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Addicting 252 room escape games challenge. Can you solve all thepuzzles

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    Can You Escape this 252 Games
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    HFG Entertainments
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75 Levels challenge and prove yourself in escaping scary rooms.
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Santa's Homecoming Escape 4.0 APK
FANTASTIC POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE ESCAPE GAME FROM HFG HIDDEN FUNGAMES FOR ALL THE ESCAPE GAME LOVERS. So enjoy this Christmas andNew Year 2021. The whole world is celebrating Christmas without thepresence of Santa Claus for the past 100 years. What reallyhappened to him? What's the mystery behind his suddendisappearance? Join hands with 'Steve' in this adventurous rescuemission by time traveling from past to the future. Time travel tothe past and mark yourself in history. Enjoy this Christmas withour most exciting point and click escape game. This game speciallymade for all age groups and combined with much more challengingpuzzles. In this festive season, you will take a fun adventurechallenge with your family members by playing this game. Enjoy thisChristmas Santa Party with 90 brain challenging levels. Colorfulhand-painted decorative Christmas and New Year designs. Kids aremost liked this journey and they are try to prove the brainpower.Start countdown for celebrate the Christmas festive. To DecorateChristmas tree for X-mas celebration it brings a happiness andjoyful experience on New Year. Ready to wish merry Christmas toyour door to door magic Santa Claus gift. The snowy Christmas rushfestive is not so far, that brings happiness on every face of thekid as they are really waiting for Santa to come and deliver thegifts. Santa homecoming will entertain you and enhance yourcognitive skills. Discover all the house secrets on Christmas dayby finding the Santa Claus hidden objects under the x-mas tree.Collect all the star pieces to be in hidden objects and by solvingthe Christmas puzzles. Use your skills to find clues and solve theriddle to find stars for the Christmas tree. SPECIAL FEATURES: *Embark on a grand journey against all odds to save your father! *80 tricky and challenging puzzles * Exotic more than 120 locationswith engaging 90 levels * Game translated in more than 25 languages* Step by step hint feature added for easy play * 20 intriguingcharacters with exciting game plots * A time machine – change thehistory to your will * High-end, immersive game play, optimized fortablets and phones!
Escape Room Parallel Mystery 3.6 APK
We are introducing the another interesting adventure mystery roomescape game, so get ready for this new parallel room escape game2021 and enjoy this interesting challenge from beginning to end.Game Story: James is an air force pilot , he is willing to take hiswife for an romantic peaceful trip, but the situation is totallyvice-versa, the TRIP CHANGES INTO TERRIFIC TRAP ,James and Lara gettrapped in the volcano base virus research centre and they enterinto that new parallel world it is so different and beautiful butthe strange worlds are like a fear trap, Finally they escape fromthe parallel world but base people know the real impact of thevirus research, Earth people get affected by the anomalous disease,Our James will protect the world from volcano base by blasting anddestroy the disease by the guilty guidance of base peopleeverything goes wrong in the initial stage but everything happenfor a reason, Suddenly James opens his eyes from the morning dreamsand he realizes this is a dream, but same things happened after hewake, but he cancels the trip and ready to attend the ceremonyfunction. Travel through the different rooms and witness a seriesof mysterious events that led to the greatest discovery in volcanobase virus research center. Use all your wits to find out thescientist. Collect the clues and start building the plan to escapethe way out. All the 35 levels you feel different astonishmentthrilling adventures. Find all the Objects with which you canunhitch hatchway otherwise are very difficult to open. It's noteasy to find hidden objects. You can’t escape the feeling thatthere is hidden secret revolving around the lab. You’re more thanright detective; your puzzle progression is accompanied by anexciting story! The entire puzzle adventure contains several hoursof playtime. Search the rooms for hidden items, find clues, use thelogic and solve brain teaser puzzles, find the keys and escape fromthe room. You have to find a way to escape from there by findinguseful object, hints and solving baffles. Enjoy an hour of mindblending fun! Challenge yourself! Solve the most difficult puzzlesin all different rooms to prove you are adventure loved person.Features: * 35 Challenging Levels with Addictive storyline *Numerous Riddling Puzzles * Hints helpful for next move * RealisticBackground designs * More than 8 Hours Gameplays * Daily gifts andrewards available * Game translated in 25 major languages *Fantastic Mini games & Exquisite Game scenes
Escape Room - Enchanting Tales 3.8 APK
Enjoy your adventure in HFG entertainments escape games and findthe hidden objects, solving quests by completing challenginglevels! There are Four chapters for you to play and all of themhave a nice endings! Each chapter takes place in a different placeand each has different mazes to solve without getting caught.Welcome to the new adventure journey with different chapters oftales. * Each chapter contains a different location and themes. *Set About an amazing excitement in Fantasy horror-based world. *Get ready to get out of the room game and escape the lock. * Provethat you are good at stalking and solve the riddles. Tales only foryou! Enjoy the fascinating scenes, the magnificent graphics, andintuitive game play. Solve all the tales mysteries in just a fewclicks on your mobile phone. - Get ready to find the occult insidethe enchanted castle and you can find many strange to find themysterious object. - Continue the adventure of the Enchanted Talesin this much longer point-and-click style puzzle adventure game.Find clues, solve puzzles, and uncover tools along the way neededto unlock and explore the secret fantasy of the world. - Ready tochallenge your brain? Here's a collection of puzzle escape, horrorroom escape, and brain teasers for you to solve! Prepare yourselffor the thrilling enchanting adventure Xscape games withsuper-challenging levels! Train your brain with a classic escapegame. Finding veiled objects will challenge your searching skillsand boost your thinking skills. If you like the challenge must notmiss it! Try to open all the secret doors to finding hidden objects& Solve the epic puzzles to become the best detective.FEATURES: * 100 Challenging levels waiting for you. * More than 100puzzles. * Amazing graphics and game play. * Game localized in 25major languages * Daily gifts are available * Having step by stephint facility.
Brain Game - Smart Quiz 2.2 APK
HFG Entertainments released the new brain game for all the gameaddicts. Do you want to have fun playing games as well as sharpenyour mind and intellectual skills ?? Kill your time and sharp yourmind smarter and cooler than ever before. Challenge yourselfaddictive puzzle and enhance your knowledge. Sharpen your brain andtest your memory power, mathematical skill ability, concentration.Level by level Increase your mind active, sharpen and increasesyour thinking ability. Delight mind stimulating games but testsyour logical reasoning. It is fully free offline game so that youplay at your leisure time Mind games used to check your numericalreasoning ability and IQ test your mastermind knowledge. Bang-upyour mind with different kinds of features to prove that you are abrainiac person. It's addictive free fun that improves yourthinking knowledge, enhances your reasoning ability, and finds thedifference between pair picture. Follow the pattern solve thelogical reasoning and improve attention to your mind. Aftercompleting each level you get rewards and share options and enjoythe fun math riddles It is suitable for all ages and reflexes yourmind and knowledge, and exercise your brain. Now we release thefirst 100 levels and much more levels are coming soon. Download thegame and start having fun. Features : 100 Brain Sharpening LevelsCompletely Free Fully Offline – No Internet Required Suitable forall age group. Test your skills in innovative and creative braingames Simple and logical reasoning that test your IQ Unlimited FreeGifts
Can You Escape this 252 Games APK
Addicting 252 room escape games challenge. Can you solve all thepuzzles