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We are releasing an app that measures data transmission!

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    Data traffic amount checker
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    UNITED, Inc.
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  • 1.0.2 (4)
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    Publish Date: 2015 /12/12
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 9.0 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API: 21)
    File Sha1: 99ad8a7311043097bb2c03cfc4ef73d28308b7c7
    APK Signature: 8ae3fdf739b9379bb60424a76621b11d762c8cea

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ビールiQ APK
Beer Trivia for adults was not likely!
しげおと学ぼうエネルギー APK
Learn about energy with Shigeo hero!
Match Number APK
The calculated while nervous breakdown! Even doing alone, evendoing with my friends, activate the brain!
めぐトロ -AndroidWearでメトロの時刻表をチェック APK
モテ度UP★恋愛力診断 APK
AppStore lifestyle category first place won the popular app! Thelong-awaited Android version appeared! !
常見の就活ノック100+α 1.0 APK
就活をメインテーマに活躍する、人材コンサルタント・常見陽平が就活生に対して、今すぐ取り組みたいポイント・気を付けたいポイントをジャンル別に計100個を伝授!単なるノウハウではなく、物事の本質を見極め、今なすべきことを熱く語ります。自習モードでは100個のポイントをジャンル別に確認。ノックモードでは常見陽平自身がバットを振りノックをします。飛んできた球を取って、ポイントを1つ1つ復習。全球こぼさずキャッチした人は、特別なアドバイスがもらえます!【常見陽平(つねみ・ようへい)について】<人材コンサルタント>株式会社クオリティ・オブ・ライフチーフ・プランナー、実践女子大学非常勤講師(キャリアプランニングを担当)。北海道札幌市出身。一橋大学卒業後、就職氷河期時代の就活を経て、株式会社リクルート入社。とらばーゆ編集部などに在籍。玩具メーカーに移り、新卒採用を担当。2009年人材コンサルティング会社株式会社クオリティ・オブ・ライフに参加。就活、若手人材育成をメインテーマに年間70回を超える講演や執筆、研究・調査、コンサルティングなどに活躍中。著書に『くたばれ!就職氷河期』(角川SSC新書)『絶対にやってはいけない!負ける面接100』(マガジンハウス)、『就活難民にならないための大学生活30のルール』(主婦の友社)等【対応バージョン】Android2.1以上【動作確認済機種】LYNX 3D SH-03C(Android 2.1)、GALAXY S SC-02B(Android 2.2)、GALAXY SII SC-02C(Android 2.3) 、HTC desire X06HT(Android 2.2) 、AQUOS PHONEIS11SH(Android 2.3)、REGZA Phone IS04(Android 2.1)、IS03(Android 2.1)検索用キーワード-----------------------------------就活/就職活動/新卒/内定Active in the main themeof hunting, Yohei Tsunemi consultant for raw talent hunting,Teach a total of 100 points by genre point I want to be careful whowants to work now!Rather than mere knowledge, assess the nature of things,enthuses that needs to be done now.Self-study mode is confirmed by genre point of 100.Yohei himself by knocking mode Tsunemi pretend to knock the bat.Take the ball flew, I review one by one point.Who caught the whole ball without spilling, you will receive aspecial advice![About (Yohei-Tsunemi) Tsunemi Yohei](Responsible for career planning) Quality of Life, Inc., ChiefPlanner, part-time lecturer at Jissen Women's University. Born inSapporo, Hokkaido. After graduating from Hitotsubashi University,through the hunting of employment ice age era, Recruit Co., Ltd.joined. Enrolled in such Torabayu editorial department. Moved tothe toy maker, responsible for the hiring of new graduates.Participating in the Quality of Life Human Resources ConsultingCompany Ltd. 2009. Active in writing speeches and more than 70times per year to the main theme, and survey research, andconsulting to job hunting, a young human resourcedevelopment.Author of "employment ice age! Kutabare" (Kadokawa ShinshoSSC)"Do not do it to! Lose 100 interview" (Magazine House),"Rule of 30 college life for refugees not be job hunting, etc."(Shufunotomosha)[Compatible version]Android2.1 or more[Verified] modelLYNX 3D SH-03C (Android 2.1), GALAXY S SC-02B (Android 2.2), GALAXYS II SC-02C (Android 2.3), HTC desire X06HT (Android 2.2), AQUOSPHONE IS11SH (Android 2.3), REGZA Phone IS04 (Android 2.1), IS03 (Android 2.1)----------------------------------- Keyword for searchProspective / graduate / job hunting / job hunting