Top 24 Games Similar to 3 Hanedan : Türk Dünyası Bu Oyunda Birleşiyor

Ottoman Wars 3.4.9
Ottoman Wars is an exciting action and strategy game thattransportsyou back into the age of the magnificent Ottoman Empire.Feel thethrill of expanding one of the world’s most historicempires as youbuild your base, strengthen your troops, and conqueryour enemies.Put your tactical mind to test against opponentsacross the globe inthis real time global MMO. Join players fromaround the world intheir quest to be the strongest army. Build& customize an elitemilitary force for defensive strength oroffensive might. Deployhistoric units such as Janissaries, Azabs,Miners, Akinjis, Tatars,Cannoneers to crush your enemies Enjoy theaction with stunning 3Dgraphics on your smartphone or tablet.Upgrade buildings & wallsto defend your bases. Supply yourarmies with cutting edge firepoweras you upgrade your arsenal.Invite your friends to createunbreakable alliances and wage war onyour enemies together! Yourstrategy will seal the fate of yourempire: Form a formidablefortress to defend your city from enemyattacks Construct anawe-inspiring city; command workers to gatherresources and usearchitects to engineer greatness Build and traina powerful,effective army; ready for battle Attack and conquer newandbountiful lands to strengthen your empire Create a clan toforgemighty alliances, but beware of the enemies you createRemember:Courage leads to victory, indecision leads to danger andcowardiceleads to death! GENERAL INFORMATION & GAME FEATURES -OttomanWars is a real-time, multi-player, online strategy gameSupported onboth tablets and smartphones Learn fun facts aboutOttoman Historyas you proceed into the battle against realhistorical charactersBattle with Janissaries, Azabs,Bashi-bazouks, Miners, Akinjis,Sipahis, Tatars, Cannoneers. Allare ready to fight for your empire.Immerse into the Ottoman worldvia realistic, Ottoman-themed 3D warand vessel graphics OttomanWars is free to play and supports in apppurchases. Facebook: Support ; You can always contactus aboutyour problems and suggestions : [email protected]
Middle East Empire 2027 MEE_3.5.5
iGindis Games
🔥Become the greatest leader of the Middle East!🔥 Select yourcountryyou wish to lead (Egypt, Palestinian Authority, Iran,Lebanon,Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UnitedArabEmirates, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Cyprus and Israel) andplayagainst the smart Artificial Intelligence enemies. Withexcellentleadership skills, strategy and tactics, you could leadyour countryto the win. Do you have what it takes?🎖️ 🕹️ It is theyear 2027 anda big uprising took the existing government. As thenew leader, yourgoal is to ultimately become the supreme leader.Using everythingfrom diplomacy to war, you must strive to build anempire, botheconomically and militarily superior to all others.Are you ready tolead, Supreme Commander? 🕹️ Features: Weaponsuppliers (USA, EU,Russia and China) Spy Center War Room WorldNews (Economy,Relations, Spy and War) Artificial Intelligence 🕹️AvailableWeapons: Troops, Tanks, Artillery, Anti-Air Missiles,Helicopters,Multi-role combat aircraft, Battle Ships, Submarinesand BallisticMissiles. Good luck with your mission Commander!
Europe Empire 2027 EE_2.6.3
iGindis Games
🔥🗺️The year is 2027 and the world is in chaos.🗺️🔥 Do you havewhatit takes to stabilize the situation in Europe Empire 2027:WarStrategy-Game? 🕹️ This is the perfect game for grand strategyandtactics enthusiasts! 🕹️ Europe empire is a turn-basedstrategygame, where you will have to build a your empire. Leaderuse yourtime wisely to implement the right strategy and tactics!The UnitedStates' newly-elected president decides to focus on homeaffairsafter promising in his campaign that American soldiers won'tbesent to foreign wars anymore. The United States starts pullingbackits forces from around the world. World markets collapse afteramajor wars start in the Middle East and South China Seawithconcerns of supremacy and unequal sharing of resources. Europeisleft alone to deal with huge floods of refugees and the threat ofabig invasion from the east. The trouble continues for Europewhennationalism raises its ugly head in many nations. NATO is nolongerrelevant. Conflict spreads worldwide and a few generals inEuropebegin coups to seize power. As the new leader, your goal istoultimately become the supreme leader. Using everythingfromdiplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire,botheconomically and militarily superior to all others. Are youreadyto lead, Supreme Commander? In the game, you select thecountry youwish to lead and start to play. The game contains:WeaponsSuppliers from around the world, a Spy Center, Diplomacy andUnitedNations, a War Room, Diplomats, an Economy, Technology, WorldNewsDistribution (Economy, Relations, Spy and War) and veryadvancedArtificial Intelligence. Weapons in the game: Mercenaries,ArmoredPersonnel Carriers (APCs), Tanks, Artillery, Anti-AirMissiles,Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Ships, Submarines, FightingRobots,Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Aircraft Carriers andBallisticmissiles. 🕹️ Multiplayer🕹️ The game support alsohotseatmultiplayer option up to 8 players from the same device.Eachplayer plays in his turn, manage his country and can sendexternalmessages to other players in the game. Good luck commander:)
Age of Colonization: Economic strategy 1.0.28
Age of Colonization is an exciting geopolitical strategy peopleplayin the whole world. The game doesn’t require Internetconnection.Become a ruler of one of the largest countries inEurope. Are youready to battle with the Roman Empire, powerfulFrance and England,aggressive barbarians? There are more than 40medieval countries inthe game. Main features: ● Build an army anda fleet; ● Take onespionage missions and diversions; ● Attackother countries to annexthem or to take their resources; ● Defendyour territory from othercountries; ● Enter into peace agreements;● Produce food, resourcesand military equipment; ● Sell the excessproducts to othercountries, buy products you need; ● List ofhistorically accurateevents; ● Ordain laws; ● Organizeinternational meetings, promoteyour suggestions for voting; ●Choose an official religion of yourcountry; ● Increase the amountof produced goods thanks toresearches; ● Appoint the commander ofthe fleet, land army, thecommander in chief, chief for collectingtribute, building andtrade; ● Colonization; ● Fight separatism onconquered territories.We are constantly working on improving thegameplay and interestingupdates are coming soon.
European War 6: 1804 - Napoleon Strategy Game 1.2.28
After the end of the American War of Independence, theFrenchRevolution broke out in Europe in 1789. The world is abouttochange ! Napoleon, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Blucher,Kutuzov,Washington, Davout and other military geniuses willbecomeprotagonists in changing this world.As an excellentcommander, itis time for you to create winning strategy andtactics, mobilizetroops and make immortal achievements! 【CAMPAIGN】*** More than 90famous battles in 10 chapters 『Declaration ofIndependence』『Dominion of Canada』『French Eagle』『Holy RomanEmpire』『Overlord inEastern Europe』 『Ottoman Empire』『BritishEmpire』『Liberation ofSouth America』『The Birth of the Empire』『RomanUnification』 ***Choose your generals and promote their ranks andtitles *** Trainthe special units, such as the old guards,highlanders, death'shead hussars, etc. *** Build a palace and getthe princess of eachcountry *** Train your army and improve theirskills 【CONQUEST】 ***Build military facilities and train the units*** Develop cities toincrease income, upgrade the nationaltechnology *** Build amilitary academy to study various militarytactics *** Historicalevents will affect the situation on thebattlefield *** Buildingwonders will bring various advantages tothe entire country *** Thediplomatic system can allow allies tojoin the war as soon aspossible, or delay the enemy’s declarationof war on us Declare waron any country or assist allies at any time*** Choose strong orweak countries to challenge differentdifficulties Win with lesstime to get higher scores, rank withother players in Google PlayGames If you reach 『A』you can get aspecial reward, and when youreach 『S』, you can unlock hiddencontent 【CHALLENGE】 *** Win thevictory within the specifiedconditions, which will test yourcommanding skills *** Complete thebattles of famous generals tounlock and get them *** Use thegeneral's specific abilities tocomplete missions around the world【Features】 *** Cloud archivessupport users to change their deviceswithout losing archives ***Using a new engine to improve the gamegraphics *** 160 portraitsof generals were redrawn andintroductions were added *** 90historical battles in 45 countries,including the Battle ofSaratoga, Battle of Austerlitz, etc. ***More than 200 units fromdifferent countries and various styles ofbuildings *** 39technology and more than 120 items *** Conquestmode supportsranking on Google Play Games These are the officialsocial accountsof Easytech. Welcome to subscribe ! We will continueto provide youwith important information about Easytech gamesthere! Facebook : Twitter: officiale-mail:[email protected] Easytechofficialwebsite:
Osman Gazi 1.0
This is Kayı's game! This is the epic of a nation'sfoundingandresurrection! This is a true story of heroism! Witnessthe storyofOsman Ghazi, a great statesman, leader and warrior! Astory ofepicvalor inspired by real people and events... Withhighresolution 3Dgraphics and user-friendly interface, Osman Ghaziis apioneer inthe establishment of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled3continents,and witness the resurrection and foundation of anation!The son ofErtugrul Ghazi, the illustrious Governor of Kayı,fightand rulefor a state with Osman Gazi! A struggle for justiceandtruth thatcomes before us from the dusty shelves of history!FOLLOWUS
Kievan Rus’ 1.2.73
Kievan Rus’ is a strategy game with a focus onpoliticalmaneuvering. Here war is just a tool of the trade. Thisgameenables you to play as the ruler of Kievan Rus’, one ofthemightiest states of the world of that time. The Middle Ages isasetting that is truly a treasure for any strategy game fan. Inthegame, there are 35 states, and Barbarians, who have theirownterritory and resources. However, the ruler’s way to dominationisnot going to be a walk in the park. Get ready for deadly warsandbackstairs politics – you will be confronted by the mostpowerfulstates of the game world, including England that dominatesseas,Balkan states (Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia), and theArabstate of Syria, with a huge army at its disposal. So you thinktheRoman Empire has made great progress? Perhaps, you preferEuropeanstates, such as France and Scotland? Or it is Byzantiumthat youconsider to be a good example? Let them know you are readyto fighthead-to-head and build your own empire, and that you are adictatorand a strategist. Their aim is to advance their owncivilizationwhile preventing yours from doing so. Put yourpolitical foresightto the test and find out whether you are good atstrategy anddiplomacy – lead your country through ages. To succeed,engage inwars with your rivals. Raise your own army and fleet,declare warsor start fighting in them when they are in full swing.Deploy spiesand send saboteurs to your enemy country to find outwhat they aregoing to do. Invade states, conquer lands and capturerareresources. A sagacious dictator is key to state policysuccess.Manage foreign affairs, conclude non-aggression pacts, andmakesuggestions to be considered by other states. Rememberthatdiplomacy and well-thought-out policy are often moreeffectiveoptions than war. Don’t forget about state economicactivities:produce food, and manufacture weapons for your army. Useresearchesto increase the amount of manufactured goods andmilitarycapability. However, a single civilization cannotproduceeverything, so you will have to trade with other states andbuyrare resources and goods. Introduce new laws and make yourcitizensabide by them. You can establish the civilization religionof yourchoice. Appoint army and fleet commanders, and tax, trade,economyand construction chiefs. Separatism will not be tolerated:quellriots occurring in your state. Your empire will be mightiest,anddiplomacy, weapons and economy will help you achieve it. Thegameuses real-life states that existed at that time, with realhistoricevents. The large and detailed map will enable you toseeinformation about your own territory and that of othercountries.These are just the game basics: you can find out how muchit offersonly by playing it. The game does not require Internetconnection,and you can play it anywhere you like. There is no settime limitfor turns: you can choose the game pace to your liking.Thegeopolitical strategy set in the Middle Ages with a specialfocuson the Slavs is available on smartphones and tablets. It is agoodway to spend time, as it combines entertainment and brainexercise.
Days of Empire - Heroes Never Die! 2.22.012
Days of Empire is the first true war game to restore the historyofthe Ottoman Empire. The war at sea is over, but the war on landisjust beginning. As the designated successor of the agingOttomansultan, you must unite the great warriors of this mighty,historicempire. Eliminate your enemies; rescue captive heroes;amass greatarmies; build an impenetrable fortress; bolster youreconomy; andtake over the reigns of the empire! Game featuresPuzzles withrewards: Solve brain-damage puzzles to pull the pin,help herosdestroy monsters and find treasure. Faithfully recreatingtheOttoman Empire: Experience exquisite Ottoman architecture andtakepart in epic campaigns! Summon historical Ottoman heroes: Over50real leaders from the Ottoman Empire await yourcommands!Large-scale battlefields: PVP, PVE, and Kingdom War; fightforglory! Strategic battles: A wide variety of troop types,weapons,and flexible hero combinations; experience strategy on aglobalscale! Naval Warfare competition: War engulfs both land andsea,harking back to real historical campaigns! Globalinteraction:Awesome real-time translations and language chatfeatures! Alliancebattles: Form powerful alliances, occupystrategic strongholds,plunder resources, and expand your empire!Real player comments"The game is completely faithful to history,the music isinspiring, and the whole experience is immersive" "It'sintuitiveand easy to play and the graphics are exquisite" "It'saddictiveand you can play for free" "After entering the game thereare somany alliances waiting to welcome you, it's a reallytight-knitcommunity and everyone works together to fight enemies!"Officialwebsite: Customer supportIf youhave any feedback or recommendations, then don't hesitate tosendus a message at [email protected] PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService:
20th century – alternative history 1.0.25
You wish to become an emperor, a king or a president? This gameisjust what you are looking for. You can enter the role of a rulerofthe 20th century country. You have everything to write anewhistory. The game has no world wars, nuclear attacks onJapanesecities… Our aim is not to create a plot based on history.Our goalis to give you an opportunity to write your very ownhistory! Inthis new history, are you a peacekeeper or an aggressor?It is upto you to decide! Gameplay key features: ♚ Over 60countries youcan rule; ♚ Build an army and a fleet; ♚ Wage warsagainst othercountries, fight separatism and looting ♚ Territorycolonizing; ♚Gain resources: oil, iron, stone, lead, rubber etc; ♚Produce foodproducts: salt, meat, bread, flour etc.; ♚Non-aggression pacts,trade agreements and embassies; ♚ Law andreligion management; ♚Researches; ♚ Trade; ♚ Colonization; ♚ theLeague of Nations. Epicmilitary strategy of incredible scale. Areyou ready to defend yourhomeland?
Conquerors 2: Glory of Sultans 2.9.0
Wars, beauties, the empire, and heirs. Do you have what it takestocontinue the glorious history of your empire? A brand newHeirsystem is coming your way in v2.1! Create your own empire inthisglobal MMO strategy game! Recruit valiant Heroes, formpowerfulGuilds, have Heirs with your Consorts, and fight for thethrone!*Game Features* 1. Real-time Strategy War Game - ControlyourTroops' every action in real-time, from their formations totheirexpedition routes! Will they crush your enemies underyourleadership? - More war items have been added to spice upyourbattle! Use them to cut into the enemy array and crashtheirformation! - Enjoy unrestricted Troop movements in thisreal-timestrategy warfare! Anything could happen when it comes towar. Whatwill you do when your guildmate's City's in flames? Willyou sendyour elite to help fight off the invaders, or declare waron theattacking player? The choice lies to you, my great conqueror!2.Consorts and Heirs - Need some romance in your game? Spendtimewith your consorts by talking to them, giving them presents,diningwith them, and playing minigames with them! - Have childrenwithyour Consorts and teach your Heirs well. Once they're grownup,they can even marry Heirs of other players to help you formmorepowerful alliances! 3. Brand New Hero System - Let your Heroesleadthe charge! In v2.1, you may set your Hero formations and sendthemout for wars, with no need to assign Troops! - DifferentHeroeswith unique attributes and powerful skills to lead a varietyofTroops: Cavalry, Infantry, Archers, Siege Engines. - ProvideyourHeroes with massive boosts with Crests! You will find thatthere isnothing powerful than a Hero with Crests! 4. Witness theGrowth ofYour Empire - In this version, we now present you with abiggercity located at an oasis in the middle of the desert. Brandnewresource villages are added to the Kingdom. As a Conqueror,youwill need to explore the surroundings and expand your empire.Goout and explore! - The foundation of a mighty army is awell-runcity! Upgrade your City, research Tech, gather resources,trainTroops, and recruit Heroes to stay ahead! - Allies are yourkey tosurvival. Join a powerful guild, or start one of your own.Enjoyimportant buffs from your Guild Fortress and gather resourcesfromGuild Resource Buildings! Rally your guildmates to fightinexciting GvG battles, Guild Wars, Province Battles, PalaceWarfare,and Intruder Battles! Teamwork is the key to success! -Contest forthe Capitals and Palace that make up the Provinces ofConquerard!Powerful Guilds are all eyeing this land to expand theirinfluence!- Prove yourself as a true Conqueror! Pit yourselfagainst othersin competitive battlegrounds like Citadel Showdownand SovereignStrife! 5. Chat with players around the world - Greatsocialfeatures that help you communicate! Chat with anyone fromanywherewith real-time translation! Use the Kingdom Chat, GuildChat, orcreate a personalized chat group of your own! Liven upyourconversations with animated stickers! - Go anywhere on ourglobalmega server! Lie low and develop in your Kingdom, or migratetoanother that's packed with players to raid. It's your choice!Yourlegend has yet to be written, but one thing is for sure:Conquerors2: Glory of Sultans await. Download for free now torelish innon-stop war and battle action! CustomerSupport:[email protected] Follow Us On SocialMedia:Facebook:
Clash of Sultans 1.1.7
Join Clash of Sultans the classic online real-timestrategywar,bring you back to the Middle Ages battlefields. Willyou,theglorious sultan, bring a thousand years of prosperitytoyourpeople? Will the soldiers under your wise reign, becomethemastersof their fate? Will the empire stand the test of time?Come!Trainfearlessly troops, form guild with trustworthy friendsandwageyour epic war to conquer the world! - Real-Time PVPBattlesBattleshappen in real time on the map. See an ally beingattackedright inyour realm? Send some troops to defend him, orlaunch asurprisecounterattack on the attacker’s city. Pass thetrialofnever-ending revenge and conquer is the only way tobecomeasultan! - Unrestricted Troop Movements Issue a feint atoneenemy,then circle back with your allies to occupy thepalace.Yourcommands can be issued to troops at any time,allowinglimitlessstrategic possibilities. - Choose Your SoldiersWiselyMightytroops are waiting for your order, train Cavalry,Infantry,RangedUnit, or Siege Engine with your strategy offormation, thevictoryshall be yours! - Allies Are Your Key toSurvival Join apowerfulguild, or start one of your own. Buildalliances with othersultansaround the Arab world. Clash of Sultansis an online RTSMMORPGthat make your sultan dreams come true. Uniteclosely withyourallies to make your alliance the strongest in yourkingdom,wage awar to strike any enemy! - Siege for the Palace ofSultan Noruleris complete without a Palace of their own. Rise to beKing,andenjoy privileges like renaming the World, and more!-RecruitMighty Heroes Mighty heroes armed with powerful skillsawaityou!Raise their levels and gear them up with Crests andequipment,thenwatch as they lead your troops to victory! - Rise UpYourOwnEmpire The foundation of a mighty army is a well-runcity!Upgradebuildings, research Tech and train Troops to stayahead!-Connected to Your Friends and Allies Chat with anyonefromanywherewith real-time translation! Use the Kingdom Chat,GuildChat, orcreate a personalized chat group of your own! - TheGameforArabian With a lavish Arabian theme filled with mysteryandwonder,experience a fresh and unique style in both buildingandcombatgameplay! - The World is Your Playground FreelymigratebetweenWorlds to find one that suits your play style. ChooseanemptierWorld to lie low and develop, or one packed with playerstoraid!Write your glory with your own hands, your name and storywillbespreaded among millions of players. Download Clash ofSultansandjoin the MMO PVP war! Your epic story beginstoday!Contact:[email protected] Follow usonFacebook:
Africa Empire 2027 AEF_2.2.0
iGindis Games
🔥Become the greatest leader of the African Empire!🔥 Selectyourcountry you wish to lead (54 countries available!) and playagainstthe smart AI enemies. With excellent leadership skills,strategyand tactics, you could lead your country to the win. Do youhavewhat it takes?🎖️ 🕹️It is the year 2027 and a big uprising tooktheexisting government. As the new leader, your goal is toultimatelybecome the supreme leader. Using everything fromdiplomacy to war,you must strive to build an empire, botheconomically andmilitarily superior to all others. Are you ready tolead, SupremeCommander? 🕹️Features: Diplomacy and United NationsWeaponsuppliers (USA, France, United Kingdom, Russia and China)SpyCenter War Room World News (Economy, Relations, Spy andWar)Artificial Intelligence 🕹️Available Weapons: Mercenaries,Armoredpersonnel carrier (APC's), Tanks, Artillery, Anti-AirMissiles,Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Ships, Submarines, FightingRobots,Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's), Aircraft Carriers andBallisticmissiles. 🕹️Based on real data, the game is designed tothink ofthousand of possible scenarios. 🕹️ Multiplayer🕹️ The gamesupportalso hotseat multiplayer option up to 8 players from thesamedevice. Each player plays in his turn, manage his country andcansend external messages to other players in the game. Good luckwithyour mission Commander!
Europe 1784 - Military strategy 1.0.25
Europe 1784 is an involving geopolitical strategy that takes youtothe world of the Middle Age. Are you ready to be a king, emperorortsar? Can you lead an entire civilization? A smart dictator isakey of successful policy of the country. Actively participateininternational events, sign non-aggression pacts, forwardimportantissues for international voting. Remember, diplomacy andwellthough-out policy is more efficient than a war. Don’t forgetaboutbusinesses of the state: produce food, clothing, weapons andotherequipment for your army. The game does not requireInternetconnection; you can play it anywhere you want. It’savailable bothon smartphones and tablets – a great way to kill timenice andprofitably.
Global War Simulation Premium Strategy War Game v24 PREMIUM
Global War Simulation, the best strategy war game on mobile. Ifyouwant to specialize in war and strategy games, join us. ★★★PREMIUMFeatures ★★★ Every time you start a new game; ▶2,000,000,000 CashMoney ▶ 200 Mine Supplies Special Contents; ▶ NOADS ▶ 91 PLAYABLECOUNTRIES ▶ UNITED NATIONS ▶ POLICE FORCES ▶PRISON MANAGEMENT ▶COMPANIES ▶ BLACK MARKET ▶ AID CAMPAIGNS ▶ HEAVYINDUSTRY ▶EXCHANGE RATES ▶ OLYMPICS ▶ REFUGEES ▶ PRESSORGANIZATIONS ▶ALLIANCES ▶ PUPPET STATES ▶ SATELLITE TRACKINGSTATION ▶ ULTRASONICRESEARCH ▶ 5x VIDEO REWARD GAME FEATURES ●Manage your country onespionage, economy, taxes, investment,research, operation center,country management, war, media, securityand many other issues. ●Collect military and economic intelligenceon countries. ● Getmilitary, economic, political, intelligence,war, reports from allover the world. ● Develop strategies andmanage your people. ●Attack the country you want and conquer theworld. ● Invadecountries by land operations. ● Add agents tocountries. ● Arrangeair attacks. ● Make peace agreements. ● Docyber attacks tocountries. ● Apply tax to your people. ● Developyour country bydoing research. ● Clear enemies in your country. ●Make investmentsin your country. ● Advanced artificial intelligencesystem. ●Different currency of each country. 91 PLAYABLE COUNTRIESUSA,Russia, China, Turkey, North Korea, South Korea, Britain,France,Germany, Italy, India, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Spain, Egypt,Japan,Brazil, Canada, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iran, SaudiArabia,Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Romania, Ukraine, Ireland,Poland,Jordan, Nigeria, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa,Indonesia,United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Venezuela,Switzerland,Australia, Malaysia, Taivan, Singapore etc... SPECIALMILITARYCLASSES ● Infantry ● Commando ● SAS ● SAT ● Delta Force ●Navy Seal● etc... 10 DIFFERENT ARMS ● Armored Vehicles ● Howitzer ●Tanks ●Helicopter ● Fighter Aircraft ● Bomber Aircraft ● Battleship●Submarine ● Aircraft Carrier ● Ballistic Missiles 55DIFFERENTRESEARCH ● Air Defense Systems ● Espionage Technologies●Population ● Factories ● Industry ● etc... 15 DIFFERENTINVESTMENTAREA ● DEFENSE ● WEAPON ● EDUCATION ● HEALTH ● FINANCE ●TOURISM ●TECHNOLOGY ● etc... 20 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS ● Domestic Cars● Phones● Computers ● Military Vehicles ● Heavy Weapons ● MilitaryRadios ●etc... MORE FEATURES ● Assembly and Elections ● Scientists● HiddenFacilities ● Taxes and Bank Credits ● Mineral Resources ●PublicInstitutions ● Businessmen ● etc... SUPPORT ➞ Your opinionaboutthe game is very important to us. ➞ If you like our game andyoucan support us to help improve. ➞ You can reach us from thecommentsection and e-mail address. ➞ You can review the Game Guideto getdetailed information about the game. Conquer the worldwithconstantly updated game mechanics. Global War Simulation is averysuccessful game in the categories of modern war game,militarystrategy game, tycoon games and country simulation games onmobilephones.
Secrets of Empire 1.0.3
"Secrets of Empire is a brand new empire life simulationRPGgameallows you to experience life as a king the magnificent.Hereyouwill manage your country, oversee your council,handleaffairs,marry beauties, recruit ministers and generals,expand yournameand fame by conquering cities, and more!!! GameFeaturesManageYour Kingdom, Rule Like A King - Oversee yourcouncil, levytax,food, and soldiers from your people to strengthenyour rule.Myking, what your choice will be? Will you work yourpeople hardandgovern them with heart of stone? - Handle affairs,deliverjusticeand fairness to your people when encounter differentevent,issueedicts to bloom your realm. Marry Beauties and RaiseYourHeirs -Meet and date beauties from famous houses, indulgeyourselfinloves, get married to them all. Bonding with them tounlockuniqueskill which will bring benefit to your realm. Levelupyourgoverness by join parties. - Continue the royalbloodline,fatherchildren, fill their minds with knowledge, raisethem. Yourprinceand princess's marriage will be the strongest bondbetweenyou andyour allies. The royal family together with the royalfamilywillbecome the most powerful King. Recruit and Knowledge YourMan-Recruit the wisest man in your country. Exemplarknights,fearlesswarriors, loyal servants, brilliant strategists areatyourcommand. - Upgrade your man. Understand their attributionsandgivefull play to his advantages. Conquer Lands, Expand YourEmpire- Agreat king will always lead conquest to expand hisempire!InSecrets of Empire, we mapped you 13 cities, 260 battles,forhonor,for glory, and the kingdom, you shall lead your army tocrushtheenemy and achieve your great dominance! - Every bloodybattlewilllearn you and your man experiences, flourish yourkingdombybattles! Forge Alliance and Join Parties - Joinparties,socializewith celebrities, get in touch with big houses,forgeyournetworks. - Form alliances, work hand-in-hand with theothersultanto become the exalted king of kings. Build anunbreakablealliancewith friends to fight against other competitorsin theworld. Willyour kingdom blooming under your rule? Will theenemiesbow underyour strength? Will you become the SultanMegnificient andrebuildthe glory of history. Follow us to knowmoreFacebook: Need anyhelp?Feel freeto contact us via email [email protected]
Global War Simulation - Europe PREMIUM v24 Europe PREMIUM
The Best Strategy War Game in the market. Choose yourcountry,strengthen your army, conquer the world. The newest mobilestrategywar game fun is waiting for you! If you want to specializein warand strategy games, join us. ★★★ PREMIUM Features ★★★ Everytimeyou start a new game; ▶ 2,000,000,000 Cash Money ▶ 200MineSupplies Special Contents; ▶ NO ADS ▶ 100 PLAYABLE COUNTRIES▶GLOBAL ALLIANCES ▶ UNITED NATIONS ▶ HEAVY INDUSTRY ▶ POLICEFORCES▶ PRISON MANAGEMENT ▶ COMPANIES ▶ BLACK MARKET ▶ EXCHANGERATES ▶OLYMPICS ▶ REFUGEES ▶ AID CAMPAIGNS ▶ PRESS ORGANIZATIONS ▶PUPPETSTATES ▶ SATELLITE TRACKING STATION ▶ ULTRASONIC RESEARCH ▶5xVIDEO REWARD GAME FEATURES ● The Goal of the game is to conquerthewhole world using the secret agency or by land operations. ●Manageyour country in espionage, economy, taxes, investment,research,operations center, defense industry, countryadministration, war,media, security and many other issues. ● Deployagents in countriesand gather intelligence. ● Get military,economic, political,intelligence, war, reports from all over theworld. ● Attack anycountry you want and conquer the world. ● Occupycountries by landoperations. ● Conduct air and missile strikes. ●Make Trade andPeace deals. ● Make productions in factories. ● Applythe tax youwant to your people. ● Develop your country by doingresearch. ●Make investments in your country in the areas you want.● Android5.0 and Above Phones ● 7 inch and 10 inch Tablet Support ●12different language options. Global War Simulation Europe PREMIUMisan immersive and unique game that combines war game andsimulationgame elements. 100 PLAYABLE COUNTRY ● Choose your countryand startruling with simple gameplay mechanics. ● USA, Russia,China,Turkey, North Korea, South Korea, England, France, Germany,Italy,India, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Spain, Japan, Brazil, etc...SPECIALMILITARY CLASSES ● Train specific military units for eachcountry.● Strengthen your army with military tactics,commanders,modernizations. ● Infantry, Commando, SAS, SAT, BurgundyBeret,etc... 10 DIFFERENT MILITARY UNITS ● Increase your attackpower bypurchasing new weapons. ● Armored Vehicle, Howitzer,Tank,Helicopter, Fighter Aircraft, Bomber, Warship, Submarine,AircraftCarrier, Ballistic Missiles 55 DIFFERENT COUNTRY RESEARCH●Increase army power, economy and population by doingcountryresearch. ● Air Defense Systems, EspionageTechnologies,Population, Factories, Industry, Informatics,Transportation,etc... 20 DIFFERENT PRODUCTIONS ● Grow your economyby producingfrom your factories. ● Earn more money by making tradedeals. ●Domestic Cars, Telephone, Computer, Satellite, MilitaryVehicle,Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Domestic Ammunition, UAV,UAV, etc...15 DIFFERENT INVESTMENT AREAS ● Increase your dailyincome bymaking investments. ● Defense, Weapon, Education, Health,Finance,Tourism, Software, Agriculture, Automotive, Electronics,etc...MORE FEATURES ● Assembly and Elections ● Consulate ●Scientists ●Hidden Facilities ● Cyber Defense ● Border Security ●PersonalSecurity ● Taxes and Bank Loans ● Mineral Resources ●PublicInstitutions ● Tourism ● Missions ● Businessmen ● ManyMoreFeatures... SUPPORT ➞ Your opinion about the game is veryimportantto us. ➞ If you like our game and you can support us tohelpimprove. ➞ You can reach us from the comment section ande-mailaddress. ➞ You can check the Game Guide for detailedinformationabout the game. Conquer the world with simple gameplay,advancedartificial intelligence and detailed game content. GlobalWarSimulation Europe PREMIUM is a very successful game inthecategories of modern war game, military strategy game,simulationgame and tycoon game on mobile phones and tablets.
President Simulator 1.0.24
If I was the President, the country would've been in amuchbetterstate… Are you sure? Prove it! The "President Simulator"gameletsyou rule one of the 163 modern countries. Politics,themedia,espionage, natural disasters, wars, taxes, crimefighting…Showyour strength, wisdom and perseverance. Build a buildasuperpowerthat dictates its rules, otherwise the world willsmashyourcountry. Managing a country isn't easy. Yet you'llsucceed! Seeforyourself. • Over 50 unique plants and factories,more than20ministries and departments • Change ideology, statereligion,joininternational organizations • Influence the countryand theworldusing researches, espionage, politics, diplomacy, andreligion•Suppress rebels, stop strikes, epidemics,preventdisasters,protect the country from invasions • Declarewars,conquer othercountries, control conquered lands or grantthemindependence •Build embassies, conclude commercial anddefenceagreements, takeout loans from the IMF to develop yourcountry •Monitor the newsabout what's happening in the country andin otherlands • Improvethe President rating • Enjoy the game at anytime:running this appdoes not require the Internet
Age of Dynasties: Medieval Games, Strategy & RPG 2.0.5
Be the King in this epic medieval game, free and offline! Buildyourempire, manage with strategy your medieval kingdom, buildmightycastles, engage in political intrigue, defeat enemiescivilizationsand lead your empire to glory. Rewrite the history ofthe MiddleAges while, turn after turn, sitting on the throne ofthe kingdomyou will have to play the role of a King or Queen whilemakingstrategic decisions regarding: royal weddings, alliances,wars andcrusades, great battles, exploration and colonization ofnew lands,political intrigues. Brace yourself for an age of totalwars,command crusades versus civilizations that will refuse to beyourvassal or will attack your throne kingdom. Experience thethrill tobe the king in the Middle Ages in this epic turn-basedstrategy andrpg game. Strategically choose the heirs to the throneto rise yourdynasty and have a long and prosperous empire. GAMEFEATURES: -MEDIEVAL RPG: historical simulation with hundreds ofenvironmentalevents in medieval europe since 476 AD to 1492 AD,from crusaderkings to dark ages. - CONQUEST the Middle Ages andwage war acrossEurope or the world! Face enemy reigns in greatbattles! - CASTLEMANAGEMENT: build your own stronghold where togrow your dynasty,forge alliances and rise the strongest empire ina medieval europe -FAMILY TREE: if you like medieval games, havefun managingappearance, traits and talents of kings and queens ofyour dynasty -WORLD CONQUEST: choose your best strategy to conquerother reignsand be an invincible defender of your stronghold. -INNOVATIVE GAME.Age of Dynasties has merged four best gameplay:total wars andconquest games, turn-based strategy (4x TBS), kingsimulator (RPG)and empire building games. Your grace, if you enjoymedieval games,Age of Dynasties, will not disappoint yourexpectations!
Ultimate Glory - War of Kings 1.0
Want to marry the princesses? Dive into Ultimate Glory -WarofKings, become the king, marry the princesses!Recruitlegendaryheroes, build an powerful army & RULE THEWORLD!Explore exoticmagical lands thrown into chaos byterrifyingmonsters and powerfulenemies. Choose your favoriteheroes, make newfriends, and chargefearlessly into war! Strike downyour foes andbuild an empire!FEATURES ●Marry the princesses Morethan 7beautiful princesses arewaiting for you! ● An Open-WorldStrategyGame See, chat, and clashwith other players in this MMOstrategygame! ● Rule as the EmperorClaim the throne in a battleroyale forthe kingdom! Will yourlegacy as a empire be just orcruel?! ●Powerful Heroes Let themlead your kingdom to glory, or mixandmatch them to complete anRPG&SLG-style campaign that youwillwant to play again andagain! ● Master Your Strategy Think ofnewlineups and perfect yourstrategy! Will you conquer enemykingdomsand imprison rival lords?Will you liberate prisoners ofwar? Orwill your kingdom and empirecrumble to dust? Write your ownlegacy,only in Ultimate Glory -War of Kings!
Glory Road 2.5.39
Large war strategy game "Glory Road" 2018 newversion,Valentine'sDay party! Strive to create a more perfectgamingexperience.Setting During the several decades of KingEdmund'sreign, theKingdom of Glory had been peaceful. However, theking'syoungerbrother had been coveting the throne, and he hasevendecided tolaunch a war to usurp the throne because KingEdmund'sson wouldsoon inherit the throne. In order to win the war,hesigned acontract with the Night Demon - the lord of demons. Hesoldhissoul to the Night Demon and he thus gained a large numberofWightsin return to dispatch. In the end, King Edmund diedduringthe warand he handed over the throne to the prince before hedied.Sincethen, the new king has been taking up the heavyresponsibilitytofight against his uncle and also the Wights,rebuildinghishomeland and reviving the kingdom... Features Incontrastwithtraditional simulation games, this game has moreelementsofstrategy and development. In the game, you can buildyourownterritories, rally troops, develop arms, cultivatedragons,andfight together with various heroes and even gods.Liketraditionalsimulation games, it has a siege system, too.Inaddition, it hasnumerous elements of war, includingadventure,military exercises,Dragon Treasure, battle for capitals,battle forthe throne, and soon. The game also has variousmechanisms to boostplayerinteraction such as alliance gathering andthe Magic Garden.Juststart playing with players from all over theworld. We'vebeenworking hard to make the gaming environment fair.We've justaddeda limit to the kingdom level, and also added a lotof new waystoearn gold and other resources for free. Gameplay&Functions**Real-time Translation System** The chattingsystemsupportsreal-time translation of all languages toremovecommunicationbarriers. **Global Competition** Players fromall overthe worldwill compete in the 7 capital cities around thethrone.**KingdomLevel** For fairness reason, players will raise thelevelcap oftheir own castles step by step. **Alliance Gathering**Buildfortsfor your alliances and expand your alliance'sterritory.Gatherresources together with your friends to increaseoutputofresources. **War Supplies** By leveling your castle up,youcanearn a number of troops directly. When you've lost a lotinwar,you can trigger war supplies to get tons of freeresourcesascompensation. **Casual PVP** Compete with players fromall overtheworld at any time to earn glory. Battles in the arenawillnotcause losses. **Cultivate Dragons** Hatch Blue DragonsandRedDragons to make them fight by your side. **RecruitHeroes**Raisethe affinity level of your legendary heroes, to makeyourtroopsmuch stronger. Contact Us group: 606861217