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Gnomes Garden 2: The Queen of 1.2
Gnomes Garden: The Queen of Trolls – the gnome princess’s journeycontinues!
Gnomes Garden 3: The Thief of 1.2
Gnomes Garden - a fantasy strategy about the world of castles,royals, clans
Gnomes Garden 5: Halloween 1.0
Gnomes Garden: Halloween — get ready for mysterious adventures!
Lost Artifact 4: Time machine (free-to-play) 1.1
A mysterious villain is using a time machine to destroyeverythingin his path. He wants to return the Priest, the King ofAtlantisand the Ancient Emperor so he can use them to create a newworldorder! Claire and her friends must find out who the villain isandstop him and all his minions. Hurry, let's go on a journey! Goon ajourney across a world full of extinct creatures andfantastictechnologies in the exciting casual strategy LostArtifacts. Manyvaried quests, over 50 levels, a fun storyline,simple and excitinggameplay, and a fantasy world – all this awaitsyou right now!Create portals, restore epic buildings, seek outextinct animals,overcome challenges and manage resources. Simplecontrols and aclear tutorial will help you easily learn the basicsof the game.Lost Artifacts – Fix time paradoxes!! -A world full ofextinctcreatures and fantasy technologies – energy generators,portals andthe Sands of Time will help you find and stop thevillains! -A funplot, colorful comics and memorable characters! -Amultitude ofvaried quests that you've never seen before. -Over 40uniquelevels. -Dangerous enemies: Skeletons, mammoths, seamonsters,drones, and dinosaurs. -4 inimitable locations: rockymountains,endless deserts, impassible jungles and valleys ofeternal snow.-Useful bonuses: speed up time, stop time, run fast.-Simplecontrols and an easy to understand tutorial. -More than 20hours ofexciting gameplay for any age. -Nice themed music.
Lost Artifacts: Golden Island 2.20
Lost Artifacts Golden Island is an unforgettable adventure
Lost Artifacts 5: Ice Queen 1.8
Save the world from a new Ice Age!
Roads of Time 1 1.9
Roads of Time is a fun strategy game about adventure and historicaldiscoveries!
Royal Roads 1 (free-to-play) 1.4
Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away, where magic livessideby side with reality, lived princess Layna. Her kingdom wasaslarge as it was magnificent, where every inhabitant was atpeace,be it a super powerful gnome or tiny little fairy with powerstoturn any boring old day into an unforgettable celebration. Astheprincess grew up, her advisors managed the kingdom before shecameof age and was allowed to take the throne. Everyone knew oftheyoung heiress' beauty and splendor, but unfortunately, Laynawasuninterested in the lives of her future subjects. She spentherdays in worry-free joy, blissfully unaware of the responsibilityofher future position. Finally her special day arrived! Nowhereinthe kingdom was a single girl more stunning and exuberant thantheprincess, and nobody could imagine something could ever gowrong...The coronation was held in the sun-soaked throne room,music filledthe air, and gallantly dressed members of the courtgreeted theirfuture queen with smiling faces. It was as if in afairytale dream,pure joy sent the princess' head spinning, and shecould hardlywait till she finally felt the weight of the crown uponher head.Then suddenly, the music stopped... Someone was flyingthrough thecrowd to the center of the room. Moments later,frightened to hercore, Layna sees a witch before her. She had noidea what was goingon. She couldn't even move a finger, almost asif she were under aspell. The uninvited guest's voice broke thedeafening silence:"You, who calls themselves the rightful heir tothe throne, are youtruly prepared to rule the kingdom and answerfor the fate of yoursimple subjects?! You live in a world ofluxury, have never knowngreif, and at any moment hundreds ofhypocritical smiles are readyat your beck and call to bringwhatever you so desire on a silverplatter... Well then, so it shallbe that no spoiled brat shallever rule us!" The witch flicked herwrist and a bright lightflooded every inch of the throne room.Layna shut her eyes tight,and the floor disappeared... When theprincess opened her eyes, shefound herself on a haystack surroundedby endless fields instead ofroyal walls. A young man and hisgrandfather came rushing out ofthe nearby house to help her, butneither recognized the young girlas the future queen. Once Laynarealized the evil witch's curseclouded the minds of her people, sheresolved to hunt her down andprove she deserved to rule thekingdom! Find out if the princessever manages to break the evilcurse, or if the memory of princessLayna is destined to be foreverforgotten! Get ready for: - Funfantasy locations - 100 excitinglevels with varying difficulty -Unforgettable characters - Gameplayfor any age
Lost Artifacts 5: Ice Queen 1.0
Save the world from a new Ice Age!
Roads of time 1 (free-to-play) 1.0
A time travel adventure gone wrong! Brian and P.E.T. are thrownback in time after a miscalculation to the era of pharaohs inAncient Egypt! Evil Anubis and his minions are terrorizing thepeople. Without a second thought, Brian and P.E.T. charge forwardto stop the evil pharaoh’s plots! Get ready for a wild adventureacross ancient Egypt full of ancient relics and mysteriousartifacts. Roads of Time is the exciting casual strategy gameyou’ve been waiting for! Tons of different tasks, more than 40levels, a fun plot, simple and exciting gameplay, and a hugefantasy world… What more could you want! Hunt for treasure, restorehistoric monuments, look for mysterious artifacts, fight Anubis’evil henchmen, battle to the end and manage your resources. Simplecontrols and a clear tutorial will help you dive right into thegame! Roads of Time — save time from collapse!! -A fantasy worldfull of mythical creatures and ancient artifacts, from totems andhyroglifics to pyramids, to help you uncover the secret of Anubis-A fun plot with cool comics and unforgettable characters! -Tons ofdifferent tasks you’ve never seen before -40+ unique levels-Dangerous enemies: Anubis’ henchmen, warrior animals, anddangerous scarabs -4 fun locations: Ocean beaches, lush valleys,mystical oases and the hot savannah -Helpful bonuses: Walk and workspeed boosts, building upgrades, treasure hunts and time travel-Simple controls and a clear tutorial -More than 20 hours of fungameplay for any age -Awesome music and sounds
Gnomes Garden 6: The Lost King 1.0
Gnomes Garden: The Lost King – a fun fantasy strategy game in agnome world.
Lost Artifacts 4: Time Machine 3.3
Lost Artifacts: Time Machine is an unforgettable adventure!
Gnomes Garden 5: Halloween 1.0
Gnomes Garden: Halloween — get ready for mysterious adventures!
Lost Artifacts 3: Soulstone 1.9
Lost Artifacts: Soulstone is an unforgettable adventure
Gnomes Garden 7: Christmas sto 1.0
Gnomes Garden: Christmas Story – exciting adventures await!
Royal Roads 1 1.0
An exciting journey through a fairytale kingdom.
DayD: Through time 1.0.5
Brian, an outstanding (though some may say eccentric!)scientist,invented a time machine that sent him hurtling into thepast! Butforget about a leisurely stroll through the land of thedinosaurs:his old friend Doctor Awful is already there waiting! Heinventedhis own time machine before Brian and has already managedto runamock in the past! Your mission, should you choose to acceptit, isto help Brian stop Doctor Awful in an adventure full ofmystery,research, and of course, time travel. All that and moreawaits inthis exciting science fiction adventure thrillride! 50uniquelevels, tons of different objectives, super cool settings anda funand engaging plot are yours to explore now. Constructbuildings,tame dinosaurs, manage resources and build otherawesomestructures. Simple controls and smooth game mechanics willhelp youget going in no time. But if you still don't understandsomething,you can always use the Help menu. DayD: Through time isan excitingadventure through the dinosaur era! - A unique worldwith elementsof both the past and future - A funny plot withinterestingcharacters that reads like a comic - Tons of uniqueobjectives -Get to know different dinosaurs: pterodactyls,t-rexes,triceratopses and others. - All sorts of differentlocations -Crucial bonuses: fast build, accelerated run, slow downtime. -Easy controls and a clear tutorial. - Over 20 hours ofcustom gamecontent for players of all ages. - A special soundtrack
Crown of the Empire 1 1.1
Crown of the Empire: fun adventures await!
Crown of the Empire 1 1.0
Crown of the Empire: fun adventures await!
Gnomes Garden 6: The Lost King 1.0
Gnomes Garden: Where's the King? – a fun fantasy strategy game in agnome world.
Roads of Time 2: Odyssey 1.0
Roads of Time is an exciting adventure!
Gnomes Garden 7: Christmas 1.0
Gnomes Garden: Christmas Story – exciting adventures await!
DayD: Through time 1.0
DayD: Through time is an exciting adventure through the dinosaurera!
Crown of the Empire 2: Around 1.1
Crown of the Empire: the queen needs your help!
Royal Roads 2: The Magic Box 1.0
A fascinating story about traveling along the kingdom’s roads.
Crown of the Empire 2 1.0
Crown of the Empire: the queen needs your help!
Roads of Time 2: Odyssey 1.0
Roads of Time is an exciting adventure!
Alien Shooter 2- The Legend 2.5.7
Legendary game, now on mobile devices!
Gnomes Garden 1.4
Help the princess save the gardens and make the king better again.
Garden City 1.0
Garden City — transform an old manor into a park!
Rainbow Pixel 1.0
Rainbow Pixel is a puzzle game with 120 colorful high-qualityimages
Royal Roads 2: The Magic Box 1.0
A fascinating story about traveling along the kingdom’s roads.
Argonauts 4: Glove of Midas 1.0.10
Get the Midas Glove for Pelias! Meet the magic of the Midas glove!
Argonauts 5: Captive of Circe 1.0.6
Find out why the villain is a victim herself!
Argonauts 6: Missing Daughter 1.0.4
Find out who the goddess’s beloved daughter has been hanging outwith!
Gnomes Garden 8 1.0
Gnomes Garden Return of the Queen — adventures await!
New Lands 1 1.3
Grow wheat, build mills and mines and become a successfullandowner.
New Lands 2 1.3
Grow cocoa beans, apples and sugarcane. Be the best and win thecontest!
New Lands 3 1.3
Gather seashells and tropical fruit! Develop the resort in the nearlands!
Royal Roads 3: Portal 1.0.1
The Kingdom Roads adventures continue!
Elven Rivers 1 1.0.16
Sometimes it feels like the days of elven glory are already inthepast.