fat and Mrs. Slim - an undercoveragentcouple mastering in solving tricky missions. Mr Fat and MrsSlimhave to sneak past obstacles, collect money as much as possibleandbecome an incredible agent couple. This incredible spy gameisfree, and you can play it offline! What are you waitingfor?Jumping to Fat Boy Slim Girl 🕵 for free now! What you have todo tobecome the best undercover agent couple - Mr Fat and MrsSlim:🌟Drag to move to the final destination 🌟Hold the door, avoidtheobstacles and complete the mission. 🌟Tap Button on the righttoswitch to the boy or the girl. 🌟Collect as many coins aspossibleto get more points and buy more interesting skins There aremanythings in this incredible spy game you need to know:🕵Variouslevels to explore 🕵More stunning skins to change🕵Beautifulhigh-resolution graphics 🕵Smooth user interface 🕵Musicand soundeffects 🕵Additional cameras, traps, laze and more. 🕵Phoneandtablet support We put a lot of love into this Free Spy Game soyourfeedback is very valuable. Download now and enjoy your timewithfunny puzzle casual in Fat Boy Slim Girl!
Very Golf - Ultimate Game 0.9.0
⛳ Join the most exciting and experience one a kind of Golfplayingstyle. Play Golf like the way you like! Very Golf letyouexperience the one of a kind of Golf playing styles whichyouprobably would never have played before. In Very Golf, there isnolimit on what to golf, you can golf a ball, a stick, a house,atree, literally anything can be golfed, even yourself to scoreapoint. WHAT THE GOLF! Try your best to get the ball or anythingtothe flag with the least moves. ⛳Very Golf features ★ Easilytolearn to play but hard to master. ★ Endless holes to Golf.★Incredible 3D cartoon graphics and effects. ★ Monthlycontentupdates, with new holes, golf challenges, and even more toachieve.★ Crazy golf holes can drive your madden, let’s see how faryou cango with Very Golf. ⛳How to play ★ Golf anything that youareprovided to the flag. ★ Just drag and adjust the amount offorceand the direction that you want to golf. ★ Remind yourself togetthe least number of moves needed to reach the flag. ⛳ DownloadandSTART playing VERY GOLF. Join Very Golf which would never seemtostop amaze you with fascinating ways of playing Golf. ⛳This isGolfbut not really Golf!
Army X - Count Master Battle 0.0.3
Multiple your army and fight the bosses
Sneaky Guy: Hide It From Your Wife
Join the casual adventure of an ordinary guy. Help him live withhisdesire by sneaking out of the house. Beware of his wife who'salwaysangrily seeking for him. How To Play: - He will run straightout ofhis house, sometimes through the kitchen, sometimes thegarden. -Hold your finger on the screen to make the guy stop andhide behindthe objects. - Avoid the sight of his angry wife. -Release yourfinger to keep the guy running to the end. Enjoy thefun!
Top Moto Bike: Offroad Racing 1.4.5
Top Moto Bike: Offroad Racing is a racing game for real racers withextremely crazy offroad tracks. Top Moto Bike: X3M Racing has beenbeautifully designed for players of all age groups with simplecontrol and challenging adventures. Drive off-road motorcycles toovercome difficult challenges and become the best racer. FEATURESSmooth camera view Smooth control New real sounds
Troll Master - DOP Draw One Part - Stickman Puzzle 1.12
Welcome to Troll Master - Draw One Part - Stickman Puzzle game.What do you need to do? Brainstorm and challenge your creativity.Draw puzzle combined with funny situations. How to play • Verysimply, you just need to use your finger to draw one part of thegoal set • Just draw and Explore the different fascinating endingsat the end of each level • Immerse yourself in the wonderful worldof DOP drawing! Characteristics: • Unique gameplay gives you asmooth combination between logic puzzle games and drawing games •Fun with story of stickman and his lover - expand your commonperspective with different puzzles. • Smooth and addictive DOP game• Surprise and exciting pictures will make your day! • Stylishdrawing game that will boost your imagination and creativity •Solve tons of troll puzzles • Don't worry about being perfect Thisis the best and fun drawing puzzle game. Good luck and downloadTroll Master - Draw One Part for FREE now!
Scary Neighbour 0.3.9
Are you bored? It's time to set up the most amusing pranks. Designthe most playful tricks to play on your neighbour. Scary Neighbouris a hide and seek game. You would sneakily into your neighbour’shouse and trick him but make sure you don’t get caught. You willplay against an big, fat and hot tempered AI that would show nomercy if he catches you red handed. As the game goes on, it willget harder and harder to place traps, still, try your best and seehow far you can fool your neighbour without getting caught. Besidesthe cool gameplay and lovely animation of the game, there are itemswhich help you if the game is too hard to pass at some points. Theitems grant you special ability such as running fast like theFlash, or staying invisible for a short while or quick-hand whichshortens the time taken to place traps. The fun awaits you,download now and keep the boredom at bay. Looking for anadventurous and addictive gameplay? Amazing pranks are ready foryou to plan and execute. Start playing and you will keep on teasingyour neighbour and become a prank master yourself. Arrange littlepranks for your neighbour in the game. Place the right traps tomake him go mad over your pranking geniuses!
Rampage : Smash City Monster Destruction Game 0.1.32
Athena's space station, owned by NextDNA company, are working on aproject that can revive prehistoric creatures and a virus can makethese animals bigger. They need a place to test their work, so theysent these creatures including prehistoric animals that they hadresurrected to earth, it was unexpected that these giant superbeasts had extraordinary strength, we they are destroying the Earthand nothing can stop them. With lots of giant beasts and simple,easy-to-play controls, you can lead these giant monsters, make themgrow to conquer and reign over the Earth. FEATURES: + Over 16monsters to choose, upgrade by collecting more meat! + Campaignmode with 200 exciting levels will help you create epic moments. +Multiplayer mode with players around the world, show who is theking of monster. Enjoy the most relaxing and satisfied feeling withRampage: Giant Monsters."
FNF Draw - Friday Night Music 0.1.8
Welcome to FNF Draw - Friday Night Music game! FNF Draw - FridayNight Music is a draw game combined with rhythm FNF music battle.At the end of each level, FNF Draw - Friday Night Music willprovide you with FNF catchy music from various FNF characters:Garcello, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, Mommy Nearest,Monster Spirit, Skid and Pump, Pico, Tankman, and Whitty. Activateyour brain and your artistic talents to draw missing part and enjoythe FNF music battle. 🔥🔥🔥 HOW TO PLAY ✏️Identify the missing part✏️Draw one part - DOP: only one single line accepted ✏️Click 💡Button to ask for a hint if you are stuck. ✏️Enjoy catchy music inFriday Night funkin mod battle at the end of each level FEATURES🌟Combination of puzzle games and FNF music. 🌟Explore 100+ variouslevel with FNF mod music. 🌟Beautiful high-resolution graphics🌟Music and sound effects 🌟Phone and tablet support Download FNFDraw - Friday Night Music for free now. Challenge your brain, feelFunkin music and rock the beat!🔥🔥🔥
Impostor Story - Troll Master:
Impostor Story - Troll Master, a fun tricky puzzle game thatwillblow your brain. Can you help the Impostor make a perfectescape?Each level presents you with multiple scenarios andchallenges.Only the smartest can solve all the puzzles and help theImpostorget away from the police. Choose wisely to ensure thatyourcharacter won’t fall in a death trap. ★ Endless fun andchallengesawait. Each chapter has a unique storyline andnumerousmind-bending puzzles for you to crack. ★ Addicting gameplayso getyour brain prepared ‘cause once you start, it’s hard to stop.★Don’t get fooled. If it seems to be a straight-forwardanswer,think again! Whether you are a fan of puzzles, word games,triviagames, brain teasers, or just here to have a good time, we’vegotyou covered. Download and enjoy now!
Impostor vs Craftsman 1.27
Keep an eye on your team, there is an impostor hiding among us.Canyou catch the imposter among the crewmates fast enough?PlayImpostor vs Craftman game in imposter or crewmate mode, eitherdotasks together or kill them all. HOW TO PLAY: - Tap to movearoundthe space ship, kill the crewmates, and sabotage the objects.-When you kill everyone without getting noticed, the leveliscompleted. FEATURES: - Easy controls - 3D pixel art style -Niceand smooth graphics!
Giant Hammer 1.0.16
Smash the world's record with your Giant Hammer! Collect hammerstobuild up your power while dodging obstacles through the runway.Thebigger your hammer is, the higher you will strike. You needgreatconcentration skills and quick reflexes to gather as manyhammersof the color as you are as possible. Each level unveilsnewthrilling challenges so never worry that you will get boredofrunning. MAIN FEATURES: • Customized characters Customize yourguyand your hammer by winning levels and unlocking epic outfits!•Amazing animations A beautifully designed game withperfectgraphics will not disappoint you! • Easy and quick to learnA gamethat is simple and relaxing to play yet challenging tomaster! •Full of stimulating levels Challenges never run out so getpreparedand let the fun begin! Run through the obstacle course andbringthe Giant Hammer to challenge your power now!
Lumber Rush - Craft World: Craft Runner Remaster 0.0.4
Lumber Rush - Craft World Explore the whole craft world with thecraft game: Lumber Rush - Craft World A mini sandbox craft-minerworld is opening and waiting for you to explore. On a run way, youneed to collect lumber, wood and gold to build and craft your dreamhouse or go explore the map and fight dangerous monsters andzombies (on next updates). You need to collect enough resource tobuild your city, village, castle, grow animal. Especially you couldattack the other user's land, like Pirate King. In the upcomingupdates, many mini games will be added to the craft games LumberRush - Craft World. - You could fight a Pixel Giant Rush or ZombieMonster - Join clash of zootopia, let's block animals fight - Shoot'em up and enjoy the retro classic feelings - Mini idle with yourisland like lumberjack - Running and solve ABC quiz, typing masterlike a printer Not like Minercraft where you can go everywhere inthe map, in this craft game - Craft Runner: Lumbercraft- you couldonly move on a straight way, avoid trap and solve puzzle to finishlevels. Many cool buildings, beautiful animals are waiting for youto craft. Be a great miner, collect lumbercraft and be the king ofyour land. NEW FEATURES IN Lumber Rush - Craft World - Variouslevels with many kind of traps and puzzles - Basic Crafting &Building - Perfect craft game for the family: boys and girls willlove it, even the kids - Choose your character skins: Youtuber,Super Hero, - Attack the other user's Island - Many types ofanimals: sheep, horse, wolf, chicken, fish, cow, mouse, steer -Build your own shelter and home. - Master Craft and play for free.Are you ready to discover all the secrets of life in a mysteriouscubic World? Download the Lumber Rush - Craft World and Play Now!Thank you for playing our game, ABI Games Studio P/s: This is notan official Mojang application. This game is not associated orconnected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a trademarkof Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with this game'screator or its licensors.
Eat Challenge - Fat Rush Battle 0.9.1
EAT 'EM ALL! Get all the carbs in your body, be the champ ofthecontest and punish your opponents in Eat Challenge - FatRushBattle game. ⭐️ FUNNY CHARACTERS: Play as Hot Fitness Girl,FatBoy, Grumpy Granny, Muscle Man, and so on. Choose your fighterandsee who can eat best? 🍴 UPGRADE YOUR "WEAPON": Collect andupgradeyour utensils to help you eat faster 🥰 👗 BE STYLISH: Unlockyourstyle! Mix & match 50+ clothes & accessories tostayfabulous while munching on those dishes 🍔 UMM NOM NOM Can youbethe fastest to finish all the foods at every stage? LET'S RACE!
Fishing Race
⭐⭐Welcome to Fishing Race, the most relaxing game ever! Getreadyfor the world’s craziest fishing racing simulator⭐⭐ Collectfoodfor fish, go fishing and be the first one to get on a boat.Don'tlet others bump you and be the first one to get on the boat.Besmart and take fast shortcuts to outplay your opponents. Themorelevels you complete, more challenging level you'll face inFishingRace! HOW TO PLAY: ⭐Drag your finger to move ⭐Collect fishfood ⭐Gofishing ⭐Get on the boat MAIN FEATURES: ⭐Lively 3D design⭐Over 20+skin of characters and rods ⭐Simple game-play and 1-handcontrol ⭐Multi-player game ⭐ Play anytime and anywhere Let us bringyou yourbest relaxing time!
Red Bounce Ball Heroes 1.43
Red Bounce Ball Heroes is one of the most interesting bouncingballgames. With the simple control and challenging adventures,Redbounce ball has been beautifully designed for players with allagegroups. Roll, jump, and bounce the roller ball through amechanicalwasteland, the player needs to ensure that the movingball does nothit the square shapes and Circles. ⭐HOW TO PLAY - Useright andleft button to roll the ball - Use up button to jump ball- Collectcoin as many as possible ⭐FEATURE - Smooth control - NewGraphics,effects and sounds - New Skins
Catch The Flag
Players are put into a ring to find out who is the fastest.Findflags all over the field and bring it to the flag point.
Bigger.io: Imposter vs Zombie - Imposter Move.io 0.0.6
Bigger.io: Imposter vs Zombie - Space battle arena There isanimposter among us, but who is him ? They are all hidden behindtheastronaut suits, and you have to be careful with every one.Then,the only one choice is to battle, and to be the last manstandingon the arena. Find the imposters, attack and destroy them.We cannot travel far to Jupiter if any imposter exist here. That'sverydangerous for us all. And we don't accept any of them -imposters -among us. Who are you ? An imposter or a real astronaut.Join thebattle arena to find out. Imposter Move is a super simplegame,here are some key feature you should know: - Simple move: Dragtomove, release your finger to attack the imposter close inyourrange. - Unlock skins and weapon to suit up - Upgrade skillstofight better in Zombie Crowd City mode. - Fight dangerousimposterin Battle Arena survival mode, unlock new zones, unlockchallengeThe the most trusted hero among us, defeat the imposter.Play thegame Bigger.io: Imposter vs Zombie - Space battle arenanow! Thankyou, ABI GAME STUDIO
Fish.IO - Hungry Fish 1.1.0
Join the war of narwhale to become the King of Fish and winincompetition. Let's the Fish go! Fish.io - Hungry Fish is a freeiogame where you play as a deadly baby shark with a blade. Joinamultiplayer arena of fish equipped with lovely yet fatal tusksandhunt down your share of prey while avoiding the sharp endofanother player’s blade. Collect the fish head like trophies,eatsushi for boosts, and dominate the sea and become the king ofthesea. 🐳 How to Play: Eat food to gain boosts and a higherscore.Eliminate other fish by attacking from the side and behind.Eachkill collect fish head to your blade. Collect 3 heads toupgrade tomedium blade. Collect 5 head to upgrade to giant blade.🐳FEATURING: Many kind of fish: Baby shark, whale,piranha,clownfish, glob fish, narwhale, golden fish and turtle. 3kinds ofupgradable blade: Katana, trident, lazer blade. Beautifuloceanworld with deadly fish. IO gameplay where you combat withplayersaround the world.
Rescue Plan
⭐The bad guys want to tease and attack a girl. The boy isdeterminedto rescue her and he has to face of many dangers,challenges, anddifficulties. You need to think about the best wayto attack the badguys and become a hero to rescue the girl! Willhe be able to savethe girl? It all depends on you! ⭐HOW TO PLAY:1. Choose where toattack 2. Choose the order to attack 3. Completeyour challenge -the characters proceed to the next level 4. Get itwrong - and it'sgame over for you ⭐GAME FEATURES: - Tons of trickypuzzles withquirky solutions - Addicting scenarios - Surprisingresult - Simplebut tricky. - Fun brain rescue game. - Playanywhere, anytime -Graphics, sound, effects will make you unableto stop playing Rescueplan is a brain-burning high IQ rescue game.Each level presents youwith multiple choices that make your brainwork. Download the gameand challenge it now!
Mr. Ben: Stickman Story
Mr. Ben, an excellent intelligence officer in MI6, was assigned toadangerous rescue mission. After accomplishing, little does heknowthat his enemy has a vengeance plan for him. Theimpossiblemissions, the thrills, the raveled situations, all arepacked inMr. Ben: Stickman Story, ready for you to solve! In therole of Mr.Ben, you will have to make decisions to rescue the PrimeMinister;escape from the notorious criminal organization, RedSkull; wipeout all terrorists and save the world. It’s seeminglysimple topick an answer but get it wrong and the game is over foryou!TRICKY SCENARIOS. Various knotty challenges and puzzleswaitingahead so prep yourself up to make wise choices! SURPRISEELEMENTS.This game is full of surprises. If the answer seems tooobvious,think again! Don’t get fooled because it may not be what itlookslike. AMAZING GRAPHICS. Eye-catching 2D graphicsguaranteesenjoyable gaming experience. ADDICTING GAMEPLAY. We makesure youcan’t get enough of these brain teasers. Once you start,you willalways come back for more. Whether you are a fan ofpuzzles, wordgames, trivia games, brain teasers, or just here tohave a goodtime, we’ve got you covered. Help Mr. Ben solve all theproblemsand finish his rescue mission. Download and enjoy now!
Octopus Games - K Challenges
Octopus Games - K Challenges We all have childhood games whichweplayed in the past. Do you remember: Red light Green light,Candyseparation, Pull the rope, Up and Down ... Now, all the gamesarebrought to mobile. In this game, you will join a survival biggamesOctopus Game - K Challenges. Start with hundreds players,round byround, you all play the challenges together. Who is failedwill beremove from the game. Who will survive till the end ? Playthe gamenow and see how good you could be. Download the OctopusGames - KChallenges now!
Brain Puzzle - Tricky Test 0.0.4
Welcome to Brain Puzzle - Tricky Test - top fun thinking andbrainup games! Many tricky and funny puzzles are waiting for you.Youhave entered a funny world that can make your mind explode andfreefrom common frameworks! Let's test your brain with Brain Up! 👌🧠Squid Challenge, Tricky Test is an addictive free trickypuzzlegame with a series of tricky brain teasers and differentriddlestesting challenge your mind😝. It evaluates your logicalthinkability, reflexes, accuracy, memory and creativity. Do notanswerthe quests ❌ in the ordinary way if you don’t want to betricked.The solution subverts normal thinking is the mostinteresting thingin this trivia game. We bring you a different gameexperience withcreative thinking and absurd solution. 🕵️ GAMEFEATURES ⚈Absolutely unimagined gameplay ⚈ Easy and simple buthumorous gameprocess ⚈ Funny sound and witty game effects ⚈Unexpected gameanswers 🍀How to play🍀 The game rules are verysimple. You just needto use your finger to touch, click, swipe, oreven shake your phoneto find the right answer. It may be a questionof findingdifferences, hiding objects, word finders and other mindgames...The answer will probably surprise you! The puzzles will bearrangedfrom very easy to very difficult. Please calm down topass!Thinking games allow people to practice their mental andcognitiveskills, improve their memory and keep them running forfree. Nomatter your age, you can play this Brain Puzzle : TrickyBrainTeasers and train your brain to function better. Download theFREEbrain game on your device NOW and get started!