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50 levels of numerous riddling puzzles are waiting.Unlock all thedoors and lock

App Information Christmas Escape Little Santa

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    Christmas Escape Little Santa
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    HFG - Ena Game Studio
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Escape Mystery Room Adventure - The Dark Fence APK
Welcome to Dark Fence! - Halloween Fantasy World * Set About anastonishing excitement in dark fence. * Are you ready to get out ofthe room game and escape the lock. * Prove that you are goodstalking and solve the baffle and exit the room. Escape from theDarkness, Be careful of the scary black shadows. Then find theghost lighted Pumpkins. You ready to inventory secret in the PanicRoom and find the Hidden objects get out of the room escape. Allthe 30 levels you feel different astonishment thrilling adventuresin feel panic room compare to another play escape! You feel horrorin an Xscape room. Find all the mystery keys with which you canunhitch hatchway otherwise are very difficult to open. It's noteasy to find the hidden keys. Work your brain to solve the puzzlesand exit the room. The dark fence is free to download and playescape games some game items can also purchase in real money. Ifyou are high and dry, you can use the inkling function unhitchsubstantial: puzzels secret information hidden objects. Interactwith the objects in immersive room escape puzzle games. Thrillinghidden objects and inventory-based puzzles. Squeeze into littlestdetails unhitch substantial play escape, secret into hidden breaksand try to escape an Xscape room. STORY : The story of the game isabout a Hell world, in which the Primary hierarchy is decided bythe number of souls each guardian has captured. It is a rule thatno soul should be taken away from a living person. Brongodo is alow-level guardian who sets out to capture souls of living beingsusing dark world magic taught to him by the dark world prince.Using the magic he can capture the souls, leaving behind just alittle spark of life. This will make his actions invisible to hissuperiors. On his evil Journey, Brongodo captures the soul ofRhiannon, The Chief of Heiligen Heofon. His son, Casper, seeking tofind the soul of his father meets the witch mother of the MagicRealm. Rhiannon had once saved the witch mother from the supremerace. Returning the favor, The witch mother assists Casper to findhis father's soul by taking him to other worlds of variousdimensions using her witchcraft. FEATURES : Traverse a differentpanic room and escape the room challenge. 30 Levels of differentdoors to exit the room. Attractive Gameplays. Amazing Animations in2D Graphics. Defy yourself with the amazing puzzles in manydifferent locations. More than 100 unparalleled Puzzles. Findhidden objects and get rewards. Highly performing in Low Memoryusage. Your Fantasy Adventure can't wait anymore. Let's downloadthe game now.....
Room Escape Game - Dusky Moon APK
Dusky Moon is a point and click based escape game withinteractivepuzzles and strategic game-play challenges, spread overthreestory-lines. In the thrilling mystery first part of the game,youneed to step in and find a way to destroy the new King ofHell,before his arrogance destroys the balance of the universe. Intheadventurous second part of the game, You must travel throughtheparallel realms of ghosts, witches and the unknowns in searchofyour friend Sam, who was abducted because of hissupernaturalpowers. Find the secrets of these spectacular worldswhile findingwho took your friend and what are their plans for him.You are on aresearch-expedition in this emotionally charged story.You mustfind the truth about a mysterious person, who lived anddied withan iron mask on his face, in a prison, during the 18thcentury. Doyou wanna get into the real horror in escape games. Justplay andfeel it. Game Features: More than 130 unique puzzles Threeengagingstory-lines Over 50 levels of fantasy and adventurousgame-playMade easily understandable for beginners Havechallenginggame-plays for the pros Earn coins through daily giftsChallengeyourself by completing unique achievements. Check andcompare yourprogress on the leader-board Stuck in Game - Get Help -AnySuggestion about the game, please contact us through belowsocialmedia links. We are ready to help you...Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter:https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Escape Room Fantasy - Reverie APK
Mystery 130 levels fantasy escape game has lots of fun puzzles andriddles.
Christmas Escape Little Santa APK
50 levels of numerous riddling puzzles are waiting.Unlock all thedoors and lock
Room Jail Escape - Prisoners Hero APK
Now we have created the newest game named as Prisoners Hero.Youhave to collect the clues and hints by which you can solvethepuzzle and release the all prisoners. Full of puzzles arewaitingfor you – Let’s try! Be a real hero and make a plan toescape theprison in this survival adventure of jail breakout.Complete yourmission and smash the jail to make it the best everescape.Breaking the chain and discover the hidden object & usethem toopen the lock and release from the prison. Come and playtheprisoner games now with a lot of divergent survival escape planstomake the jail breakout escape. A prisoner can interact withthehidden objects and search clues. Hack the computer to turn offthesecurity. Breaking the rules is more fun than following therules.Prison break out challenge is similar to a highly sensitivePrisonescape task. Empower yourself with all the necessaryequipmentwhile performing the escape plan of jailbreak escape game.The planis to execute for prison jailbreak escape. How survivalmissionescape plan will do jailbreak? The secret mission was tocollectinformation about their clues and break out the actionmission. Useyour mind and hack the highly secured surveillancecamera to turnoff the security alarm. Find your way out from theprison to becomethe Prisoners Hero of the secret mission. Executeyour assignmentcarefully. You can’t escape from your boss and aswell from theguards. In this prisoner game you need to break theprison andsneak around the guards to escape jail. Secret agentshave projectsin their hands. Now with the aim is to execute theplan and breakout the challenge. Use all your spy agent skill tosurvive in thistrained prison. Collect the available things in theprison cellsand solve the mini puzzles to open the lock ups andgather somemoney from the prisoner level. Game Story: A spy whoworks as asecret agent to free the prisoners for money. He receiveshisassignment details from his Boss. At every Level he facesseriousrisks while releasing the prisoner. Even a small mistakecould turnhim into a prisoner. Release all prisoners to becomehero. *100Levels of Puzzle Game. *Use Unique objects to releasethePrisoners. *Overcome Different Kind of Obstacles. *Solve Riddlestosave your clients. *Earn Rewards at each Levels. *Play theMostThrilling Prison Game.
Escape Mystery Room - Survival Mission APK
HFG Hidden Fun Games releasing the new addicting survivalbasedescape game to all the challenge takers. This game is filledwith101 levels and having lots of fun factors. So once try thisgameand feel new kind of escape game experience. Be ready to facethechallenge and definitely you will be busy for the next fewweeks.If you are searching for a good brain challenge escape game?Getready this is the right choice for you. Feel the excitementandthrill in the escape game. Find mystery escape from the island.Useyour survival skills to stay alive on the Island. Try to escapeandbreak out the challenging baffles and collect the puzzle fromtheescape. If you are interested to solve puzzles then don'twaitplease download this game. If you are liking the addictivemysterystory and attractive graphics based games then once trythis. Herehaving 101 levels with multiple twists, so trying tobreak thechallenge and unlock all the doors and rooms. Each roomhaving avariety of objects & eye-catching locations and lots offun.GAME STORY: On a gloomy evening, army flight vega was flyingabovethe island of Japan, unfortunately, the flight engine gotfired. Asa player, you try to land the flight, but lost the controland gotcrashed. Somehow, you landed the flight with huge damage.Find away out of the flight before it gets completely destroyed.You arestranded in the wild, surviving here will not be an easytask.Survive and find a way out of the lost land. Solvecruciatingpuzzles and cross many dangerous places. Fight mutatedanimals, usearmors and shields for protection. Find the resourcesto craftweapons for survival, Welcome to the jungle!! GAMEFEATURES: 🎮Getthe whole game free. 🎮 100 levels to play. 🎮 200puzzles. 🎮Localized in 22 languages. 🎮 Collect energy sources tokeep youalive. 🎮 Puzzle fight. 🎮 Explore new areas. 🎮 Solveinnovativepuzzles. 🎮 Build tents 🎮 Rebuild the vehicles 🎮 Gathertools anditems to aid your search! 🎮 Lots of mini games 🎮 Discoverthetruths 🎮 Exciting Achievements
501 Free New Room Escape Game 2 - unlock door APK
501 Free New Room Escape Games is a combination of point andclicktype classical room escape games of different locations and itisdeveloped and released by HFG Ena Game Studio. What's inside?Eagerto learn what's this room escape game is all about? The maingoalof this room escape game is to break out of the rooms, solvethepuzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use intherooms in order to advance. Get involved in the game andchallengeyourself in this fun, addictive, free, and popular puzzlegame.Observe, Analyze and use your logical skills to escape allthemysterious Room. Try to break all the doors and mysteriouslocksthrough your long memory power. Can you escape all the doors?Canyou escape all the mysterious rooms and doors? Can you escapefromall the fantasy worlds and it's magical shrines? Can youescapefrom the mine-filled war fields? Can you escape from thehorror andgothic abandoned places? If your answer is YES, you cantry ourgame which includes all the flavors of the genres. Get readyforthe most adventurous thrilling journey of your life with the501Room Escape game. Collect the clues and start building the plantoescape the way out. Explore the location carefully andcombinevarious clues to find the way out.! Prove your detectiveskills andinvestigate every scene and object to find the clues. Puton yourlogical hat and solve the various number and letter puzzlesto openthe locks. What's special about 501 Room escape games? Ourescapegame is designed with mystery stories and unique gameplayaddedwith logical brain challenging puzzles. It is suitable for allagegroups and also a family entertainer. If you love tosolvechallenging puzzles then never miss our game. Take Away:Improveyour logical thinking and increase the efficiency to solvepuzzleswith our game. Push out your brain and exercise your mind tosolvethe challenging puzzles. Features: 501 varieties of escaperoomsand themes. Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms! Lotsofchallenging levels Thrilling scenes and hidden cluesInterestingriddles and puzzles It's FREE
Escape Mystery - Brave Hens 4.7 APK
Brave Hens is a free new point-and-click type escape room game. Getready to break the doors and locks, open the brain-teasing puzzles,clear the thrilling plot twist. Witness each level with fun-filledgameplay, logical puzzles, and hidden object scenarios. If you areinto taking up real challenges and enjoy beating them with yourwits, then this game is for you. Feel the real epic escapeadventure journey. If you are an escape game lover then try itonce. Measure your brain memory power by playing this game. Thereare two parts of the story in this game, with 25 levels in each.Elvis Adventure journey: Elvis & Farrah (Hens)lived in a FarmHouse happily with their friends. Due to Poverty, Farm Owner sold50 Hens to an old bear who is the owner of the Butcher Shop alongwith Elvis and Farrah. Elvis and Farrah saw themselves in the cagewhere one of their friends is being killed and roasted. So theydecide to escape from the cage and from the butcher. Their escapejourney starts there with a lot of interesting twists and turns.And in this marvelous journey, they meet interesting characters whohelp them in achieving their task. Farrah's Quest: Elvis woke up tofind the missing Farrah from their farm. With only an identity cardas a clue, Elvis starts to investigate the mystery behind themissing of Farrah. Throughout his journey, Elvis must solve all thetricky puzzles, unlock all the doors and locks and clear thehazards to reach the island where Farrah was taken. So eager tofind who kidnapped Farrah and why? Play the game now and experiencethe plot twists and turns. Game Feature: Addictive 50 Levels Unique140+ Logical Puzzles Immersive Gameplay & engaging storyline.Suitable for all age group Great Brain Teaser Twisted HiddenObjects are waiting Humane Hints are available Filled with lovableCartoonic Characters Free Rewards (Food Packs)