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Buy products through Bazrgan app, we’ll deliver it to your doorstepfor free.

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    Jan 7, 2021
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Bazrgan 2.0.6 APK
Buy products through Bazrgan app, we’ll deliver it to your doorstepfor free.
Hazhir Dictionary 1.24 APK
بەپێزترین فەرهەنگی کوردی ــ فارسی ، فارسی ــ کوردی
SmartCity Accounting 1.0.5 APK
Making your accounting reports easier
Bazrgan Scanner 1.2.5 APK
Bazrgan Scanner is a free mobile app designed to work withBazrganBusiness Application—allowing businesses to efficientlyconductperiodic or regular stocktaking without disrupting businesshours.Our stocktaking app comes with an easy-to-use barcodescanningfeature that speeds up the inventory counting process &makesproduct info inquiry a breeze without being close to thecomputer.With Bazrgan Scanner, stocktaking is taken care ofdigitallywithout printing off lists of stock items for countingtasks. Andyou can start inventory counting anywhere on the sale’sfloor orstockroom & fix on-hand discrepancies right on thespot. Easilyscan the product’s barcode using your smartphone’scamera andadjust product quantities to match the stock data to theinventorythat’s actually in stock. When counting is done,everything issynced to your Bazrgan account. بازرگان سکانەر ئەپێکیفریە وبەتایبەت دروستکراوە بۆ بەکارهێنەرانی بەرنامەی بازرگانبزنس—بەپێگونجان لەگەڵ کاری بازرگان، ئەپەکە ڕێگە دەدات بە کارمەندیکۆگا بۆجەرد کردنی کاڵا بەشێوەیەکی خێرا، بەبێ داخستنی کۆگا و فرۆشگا.ئەپیبازرگان سکانەر تایبەتمەندی سکان کردنی بارکۆدی کاڵا بەکامێرایمۆبایل لەخۆ دەگرێت کە یارمەتیدەرە بۆ خێرا کردنی پرۆسەی جەردکردن وهەروەها وەرگرتنی زانیاری دەربارەی نرخ و بڕی کڕین یان فرۆشیکاڵا لەشاشەی مۆبایلەوە. پێویستت بە چاپ کردنی ژمارەیەکی زۆر لە لیستیکاڵانیە بۆ جەرد کردن، لە مۆبایلەوە بە ئەپی بازرگان سکانەردەتوانیپڕۆسەی جەرد کردنی کاڵا و کۆگا بەشێوەیەکی دیجیتاڵی ئەنجامبدەیت،هەرەوەها لە هەر شوێنێکی نێو کۆگا یان فرۆشگا دەتوانی ڕاستەوخۆدەستبکەیت بە جەرد کردنی کاڵا و ڕاستکردنەوەی هەڵەکان لە ژمارەیکاڵایجەرد کراو ئەگەر هەڵە بوو. بە ئاسانی بە بەکارهێنایکامێرایمۆبایلەکەت باڕکۆدی کاڵا سکان بکە، ژمارەی کاڵای جەرد کراوڕاستبکەرەوە بۆ یەکسان کردنی ژمارەی کاڵای تۆمارکراوی ناو سیستەمبەژمارەی ڕاستەقینەی کاڵای نێو کۆگا. لە دوای تەواو کردنیجەردیکاڵاکان، سیستەمی بازرگان خۆ کردەیی داتای کۆگا ئەپدەیتدەکاتەوە. يعدBazrgan Scanner تطبيقًا مجانيًا للهاتف المحمول مصممًاللعمل معتطبيق - مما يسمح للشركات بإجراء عمليات جرد دورية أو منتظمةبكفاءةدون تعطيل ساعات العمل. يأتي تطبيق الجرد الخاص بنا مزودًابميزة مسحالباركود سهلة الاستخدام والتي تعمل على تسريع عملية جردالمخزونوتجعل الاستعلام عن معلومات المنتج أمرًا سهلاً دون الاقترابمنالكمبيوتر. باستخدام Bazrgan Scanner ، يتم التعامل مع الجردرقميًادون طباعة قوائم عناصر المخزون لمهام عد العناصر . ويمكنك البدءفيجرد المخزون في أي مكان في طابق البيع أو المخزن وإصلاحالتناقضاتالفعلية على الفور. امسح الرمز الشريطي للمنتج ضوئيًا بسهولةباستخدامكاميرا هاتفك الذكي واضبط كميات المنتج لمطابقة بياناتالمخزونبالمخزون الموجود بالفعل. عند الانتهاء من العد ، تتم مزامنةكلالبيانات مع حساب Bazrgan الخاص بك.
Bazrgan Captain 1.2.10 APK
Bazrgan Captain app is built to work with BazrganRestaurantManagement System (BRMS) and is intended to be used byrestaurantfloor staff to simplify the way they serve customers. OurBazrganCaptain App packs a set of features that empowerrestaurantwaitstaff to serve customers quickly and manage tables,orders,guest seating, and much more with ease. Bazrgan Captain appcomeswith a sleek, interactive menu enabling restaurant servingstaff toquickly fill out guest checks with a few taps on thescreen. As theseated diner or party orders their meal, servers caneasily add orremove items to or from the guest checks all in oneplace,including change in the quantity of added items, asrequested. Toget diners exactly what they ask for, Bazrgan Captainapp allowsservers to include notes to one or more ordered items tomeetspecial customer requests or dietary needs. With detailednotesthat cooks and baristas can easily reference, servers ensurethatordered dish and drink items are prepared to the tasteandpreference of diners—ultimately improving guest experienceandrestaurant service flow. When a seated customer didorderinghis/her meal, at the touch of a button the server sends theorderticket from the guest table straight to the kitchen orbeveragecounter. Depending on the restaurant’s printer setting,BazrganCaptain app either sends the entire order ticket to aprinter orautomatically separates categorically distinct items andthenroutes ordered items of the same category to itsdesignatedprinter. Bazrgan Captain app gives restaurant waitstaff aglobalview of the entire floor they serve in real-time, includingthecurrent status of each table they attend to. And, withoutbeingclose to the guest table, a server can effortlessly check allthemenu items ordered by a diner or seated party right in theapp.When seated diners order for extra food or drink, the serveropensthe customer’s occupied table card and adds newly ordereditems tothe guest check or makes adjustments to only just ordereditems asquickly as requested. With auto-updating of table status,theBazrgan Captain app instantly recalculates the total cost fortheguest check any time addition or adjustment is made. Any timeadiner or seated party wishes to move from the current tabletoanother one, the serving staff is able to make the arrangementwithease using Bazrgan Captain’s Seat Item Transfer feature.Uponcustomer’s request to change his/her sitting table, thewaitstafftransfers all or any seat item diners might choose fromthe currenttable to an unoccupied table. In the Setting section ofthe BazrganRestaurant app, a server can easily add or remove aprinter that’sused to print order tickets referenced by the cook orbarista toprepare customer ordered items. The server chooses whichfood orbeverage category is linked to a certain printer. Anddepending onthe restaurant layout, more than one category (foodand/or beverageitems) can be linked to a printer.
Smart City Manager APK
Helping managers to view the property information
Smart City APK
SCMS is a property management system