/ September 12, 2021
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Cubeology is a 3D picture cube matching puzzle game in whichyouselect pairs of cubes with matching designs. When you matchtwocubes with the same design they are removed, and youcontinuematching two cubes at a time until all the cubes are gone,eitherfor points or against the clock. It has 6 differentgamevariations, which can be played in either a cube layout or aspherelayout, with either free or fixed rotation, making for 18gamevariations in total, from relaxed 'play at your own pace' tonailbiting against the clock game types. It has separate GooglePlayleaderboards for each of the 6 different game types, plusaleaderboard of the top artifact bonus scores and has arollingdisplay of the weekly best time or score for each of thedifferentgame types. Competition is fierce to stay on top eachweek.Colourful graphics, catchy soundtrack and addictive gameplaymakethis a fun puzzle game that you keep coming back to timeaftertime. Includes a zoom function to make it easier to play onsmallerdevices. Artifact collection system. Upon successfulcompletion ofgames you have a chance to gain gold, artifactfragments or wholeartifacts. Collected artifacts are stored in yourartifactcompendium and give a bonus to your score when you matchcubes withthe same design as the artifact. The more your collectiongrows thegreater the potential score bonus. You can also collectgold andartifact fragments, which you can trade for any artifactsyou aremissing from your collection. Some artifacts give a greaterbonusscore than others (but have a greater gold and fragmentscost), andcollecting multiples of the same artifact will furtherincrease thebonus it gives. Standard Game ---------------------Remove cubes bymatching pairs of same coloured cubes until thereare none left.Earn extra points by matching multiple pairs in quicksuccession.No time limit. Your score in this game can be increasedbycollecting artifacts. Timed Game ---------------- Select pairsofmatching cubes until there are none left. Initially there is a15minute time limit in which to finish the cube. The timelimitdecreases by 5% every time you successfully complete a game,or itincreases by 5% if you fail to complete the game in time.SpeedCube --------------- A fast paced game with a smaller 3x3cubeblock and a 30 second time limit. How quickly can you clearthecubes, quick thinking and fast reactions will be required totopthe leaderboard. Holder of the weekly best score is displayedonmain menu. Cube Builder ---------------- The idea of this gameisdifferent in that you start off with just a few cubes and moreareadded as time goes by. The rate that cubes are added increasesastime passes and the game is over when the block is fullyrebuilt.Your goal in this game is to keep the block from beingcompleted aslong as possible and in doing so earn as many points asyou can. Asin the standard game extra points are awarded formatching pairs inquick succession. Your score in this game can beincreased bycollecting artifacts. Picture Search------------------- This is amemory version of the standard game,in which all the designs arehidden and are only revealed when youclick on the cubes. If youselect two cubes that match they areremoved as usual, otherwisethe pictures are hidden again. Yourscore in this game can beincreased by collecting artifacts.MatchIt! ----------- With thisversion of the game you have to findand select two cubes that havethe same design as shown at the leftof the screen. You have alimited time to find them and if you runout of time you will lose10% of your current score, and you will bepresented with anotherdesign to find. You can use the PASS buttonat the top of thescreen to skip any that you are struggling to findwithout losingany score, but you only have 5 passes.

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