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Alchemist - All of the alchemy 1.41
Alchemist - Element Combination Game
Infinite number 1.2
The number of infinite Where is the end of the number?
Tap Tap + 1 - Numbers Puzzle 1.45
The more you enjoy the evil puzzle game. Personal Trainer of BrainDevelopment!!
Mine Sweeper - New Master 1.9
How to 1. Click on an unopened cell. Open the cell. 2. Whenyouclick on the bomb, your stamina is reduced and when thestaminareaches 0, the game ends. 3. If you clicked a cell that isnot abomb, the number is displayed. The number indicates the numberofbombs located around the clicked cell. 4. Use the numeric cellstodetect nearby bombs and place flags on cells that are expectedtobe bombs. 5. If you find all cells that are not bombs, thegamewins. 6. Once the flags are installed on the flags onceinstalled,the flags disappear. 7. Once opened cells are notselected (theflags are not open cells). Function 1. You can selectthe griddirectly. (Selectable from 8x8 to 40x40 grid) 2. You canchooseyour own difficulty level. (You can choose 5 difficultylevels foreach grid.) 3. Record Highest (save your highest recordlocally) 4.Watch video ads to get hints. 5. Each game provides 3stamina, 3hints. 6. Stamina is reduced by 1 when you launch a bomb.When thehealth reaches 0, the game ends. 7. You can be resurrectedwhen yousee a video ad with zero health (unlimited). 8. The gameyou areplaying can be saved and connected.
Math Master 1.4
2048 Evolution, Alchemist, Tap Tap +1 followed by AA Games'snewGame !! Mater of Math!! Enjoy brains and wits against theworld'susers. ===== How to play ===== 1. Solve simple calculations.2.Find the number of results, the highest number of results, andthelowest number of results. 3. I have time limit. You must selecttheanswer within the time limit. 4. You can reach 50 steps. Checkhowmuch time it takes up to 50 steps.
Warrior Straight - Idle RPG 1.57
The supreme of the idle RPG game, the warrior is only goingstraight ahead.
Onet Blitz - Delicious Dessert 1.15
Onet Blitz (Delicious Dessert), full of sweet desserts anddelicious food
Master of Sudoku 1.21
It is the amazing Sudoku game. You can enjoy various difficulties.
Drop Puzzle - Slide Block 1.14
Enhancement Drop Puzzle - Slide Block Puzzle