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Plague Inc.
Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. isaunique mix of high strategy and terrifyinglyrealisticsimulation.Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero'. Now you mustbringabout the end of human history by evolving a deadly, globalPlaguewhilst adapting against everything humanity can do todefenditself.Brilliantly executed with innovative gameplay and built fromtheground up for touchscreen, Plague Inc. from developerNdemicCreations evolves the strategy genre and pushes mobile gaming(andyou) to new levels. It’s You vs. the world - only the strongestcansurvive!◈◈◈ #1 top game globally with 200 million+ games played ◈◈◈Plague Inc. is a global hit with over half a million 5 starratingsand features in newspapers such as The Economist, New YorkPost,Boston Herald, The Guardian and London Metro!The developer of Plague Inc. was invited to speak at the CDCinAtlanta about the disease models inside the game!▶ “The game creates a compelling world that engages the publiconserious public health topics” – The Centers for Disease ControlandPrevention▶ “Best Tablet Game of 2012” - New York Daily News▶ “Plague Inc. will snag your attention in all the right waysandkeep it there” - Touch Arcade▶ “No denying Plague Inc.'s high-level of quality” - Modojo▶ “Plague Inc. should not be as much fun as it is” –LondonMetro▶ “Will leave you hoping to destroy the world, all in the name ofabit of fun” – Pocket Lint▶ “Plague Inc.'s gameplay is infectious” - Slide to Play▶ Winner – “Overall Game of the Year” – Pocket Gamer▶ “Killing billions has never been so fun” – IGN◈◈◈Features:● Stunning HD graphics with a highly polished interface(Contagionguaranteed)● Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world with advanced AI(Outbreakmanagement)● Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system (I amLegendarilyhelpful)● 12 different disease types with radically different strategiestomaster (12 Monkeys?)● Full Save/Load functionality (28 Saves Later!)● 50+ countries to infect, hundreds of traits to evolveandthousands of world events to adapt to (Pandemic evolved)● Full game support for scoreboards and achievements● Expansion updates add the mind controlling Neurax Worm, thezombieproducing Necroa Virus, Speed Runs and real lifeScenarios!Localised in English, German, Spanish, BrazilianPortuguese,Italian, French, Japanese, Korean and Russian. (morecomingsoon)P.S. Give yourself a pat on the back if you got all thethemedliterature references!Special sale price to celebrate being the 15th mostpopulartouchscreen game of 2012!◈◈◈Like Plague Inc. on Facebook: me on
🧟 Zombie Craft Survival 3D: Free Shooting Game 38
⚡Zombie Craft Survival is one of the best zombie games inthecategory. If you are prepared to survivor and beat hordes andmorehordes of undead zombies then this action-adventure game isforyou. Get headshots, do missions in this wonderful first-person3dgame (FPS 3d) open world. ▶ About Zombie Craft Survival ◀ ✔Getheadshots ✔ Modern weapons (Sniper, Rifle, Pistol) ✔ CraftSystemand Construction ✔ System of Hordes of Zombies ✔ System tosurviveand survive ✔ 3d Zombie Game ✔ Construction Items ✔ Voxelcubegraphs ✔ Construction Mode ✔ Pandemia ✔ Open world ✔ HunterSystem⚡The Apocalypse and War in Zombie Craft Survival has justbegun andyou need to stop the spreading virus by increasing thehorde ofzombies and undead all over the planet that is at war grabyourrifle and be a hunter, get your sniper and hit headshots to beableto win hunt until there are no zombies alive in the middle oftheshots of this war. ⚡Zombie Craft Survival is a 3d zombieactiongame where your entire survival story takes place amidst azombieapocalypse be the first sniper and virus hunter, killing andsavingmankind that is infested with living dead. ▶ Maps ◀ ✔ZombieLand(open world) ✔ City (kills kill) ✔ Sandbox (training)⚡Great 3dvoxel cube graphics The Zombie Craft Survival Zombies werewelldesigned and thought out to the smallest detail, the scenarioswerethought to provide a better hunt for the pandemic of enemies,sureto Zombie Craft is the best zombie game with Craft Elements,FirstPerson (FPS), Apocalypse and Action of the category. ⚡There isagreat diversity of weapons where the player finds in the midstofhumanity that only remained the apocalypse, like weaponrifles,sniper gun, pistol guns and grenades. These weapons aregreat foryou to go out killing enemies and save humanity, surviveandsurvive again. ⚡If you like first person shooters (FPSgames),action and adventure games, fun, survival games, for thosewho likesniper games and shooter games. This game is for you a fungame ofchallenging apocalypse full of surprises, join thisadventure andbe the best hunter.
Zombie KIller : Survival 2.1.7
A virus has brought about the zombie apocalypse, thewaragainstzombie has broken out and people are in immediate dangerofa gorydeath. As a survivor and zombie killer, it’s up to youtomake thestreets your battlefield and shoot your waythroughnumerouschallenging levels. Zombie Killer Survival is an allnewzombieshooting game with excellent graphics, unmissable if youarea fanof thrillers or horror games. Keep your finger on thetriggerasyou try to ensure your survival in a virus ravagedworld.Upgradeyour skills as a survivor and zombie terminatorinfrontlinefighting, enhance your arsenal of weapons.
ZIC: Survivor — Survival Games & Zombie Apocalypse 0.23
IO Games Ltd.
ZIC: Survivor is a free survival games, shooter and rpgwithcraftingand building. Build your shelter, craft deadly weaponsandexploreopen wide world with story mode. Feel The ZombieApocalypse&become The Zombie Hunter! STORY LINE The virusinfected theentirecrew and passengers of the airliner, which ledto the fallof theaircraft. You are the only survivor in a planecrash who hasnot beentouched by a zombie virus. After the fall,you woke upsomewhere inthe wild, around the walking dead andhalf-alivescientist...Infection with a deadly virus has turned theworldinto a dead zoneand now you have to survive in pandemic atallcosts and find a wayto stop the zombie apocalypse. And try nottodie, otherwise humanitywill be doomed. The plague must bestopped,every dead man must be inthe grave. KEY FEATURES OF THEGAME ☣Zombie survival games &zombie shooting games genre; ☣Afascinating story mode withinteresting quests; ☣ Various NPCandlots of undead zombie; ☣Stylish cartoon graphics; ☣ Openwideworld with crafting andbuilding; ☣ Realistic change oftheday/night — craft a torch fordark night! ☣ Charismaticcharacterand interesting dialogues; ☣Incredible soundtrack —immerseyourself in the atmosphere of theapocalypse; ☣ A richarsenal ofweapons against zombies, from knifeto rifle; ☣ Getinvolved thedevelopment of a project about zombiesurvival!WARNING: In thefree game ZIC: Survival contains materialsforadults: —Demonstration of the killing of zombies; — Sceneswithblood;Perhaps you will want to limit access for your childrentothisgame. Your feedback is important for us and anyinformationaboutbugs and errors will be useful. Write your reviewhere or inourgroups: VK: agood game!
MODDAYZ for Minecraft PE 1.0
MODDayZ - this mod takes you intotheworldafter a zombie Apocalypse, and now your only task willbetosomehow prevent it in the same way as in the gameMODDayZ.Zombies will spawn in much greater numbers and they alsostopburninga day. They have changed model — more bloody andterrible,as well asnew sounds. In order to somehow increase yourchances ofsurvival,the game also will be added new armor andweapons. Youronly chanceto survive with the mod for a ZombieApocalypse forMinecraft you isto be prepared and armed.Despite the fact that the plague has infected theentireplanet,special forces want to give her a fight: russianspecialforces,FBI and the usual modern soldiers.
Raid: Zombie Survival 1.3
What should you do if suddenly a zombie apocalypse started,thereisa military base nearby, and various anomalies take place,butyouare just a woodcutter? Of course you should grab an axeandembarkon a real raid through hordes of zombies,gettingsubstantial weaponon the way and showing the dead that theyarenot welcome here. Whatis important when a real zombieapocalypseis taking place? Ofcourse, to survive. But it’s not aneasy taskwhen angry pieces ofreanimated flesh have taken armsagainst you,and in addition allthe machinery behaves kind of weird:circularsaws have become mad,and army drones are willing to make ariddleof you. But if you holda sharpened axe or even awell-oiledmilitary rifle in your hand,and you are clever and braveenoughnot to hide in the darkestcorner because of fear, noobstacleswill interrupt yourzombie-raid. PECULIARITIES OF THE GAME- Agreat number of rivals -Various weapons - Bright andcheerfulsound effects - Magnificent HDgraphics - Three worlds withuniqueobstacles - Easy and comfortablecontrol - No hidden payments
Zombie Meme Battle Simulator 1.04
The stickman memes world is under threat due to azombieapocalypse.It will befall you to do the killing of the undeadinthis battlesimulator game. ▶ Memes battle simulator in TABSstyle▶ Epic 3Dstickman meme world ▶ The Memes will unleashtheirrage!!! lots ofkilling! ▶ Your memes will kill zombies withrealand epic weaponsWith some strategic thinking, victory willbeyours! music_cheesemonkeybill_numa
Zombie Road Racing
THIS IS IT! You’re in for the ride of yourlifethrough a zombie apocalypse! Zombie Road Racing is #1fast-pacedphysics-based racing game.Zombie Road Racing is a milestone in the genre ofphysics-basedracing. Drive your car through deserts, forests,highwayssurrounded by zombies, earn cash, upgrade your car and buymorepowerful ones. Steer your car to keep balance on the hillswhiletrying to smash zombies into debris. It's you against aboatload ofsuper-strong zombies!Game Features:- Crisp Graphics & Immersive CD Quality Audio- 7 different designed ultra realistic vehicles- Upgrade and customize every aspect of your chosen ride- 6 detailed environments: forest, desert, arctic, highway, mineandspace- Unique physics, handling and realistic sound forspectacularcrashes
Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike 3.11.2
You keep the defense inside the house, which is stormed by a mobofzombies. You need to survive, build a time machine and save allthepeople! The game has unique features. Barrier doors,numeroussecrets and a huge selection of guns will allow you tofight withmany unusual pixel zombies. You will get your own basefor thesurvival and construction of a time machine. Your task isthesalvation of mankind. Passing a variety of 3D locations will notbean easy test. Use fancy guns to succeed. Do not forget to lookforsecret rooms that are on every level. It will not be an easytask,but the rewards received will make you a great warrior!Install thePixel Combat: Zombies Strike shooter and get reallyawesomeemotions! Always be on the lookout. Among the weak andhalf-dead,there are monsters with unique abilities. They are readyto tearyou to pieces in seconds. Game features: - Cubicfirst-personshooter in confined spaces. - A huge selection of 3DLocations in apixel style. - Survival and battle with many unusualbosses withspecial abilities. - A huge arsenal of weapons (knives,axes,pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, a flamethrower, aminigunand much more). - Pocket edition that you can play on thego. -Lots of 3D Effects that create the atmosphere of a royalbattle. -Craft weapons and ammunition. - Pixel version of the BlackOpsZombie Mode. - Characters and design as in Minecraft. The gamewillnot leave you indifferent. Install the shooter game PixelCombat:Zombies Strike. Survive in the shelter under the onslaughtofzombies! Save humanity!
The Walking Zombie: Dead City 2.63
Alda Games
Play The walking zombie: Dead city, zombie shooter gamethattakesplace in the scary near future. Terrible epidemic madeworldfullof zombies and now you must fight to survive! Fightvariouszombies(zombie prisoners, zombie dogs, zombie cheerleaders,gunmenor epicboss monsters) with more than 10 different weapons!Enjoygreatcartoon graphics and try to survive zombie apocalypsewithyourreliable 3D pixel gun that can be upgraded to inflictmoredamage,be more accurate, reload faster or have more ammo. Daybyday,enemy by enemy, no walking dead can remain unkilled ifyouandentire human race should survive. Zombie games werenevermoreentertaining! Features: * Epic 3D pixel cartoon graphics*Zombiesreacting to being hit and falling apart with multiplehits-effects on various dead are different * Intuitivecontrolsmakingzombie killing much more fun * 20+ different zombietypes-shooting zombie, dog zombie, prisoner zombie etc *Hugebossmonsters * Arena bonus mode - kill as many zombies as youcanusingonly melee weapon * 10+ different weapons, fromrevolverandassault rifle to overkill weapons like rocket launcher,youdon'tneed to fear the walking dead anymore * Many mapswithdifferentvisual themes and enemy routes * Hit zones - manyenemieswill falldown after precise kill shot to the head * Shootinggamesare aboutskill - survive with enough health and have high %ofheadshots andget bonus rewards! * Rail shooter The worldafterzombie apocalypseis dangerous place, but you are ready foritschallenges! Pick upweapon and have some fun with zombie shooting-don't stop yourtrigger until all dead are...completely dead.Getreward for yourhard work and unlock new weapons, upgradecurrentones and justkill as many walking dead as possible. This isazombie game whereyour skills really matter! In the world ofThewalking zombie: Deadcity, you can have only one of these tworoles- either zombiekiller or zombie dinner. The walking zombie:Deadcity is freezombie killing game so don't worry, you will onlyloseyour fleshand brains in worst case scenario. Shooting gamesarealways fun,but this one will take take your heart (and brains).
Tactical Battle Simulator 1.2
Tactical Battle Simulator is a epic battle simulator with 86uniqueunits to fight with! Want to play a shooter or a hack andslashgame? You can do both by controlling any unit in 1st and 3rdPersonview. Or fight your way to the top in multiplayer mode and betheultimate royale leader! Command your army carefully and slayyourenemies in epic royale battles! Some units have specialskills,like knocking enemies back or exploding shots. Create yourownstrategy and slash your foes, only the strong commanderssurvive.Collect epic creatures like dragons, demons, vampires andmanymore. Level-mode: Earn gold to unlock new units, upgrade themandfight against powerful bosses. The levels will get harder asyouprogress. Multiplayer-mode: Invite your friends and battleagainstthem. Play ranked and get to the top! You can also bet moneyto buymore units. Sandbox-mode: You are in control of both armies!Setuphuge battles and find out new strategies. Or just have funandcreate huge zombie waves to shoot your way out of in firstpersonmode.
Just Survive Ark: Raft Survival Island Simulator 2.6.1
Just Survive is an free fps realistic survival sandbox mobilegamethat is packed with action and adrenaline. On this remoteandpost-apocalyptic island, your only goal is to survive. And thereisa lot of threats, that will try to stop you from achievingthisgoal from hunger and dehydration to dangerous wildlife andothermysterious dangers. EXPLORE THE APOCALYPTIC WILDERNESS ANDISLANDExplore new sandbox wildernes and its dangers. Careful thisislandhave bear, wolf, boar, deer, cannibal and zombies. Exploreand rulethe aprocalyptic island! Survive this dangerous world.Explore withRaft or any other tool. After 15 Days there will bemore dangers inthis island. Outlast the every other survivor beforeyou came.BUILD SHELTER OR HUGE FORTRESS BASE You can startsurviving bybuilting simple shelter than you can make it bigger andmake ityour own big base. You can contain your loots here. Carefulagainstother survivor but most importantly MONSTERS AT NIGHT! Butbewareof your worst enemy – rust and decay. In this last days onearth,you will need to maintain your structures to protect themfrom rustand defend them against your enemies. CRAFT 100+ ITEMSGame has alot different items. You can craft tools to gather, ormake weaponsto fight. Dismantle parts you don't need. Make betterarmor andequip it for your survival. Use your anvil to repair youritems, orclean the rust of weapons. Crafting is most importantthing in thissurvival world. HUNT WILD ANIMALS AND DANGEROUSCREATURES WildAnimal are dangerous but also very important for yoursurvival. Youcan skin bear to get leather or most importantly forfood. Noteverything in this island are animal. Careful againstcannibal andmutant type zombies. Loot their food and weapon cheststo upgradeyourself. Sometimes they contain build parts, tools,armors andweapons! Hunt Wild Animal before they hunt you. Sheltercan protectyou from this apocalyptic wild wilderness ULTRAREALISTIC GRAPHICS,SHADOWS AND WORLD Game built to have amazinggraphics even inmedium devices. Shadow details going to blow yourmind. Watch Oceanat Night. Monster and Creatures has a lot ofdetails in their skinand armor. Stay away from Radiation! DAY &NIGHT CYCLE This isa realistic world simulator, so plan yourmovements by time. Youcan hide in caves or explore ocean by usingraft. Don't try to tameeverything. You will have realistic fpsapocalyptic realisticsandbox survival island experience. Don't behopeless. GATHERRESOURCES AND CRAFTING Get your tool pickaxe tohunt resources andtry to mine Metal Ore, Sulfur Ore or simplyStone. You craan getlog piles by using Tool Axe. Don't forgetwearing your base armorbecause you can't know which animal,creatures or cannibal try toattack you. SURVIVAL TIPS: ★ Build baseor shelter to prevent raidsand isolate yourself from dangerousenvironment. ★ Always lootanimals, cannibal, zombie, survivor,monster or creatures. ★ Equipyour Base Armor to Survive. ★ Anvil isplacable in shelter or base.Anvil is for repair items, tool orweapon ★ Craft and Crafting isimportant for survive. ★ DownloadJust Survive: Raft SurvivalIsland Simulator – new realistic ark fpsaction packed free zombieshooter survival raft simulator andstrategy fps game today - it’llbe just what you’re looking for.Begin your survival adventure now.IMPORTANT NOTE: Game is notmultiplayer pvp yet. Don't ask orexpect multiplayer pvp from thisgame or any online features yet.I'm still working on Multiplayer(Online). Game is currentlysandbox singleplayer. Graphics aregetting better. This game is notassociated with Rust. SUPPORT:★★★ ★Mail:[email protected] ★ Website :