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When you look out the window, what do you see? Colors and shapes,green trees, square windows, a whole world of things to identify!Colors and Shapes is a fun and educational game for preschoolchildren that helps teach object matching and color recognitionskills. It's a beautiful world out there. Help your children learnto recognize and draw it! Color and Shape focuses on basic tracing,matching, and building skills kindergarten kids need to train. Itfeatures a number of unique mini-games designed to increase achild's ability to recognize and match shapes, identify and pair upcolours, and even solve puzzles through simple touch screeninteractions. It's incredibly easy to use and provides a funlearning environment kids will love. Colors and Shapes includes thefollowing mini-games: 1. Painting - Kids love colouring games! Fillin the blank objects with all kinds of fun paint, then identify theobjects one by one. A fun way for children to recognize colours andshapes. 2. Collecting - A fun and challenging game where childrentap the correct colored objects and gather them in a basket! 3.Look-alikes - Match up the different items by picking the ones withthe same colour. A challenging but fun way to learn colours anddrawing skills. 4. Matching - Outlines are at the top of thescreen, and a handful of shapes are at the bottom. Challenge yourkids to match them up! 5. Tracing - Help your kids trace shapes byfollowing the outline on the screen. Great for teaching shapepatterns and recognition. 6. Building - Drag and drop animatedpieces on the screen to create a shape in the middle. Colors &Shapes - Learn Coloring For Toddler Kids is a great learningexperience for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, andchildren of all ages. Parents will appreciate the customizabledifficulty settings. Kids will have a great time learning torecognize different colors and shapes, completing all of themini-games, and earning sticker rewards! Best of all, Colors andShapes is absolutely free! No annoying third party ads, no in-apppurchases, just pure educational fun for you and your family. Noteto Parents: When creating Colors and Shapes, we wanted to createthe most entertaining and educational game possible for bothparents and their children. We're parents ourselves, and we knowhow frustrating intrusive third party ads and in-app purchases canbe. That's why we decided to release this game for free. You andyour child can enjoy an uninterrupted learning experience withouthaving to worry about micro-transactions and the like. Just sitdown and start learning. It's exactly the sort of educationalexperience we want for our children, which is why we know yourfamily will love it, too! Best wishes from the parents at RVAppStudios

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    Color Kids: Coloring Games
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    December 15, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    RV AppStudios
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    Requires Android: Android 4.4+ (KitKat, API: 19)
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    Tested on: Android 11 (Red Velvet Cake, API: 30)
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