4 Tech Solutions Apps

OCR Text Scanner - Image to Text : OCR
Just scan an image, convert it into Text form and make your workeasy by OCR.
QR & Barcode Scanner - QR Code Reader
Quickly Scan or Generate QR, URL/Call/WiFi/Maps etc using latest2020 app
Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphones Simulator 1.1.8
by using this simulator detect hidden cameras and microphonesyoucan easily detect potential hidden camera and microphones.itisalso a surveillance device detector which is used todetectpotential cameras microphones bug. Spy cameras scanner aresocommon these days that they are hidden in clocks, watches,teddybears, remotes and key chains. The Detect Hidden CamerasandMicrophones uses magnetometer sensor present in android phone.Allthe Camera and Microphones have their magnetic field. Thesecamerasand microphones can be detected by even when they are turnedoffscanner. If you are mostly staying in public places or youthinkthere is someone spying on you, we have got the best solutionforyou. This Detect Bugs-Detect Hidden Cameras and Microphonesallowsyou to detect potential hidden cameras and microphones inyoursurroundings. Features :- Detect Hidden Cameras andMicrophonesSimulator Detect Camera Detect Microphones and bugDetect SpyCamera,Microphone Detect Bugs Detect Hidden Cameras ShareDetectHidden Cameras and Microphones in your circle
Barcode Reader: Barcode Scanner- QR Code Scanner 1.3.13
Barcode Reader and qr code scanner is extremely easy to use;simplypoint to qr image or qr scanner you want to scan and appwillautomatically detect and scan it. No need to press anybuttons,take photos or adjust zoom. barcode scanner can scan andread allqr / barcode types including text, url, ISBN, product,contact,calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats.After scanand automatic decoding user is provided with only therelevantoptions for individual qr or barcode type and can takeappropriateaction. You can even use qr code reader to scan coupons/ couponcodes to receive discounts and save some money.HighlightedFeatures: ∼ Scan Barcode through qr code scanner ∼Generate Barcodeand qr code ∼ scanner for encrypted qr images ∼barcode readerdetects qr code ∼ Generate encrypted qr /Barcode ∼Secure yourqr/Barcode with password ∼ Use as barcode scanner ∼ Useas qr codescanner ∼ Use as image scanner ∼ barcode scanner ∼ Use asbarcodegenerator ∼ barcode generator Give us your feedback aboutbarcodeand qr code scanner in our inbox. We will surely listen toyou!Enjoy Scanning! key features barcode reader , qr code reader ,qrcode scanner.
Metal Detector
it detects Metal through it's sensor magnetometer sensor.
Don't Touch My Phone : Anti Theft Alarm
Never thought of touching my mobile phone without my permission.itwill Alarm.
Age Calculator - Find My Age
find you age how much you live even in seconds with our best AgeCalculator app
Hidden IR Camera Detector
Now Save your self and Family from being spying. Use Hidden IRCamera Detector.
Buzzer - Family Feud Game Show
FINALLY, a buzzer to really ramp up the action! Try it Once.
Microphone Detector - Listening Devices Detector
Microphone Detector detects hidden microphones,bugs and listeningdevices.