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[Notice!!!] You can got Tabomsoft game news from FacebookandTwitter! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tabomsoftTwitter:https://twitter.com/tabomsoft [Story] The child who curedfromclosed ward, 'Uzur' had a dream about murdered patient intheruined hospital. When the child open their eyes, he realizedthatthe scene is correspondent with moment which he dreamed about.So,he decided to escape from hospital, with avoiding from feardeathwhich coming to attack him.... ▼ This summer, the fifth horrorRPGfrom Tabomsoft! The horror game which made you becomecliffhangerwith more upgraded version! ▼ More upgraged story! Truthwhich youcan know with proceeding story What is the inside story intheAsylum? ▼ Various monster and trap which participated inhorrorgame. Hasty decision means death... Grotesque monster andtrapwhich we can not know when they appear. ▼ Ending which canbeswayed from selection! Tension which made us not tocarelesscondition. The story which can be differed from eachselection. Canyou achieve with this end of the game? ※Caution :Date will notstored if you delete the game.

App Information Asylum (Horror game)

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    Asylum (Horror game)
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    April 19, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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深海少女「本格ホラー・ツクール」 1.0.0 APK
<あらすじ>お母さんといっしょにアクアリウムにきたアリは迷子になってしまう。お母さん探しにアクアリウムを歩き回っていたアリは、予想外の真実に向き合う。そしてそこにあったのは…"▼Tabomsoftの2作目のホラーツクール前作の「隠れん坊」で深い印象を残したTabomsoftが新作を発表!▼ウェルメイドホラー・ツクールをスマホで多様なアイテムとヒントを使ってストーリーを進めていこう!▼シンプルなインターフェース各種RPGゲームに疲れたユーザーも負担なく楽しめる!▼多様なパズルと高い難度ドットのクラシックスタイルに構成され、昔のRPGゲームの懐かしさを満喫!▼アクアリウムの地下で明らかになる真実アクアリウムの下の階に進みながら、ストーリーが見えてくる!Ali came to the aquarium together and mom becomes lost.Ali had been walking around the aquarium to look mom, facing theunexpected truth.And there was in there ... "▼ of his second of Tabomsoft horror MakerTabomsoft that left a deep impression in the "hide and seek" in theprevious work announced the new work!▼ a well-made horror-Maker in the smartphoneLet's advance the story using a variety of items and tips!▼ simple interfaceUsers who are tired of various RPG game can enjoy without theburden!▼ variety of puzzles and high difficultyIt is configured in classic style of dot, and enjoy the nostalgiaof the old RPG game!▼ Aquarium of apparent truth in the basementWhile proceed to the lower floor of the aquarium, the story comesinto view!
붐붐붐 [쯔꾸르 스타일 봄버액션 ] 1.5 APK
연약한 소녀 도로시,친구와 숨바꼭질을 하다가 장롱에서 잠이 들었는데깨어나 보니 몬스터가 득실득실한 대저택의 던젼?과연 도로시는 살아남아 던젼을 빠져나갈 수 있을까?▶쯔꾸르 타입의 웰메이드 봄버 액션 게임▶심플한 컨트롤▶예고 없이 찾아드는 몬스터의 습격!▶예측 불가능한 보스몹의 어택!▶각종 다양한 아이템을 사용하면 더 손쉽게 스테이지를 클리어 할 수 있습니다.Tabom 공식 카페 : http://cafe.naver.com/tabomsoft----개발자 연락처 :[email protected]개발자 연락처 :[email protected] girlDorothy,I heard this hide-and-seek with a friend while sleeping in theclosetI woke up the pros and cons mansion infested dungeonmonsters?Dorothy could get really out of the dungeon survive?▶ COURT types of well-made Boots Bomber Action Games▶ simple control▶ find favorite raid monster without notice!▶ attack of the unpredictable boseumop!▶ Use a variety of various items can be more easily cleared thestage.Official Tabom Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/tabomsoft----Developer Contact:[email protected]
탭삼국 1.2.7 APK
[줄거리]머리가 좋은 남자를 좋아하는 초선의 마음을 얻으려는 여포의 기도는최고의 두뇌 제갈량과 여포의 몸을 바꿔놓는다.하지만 갑자기 원치않던 근육질 몸에 나쁜머리를얻게된 제갈량에게는 탄식과 분노만이 남겨졌다.여포가 된 제갈량은 원래의 몸주인 여포를 찾아가려 하는데수많은 적들이 앞길을 가로막고있다.모두 격퇴하고 몸을 되찾으러 가자!- 박력 넘치는 전투!!- 소름끼치게 완벽한 타격감!!- 아주 쉽고 누구나 즐길 수 있는 방식의 게임입니다.- 다양한 무기와 방패를 통해 제갈여포의 몸을 찾아주세요!- 인생은 파티플!! 강력한 조력자인 영웅을 등용해 함께 전투를 즐겨주세요.지금 바로 시작하세요!PS. 유저분들의 정보를 함부로 저장하지 않기 떄문에 게임을 지우면 데이터가유지되지 않습니다.----개발자 연락처 :[email protected][summary]Pray in the follicles of hair to gain the hearts of the focal linelike a good manPut the words Zhuge Liang best brains and bodies of thefollicle.But suddenly it did want a bad hair muscular bodyI get that Zhuge Liang was left sighing and who are onlyanger.Zhuge Liang follicles that is to go find the original owner of thebody folliclesThere are numerous enemies blocking the way.Both repelled and go get your body back!- Full battle force!- Creepy feeling kkichige perfect strike!- The game is very easy and everyone can enjoy fashion.- Please find the body of jegal follicle through a variety ofweapons and shield!- Life is patipeul! Enjoy the battle with a hero to appoint astrong helper.Start Right Now!PS. Clearing the data ttyaemun the game does not save theinformation of the user who carelesslyNot maintained.
隠れん坊2 [ 異邦人 ] 1.0.0 APK
主人公のグウィン・デミアンは、何年か前に火事で廃墟になった屋敷に、自身が探し求めていた宝物があるという知らせを聞き屋敷へ向かう。しかし、そこには死の影が潜み、彼が生きようとすればするほど窮地に直面する。果たして彼は、どのような選択をするのだろうか?▼多様なパズルと豊富なストーリー様々なアイテムやヒントを使ってストーリーを解いていくことができます。▼一瞬たりとも油断できない緊迫感どこに現れるかわからない罠を通じてホラーゲームの真髄をお楽しみください。見事なエンディングイラストひとつのストーリーから広がるたくさんのエンディングイラストを集めてみてください。▼ 進化したインターフェース前作のシンプルだったインターフェースが更にアップグレードされました。▼ストーリーの他にミニイベントまで宝箱から手に入れることが出来るパズルもお楽しみください。※Tabomsoftはゲーム実況を推奨しています。但し、エンディングにはゲームに必要な重要な情報が含まれていますので、ゲームをクリアした方は他の方に配慮し絶対にネタバレしないようお願いいたします。Gwynne-Demian of thehero, the house that was ruined in a fire some years ago, towardthe mansion to hear the news that there is a treasure which it hadsought. However, there is the shadow of death is lurking, I face apredicament as to if he will live. Really he is, will you whatchoice?▼ variety of puzzles and a rich storyYou can unravel the story using a variety of items and tips.▼ you can not guard even for an instant sense of urgencyPlease enjoy the essence of horror game through I do not know thetrap where to appear.Stunning ending illustrationsPlease try to collect a lot of ending illustrations spread from onestory.▼ evolved interfaceInterface was simple of the previous work has been furtherupgraded.▼ until addition to mini-events of the storyPuzzle that can be put in hand from the treasure box also pleaseenjoy.※ Tabomsoft recommends the game play-by-play. However, since theending contains important information necessary for the game, thosewho cleared the game we ask that you do not spoil the absoluteconsideration of the other person.
退魔高 [The Exorcist] 1.0.0 APK
グレードアップしたビジュアルとより一層、強化された恐怖のサウンド好みを狙い撃ち!様々な韓服のコスチュームと多様なエンディングまで!悪霊を退治するために学校に入ったシャーマン少女のウヒそして学校で明かされる子ども達のストーリー!▼ ハイクオリティで楽しむツクールアドベンチャーの真髄より一層グレードアップしたデザインでプレイするミステリー学園もの▼ ストーリーが進むにつれて明らかになる真実子ども達が秘める秘密は何なのか?▼ 選択によって変わる多様なエンディング一瞬の判断を通じた選択によって繰り広げられる結末の果ては...?▼ 素敵なエンディングイラストストーリーを展開しながら獲得する素敵なイラスト▼ コスチュームの他に小さなイベントまで好みに応じた様々なコスチューム宝箱の中に隠されたアイテムの組み合わせ
봉쥬르김선달 [자수성가 대작전] 1.2.4 APK
▼ 봉이 김선달을 모델로 만들어진 본격 장사 육성 시뮬레이션!!▼ 김선달의 장사능력을 최대한 활용하여 최대한 사재기와 판매를 하여라!▼ 업그레이드 될수록 강해지는 능력이여 오라오라오라오라~!!▼ 퀘스트를 클리어할 때마다 들어오는 수익에 요동치는 하트!1. 구매에서 상품을 구매한다.2. 구매한 상품을 판다.3. 쌓인 돈으로 업그레이드를 하여 더 많은 돈을 번다.4. 벌고 벌고 벌어서 최고의 거상이 된다.Tabom 공식 카페 : http://cafe.naver.com/tabomsoft※Tabomsoft는 게임 실황을 권장합니다.----개발자 연락처 :[email protected]▼ rodsmade of authentic business training simulations to model thegimseondal!▼ To take full advantage of the ability of the business as muchas possible gimseondal shall hoarding and selling!The more ▼ upgrade capability, O Come, Come, Come, Come, bestrong ~!▼ quest to the heart beat fluctuations in incoming revenue eachtime you clear!1. buy from buy.2. Purchase sell a product.3. Upgrade to earn money accumulated more money.4. earn earn earn is the best colossus.Official Tabom Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/tabomsoft※ Tabomsoft recommend the game live.
隠れん坊(Story of Dorothy) 1.2 APK
<あらすじ>誰かと隠れん坊をしていたところ、たんすの中で眠りに入ったドロシー目が覚めてたんすから出てきたが、自分がなぜそこで眠っていたか、そこだけが覚え出せない。ドロシーはその謎を解くために、屋敷の中を調べる。▼ウェルメードのホラーRPGをスマホで!様々なアイテムとヒントを活用して、謎解きを進める!▼シンプルできれいなインタフェース手間のかかるRPGゲームが苦手なユーザも簡単に操作できる!▼ツクール式の多様なパズルドットのクラシックなスタイルで、昔のRPGゲームの懐かしさがよみがえる!▼階段を上る度に明かされる記憶変貌した屋敷の階段を上りながら、ストーリを推理してみよう!Where it had a Kakurenbo with someone, Dorothy went to sleep inthechestIt comes out of the chest woke up, but why he or was sleepingthere,only there is not put out to remember.In order to solve the mystery, Dorothy examine the inside ofthemansion.▼ In Sumaho horror RPG of the well-made!By utilizing a variety of tips and items, to advance theriddle!▼ interface and a simple, cleanWeak user can also be easily manipulated is RPGgametime-consuming!▼ diverse puzzle Maker expressionsIn a classic style of dot, nostalgia of RPG games bring backtomemory!▼ memory to be revealed to climb stairs degreeWhile up the stairs of the mansion that was transformed, letusdeduce the story!
HideAndSeek2 [Story of Demian] APK
Through strong story and various puzzles, Infer hidden messages andhints