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Online 2D Platformer Shooter! Battle Royale + Deathmatch with EPICgun physics!

App Information Bullet League - Battle Royale

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    Bullet League - Battle Royale
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    Funday Factory
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Bullet League - Battle Royale APK
Online 2D Platformer Shooter! Battle Royale + Deathmatch with EPICgun physics!
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Collect and construct, dodge and dominate. Realtimemultiplayerbattle against other Bullet League players on a mysticalislandfilled with ancient ruins and wild jungle territory. It’s upto youto gear up for battle and make sure that you are the solesurvivor.Do you have what it takes to slay, survive and standtriumphant?*BULLET LEAGUE FEATURES* - FIRST and BEST Battle Royale2Dplatformer - TEAM UP with a friend or choose to battle againstthem- REAL-TIME multiplayer battleground - SKILL-BASED,gravity-defyinggunplay - UNLOCK the coolest items with the BULLETPASS - TACTICALgameplay hailing different strategies - UNIQUEweapon abilities -HUGE collection of characters to play - SUPPLYDROPS that give youtop-tier weapons - BUILD platforms to escapedangers and trap yourenemies - GRID that closes in to secure afinal showdown - DISCOVERrare items in hidden areas - SURVIVE byall means Bullet Leaguecombines the classic 2D platformer and withaction-packed shootingin a dramatic scenery. The result is afast-paced Battle Royaleexperience developed specifically formobile platforms - with greatcontrols and a fun yet stunning artstyle. 32-player multiplayermatches on a diverse and awesome map.Teleport straight into theaction and get ready for explosive,high-flying battles with allyour favorite weapons - from shotgunsand assault rifles tosnipers, miniguns and bazookas. Get ready tojump, loot, shoot andbattle. Get ready for Bullet League! Chooseyour own path! Whetheryou go head first into the fight or choose aquiet location to loadup on gear, Bullet League encouragesdifferent strategies anddifferent ways to play. Don’t get toocomfortable though... Sooneror later the grid will force you tomove to the other blood-hungrycontestants! The more you play, themore content you will unlock.You can customize your character, youremote reactions, yourgravestone and even the boxes you build! So ifwinning in itselfwasn’t motivational enough for you, how aboutgetting a GoldenToilet Gravestone or a box shaped like a chicken?The Bullet Leaguetournament is divided into seasons via the BulletPass, encouragingplayers to give it their all for short periods oftime to berewarded with the coolest gear for customisation. Shootdown alltangos to claim victory and fly through those Bullet Passranks!Bullet League is all about looting, scooting and shooting -andbeing the best at it. So get out on the battlegrounds and makeaname for yourself! *COMING SOON* DUOS! Team up with a friendandtake on the Bullet League battlefield together! With teams oftwo,the battle becomes even more tactical. Cause adistraction,surround your opponents, or show of those acrobaticgun-shootingabilities to lead your team to the win! FRIENDLY BRAWL!Sometimesfriends deserve to be taken down a notch. Have a privatematch withyour friends and show them who’s boss! Friendly brawlswon’t giveyou XP, but they will definitely put you on top of thepeckingorder. MORE STUFF! Weapons, gravestones, boxes, emotes,characters,and much more. The Bullet League experience willcontinue to getbigger and better throughout the seasons.
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