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Ultimate psychological and iq test to check your aptitude.

App Information Brain test - psy and iq test

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    Brain test - psy and iq test
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    iq test
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Psychological Assessment Test APK
iq test
Learn more about yourself with psychological assessment tests
Aptitude test Personality test APK
iq test
Test yourself with a great collection of personality test games
IQ Test Free 6.0 APK
iq test
Are you ready to test your IQ level with free iq test? This isanexciting application that has collected interesting tasks onlogic,type of thinking and intellectual knowledge. The test wasdevelopedon the basis of the well-known Raven IQ test, which hehasdeveloped in 1936. He can assess the level of intelligence andthedevelopment of logical thinking of a person based on yoursanswers.This isn’t an ordinary test, but a whole exciting game. Youwill beoffered 60 pictures with different tasks that you mustsolve. Forgreater excitement, this test is passed on time. Andimagine howthe adrenaline begins to hit the head when tasks becomemorecomplicated and time becomes less and less. Why do you need toknowyour IQ level? -this is a free test. -for general education.-forfun. Intelligence, as you know, is formed throughout life. Anditdepends on many factors from reading books to your environmentandthe amount of communication and information in life. In themodernworld, interest in tests has grown. Indeed, they are madeclear notonly how clever are people but they are also aninterestingpastime. Thanks to this application, a person isdistracted fromhis routine affairs, relaxes and receives his doseof positive.What awaits you inside: 5 blocks of tasks of varyingdifficulty.Only 60 different pictures. The answer to the question:How smartare you. Iq test free is a simple application that willhelp youspend time fun and very interesting. Let you know how fastyourlogical thinking works. Test your intelligence! Unleashthepotential of your brain with iq test free. And, of course, findoutyour iq level for free. Install the iq test free app and testyourintelligence. Good luck!
Brain Games - improve your brain power 1.2.5 APK
iq test
Brain Games is a fascinating app for people who want toexperiencethe capabilities of their brain. This application willhelp you tospend time not only with fun, but also with benefit.Challengeyourself in a variety of brain games, play every day andimproveyour skills. The Brain games app is an interesting brainsimulator.And consists of different games. Inside are collected: ✔️Memorygames ✔️ Thinking games ✔️ Cognitive games ✔️ Tricky Games ✔️Gamesfor attentiveness Arrange a cognitive brain workout and youwill besurprised at your capability. Play every day and developyourskills. Inside you will also find statistics of your braintrainingand see the achievements of your rivals. Compete and findyourselfat the top of the standings. Why brain games application isuseful:- develops mental abilities, - enhances cognitiveconnections, -expands consciousness, - increases attentiveness, -trains memory,- sets up a thought process. This app is foreveryone. Someone willjust have fun, another one will have tostrain pretty hard to gothrough some levels. But even if you can’tdo it from the firsttime, try exercising regularly and you will seehow brain traininghelps you in everyday life. Our brain needstraining and tasks.This application is a kind of brain food, ittrains memory andhelps to involve in the process. Moreover, insideare collectedgames that have established themselves around theworld. Forexample, since childhood everyone know such games asSchulte Table,Spot the difference, Pair them or Find Matches. Youwill bepleasantly surprised and even shocked when you understandhowsimple games can help to change your life. Especially in themodernworld, when every person has to be multifunctional. Brainworkoutwill teach you to concentrate better. Memory games willimproveyour memory. Cognitive games will help the brain cope withtasksfaster. Thinking games will teach you how to think outside thebox.This app is for you if: ✔️You are forgetful, ✔️You don’t knowhowto do several things at the same time, ✔️The quality of yourworksuffers, ✔️You often fly in the clouds, ✔️You are bored andyouwant to have fun, ✔️You are not afraid of difficulties and liketosolve puzzles. Install Brain Games and start your workoutrightnow.
Brain test - psy and iq test APK
iq test
Ultimate psychological and iq test to check your aptitude.
Brain Training Games APK
iq test
Can you solve them all using your brain? Let's start with funnybrain games!
Wordly - unlimited word game APK
iq test
Challenge the world famous wordly game with unlimited words
Water drink reminder 1.0 APK
iq test
A free application Water drink reminder, that will help youbecomemuch healthier. Everyone in the modern world knows abouttheimportance of water, but only a few remember to drink thedailyrate of water. Some reasons to drink 1.5-2 liters of water perday:1.Water helps to bring the body into shape. 2.Water is a sourceofyouthful skin. 3.Water tones and removes toxins from thebody.4.Water gives energy to your body. 5.Water promotes brainfunction.6.Water strengthens the immune system. 7.Water helpsrelieve stressand relax. The Water drink reminder app take care ofyour body. Youdo not need to remember that you need to drink water.Theapplication will remind you at regular intervals.Conveniently,right? Each organism is unique. And just to drink 2liters of waterin one gulp isn’t good idea. Excess water in thebody removesminerals from the cells and can even lead to bloodthinning.Therefore, the rule: the more is better, isn't the mostsuitable inthis case. And the Water drink reminder applicationfocuses onpersonal indicators, and not just floods you with water.Thecorrect daily water intake is 30 ml per 1 kg of weight.Providedthat you don’t do sports and don’t live in a hot climate. Afewtips: ✔️ Water should be a room temperature. Icy water slowsdownthe metabolic processes in the body. ✔️ Water needs to be drunkinsmall sips. In order not to overload the kidneys. ✔️ Drinkevenlythroughout the day. Otherwise, the body will be stressed. ✔️Drinka glass of water on an empty stomach. This will speed updigestionby 20% and awaken the body. ✔️ Water can be drunk 30minutes beforemeals and 2 hours after. Drinking with food slowsdown thedigestion process. ✔️ You should drink only clean, stillwater.Sparkling water promotes the formation of cellulite. And thetapwater carries nothing but harm. The app will help you keepyourbody toned, maintain your water balance and help you drinktheright amount of water in even portions throughout the day. Andmostimportantly, your parameters will be taken into account.Therefore,the Water drink reminder app is a gentle care for yourhealth.Install the Water drink reminder application right now andtakecare of your health.