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Fiction Live Backgrounds 2.1
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Fantasy or fiction wallpapers waiting foryourdesktop screen. Fantasy Fiction Live Backgrounds is adssupportedfree application with thousands of fantasy, magic ormythicalwallpapers.Fantasy Fiction Live Backgrounds features:Double tap to change home screen or all screen backgroundswithFantasy Fiction Live Backgrounds. Images can also be set fromyourphoto album or photo gallery. Fix or change each picture ofthescreen using individual settings. Change your screen pictureswithyour or your loved one pictures using common settings (byselectingpictures source).Installation instructions:Home>Menu>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper>Fantasy FictionLiveBackgrounds or Press and hold home button (screen) Livewallpapersand Fantasy Fiction Live Backgrounds, or from settings(create andopen shortcut to Fantasy Fiction Live Backgrounds).Fantasy:Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic andothersupernatural phenomena as a primary plot element, theme,orsetting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginaryworldswhere magic and magical creatures are common. Fantasy isgenerallydistinguished from the genres of science fiction andhorror by theexpectation that it steers clear of scientific andmacabre themes,respectively, though there is a great deal ofoverlap between thethree, all of which are subgenres of speculativefiction.In popular culture, the fantasy genre is predominantly ofthemedievalist form. In its broadest sense, however, fantasycomprisesworks by many writers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians,fromancient myths and legends to many recent works embraced by awideaudience today.Fantasy is studied in a number of disciplines (English,culturalstudies, comparative literature, history, medievalstudies). Workin this area ranges widely, from the structuralisttheory ofTzvetan Todorov, which emphasizes the fantastic as aliminal space,to work on the connections (political, historical,literary)between medievalism and popular culture.The identifying traits of fantasy are the inclusion offantasticelements in a self-coherent (internally consistent)setting, whereinspiration from mythology and folklore remains aconsistent theme.Within such a structure, any location of thefantastical element ispossible: it may be hidden in, or leak intothe apparently realworld setting, it may draw the characters into aworld with suchelements, or it may occur entirely in a fantasyworld setting,where such elements are part of the world.Essentially, fantasyfollows rules of its own making, allowing magicand other fantasticdevices to be used and still be internallycohesive.Feedback us at [email protected] for installation.