30 Years Apps

肉包子打狗 1.2
30 Years
看到狗狗吃東西時歡樂,總令人感到滿足的喜悅。點擊螢幕畫面任何地方,畫面下方的發射台會發射包子,包子飛到飢餓的狗狗前方時會被吃掉,狗狗只會吃包子喔!當狗狗吃飽後就會回到溫暖的狗窩中,這時包子打到狗窩會反彈到推動平台中,可以再將狗狗吃不下的包子回收起來,當狗狗回到狗窩時旋轉木馬台上的香菇吃角子老虎機會隨機發送獎勵,最高獎勵有600個包子,還有麵包、波羅和漢堡輔助道具,收集到一定數量後,可以啟動下方按鈕,幫忙收集包子,麵包的功能可以讓兩側的石牆上下移動,波羅的功能可以讓兩側的石牆完全升起,漢堡的功能可以讓中間的推動平台一次堆到底一次掃光所有檯面上的道具。Happy to see the dogswhen eating,It is the joy of always satisfied.Click anywhere on the screen picture,Launch pad bottom of the screen will launch buns,When hungry dog ​​buns flew ahead will be eaten,Dogs only bun Oh!When the dog will return to eat in the warm kennel,Then hit the doghouse buns will rebound to push the platform,You can then eat dog buns recycling upWhen the dog back to the kennel when the carousel slot mushroomsstage random chance to send reward,There are 600 buns highest award, as well as bread, Baltic andHamburg props,After collecting a certain number, you can start the button below,to help collect buns,Bread function allows moving up and down both sides of the stonewalls,Baltic feature allows fully raised stone walls on both sides,Hamburg feature allows the platform to promote a heap in the middleof a sweep of light in the end of all table props.
Mech War 1.3
30 Years
Science fiction world is full of longing toenter the cockpit armor,Operational powerful force operating experience in reality noexperience,Faced with a steady stream of attack from the monster, expand thefirepower to attack,With the development of the fighting, and constantly improve theirown armed equipment levels,Stick to their positions in the world full of war.After the game starts, the mechanical monster will attack came asteady stream,Must arrive at the monster attack range, click around sixguns,Then click on the monster locked attack.After the knockdown monster get the medal and score,Guns can fire through the interface upgrade skills,Upgrades are attack, attack speed and complementary skills,Guns complementary skills different, there repel monsters, rangeattacks and retarder monsters and other functions,Competition among the highest score through mutual friends canGoole + ranking.
牛仔大冒險 1.2
30 Years
牛仔,一群充滿熱情無畏的開拓者,充滿冒險和吃苦耐勞的精神,在這個大世界的城市中往無止境的未來奔跑,路途中充滿的難關和挫折,關關難過關關過,用大無限的勇氣面對未來,跌倒了只要站起來就好,過程中總會有所收穫。遊戲一開始會進入倒數階段,倒數到0牛仔就會開始奔跑,只要滑動螢幕,就可以控制牛仔角色跳躍和左右移動,奔跑的道路上有卡車、路障、禁止通行、金幣等物件,卡車如果有階梯牛仔會自動爬上去,遇到路障則需往上跳躍即可,但遇到禁止通行就要趕快繞道了,一路上有需多金幣是獲得分數的最主要來源。Cowboys, a groupofpassionate and fearless pioneers,Full of the spirit of adventure and hard-working,Endless future to run in this big world cities,The road is full of difficulties and setbacks,OFF OFF OFF OFF sad too, face the future with a largeunlimitedcourage,Just stand up and fall like,The process will always be harvested.The game will start the countdown stage,Cowboys will begin the countdown to zero run,Just slide the screen,You can control the cowboy character jump and move around,There are trucks, barricades on the run on the road, closedtotraffic, coins and other objects,If the ladder truck Cowboys will automatically climb,You need to jump up to encounter roadblocks,But when the ban is necessary to quickly pass the traffic,Along the way, there is the need to get more gold is themostimportant source of scores.