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com.unbrained.wifipassgen.app 7.5.0
Connect and automatically scans all available access points.Security Type: - WEP 64/128/256 - WPA 64/160/504 - WPA2 64/160/504Includes widget to ensure quick access. Strengthening security andsurf the web like never before with this great application. Withone click you can generate a random password safe that cansignificantly increase your protection wifi. Open your browser andconnect anywhere. You can even make believe as a joke to friendsthat a hacker. Free.
A unique guide that will take you to all thechakras of the body through the establishment of a deep connectionwith their own spirituality in the spiritual world.With melodies that incorporates the application will allow aquick connection to your subconscious to achieve any chakra healingyour body.Mantras help you relax and have a quiet life because everyoneknows we're constantly surrounded by stress.Audio of the mantras of the 7 chakras.The vibration of these sounds helps activate, strengthen andclean.The energy points that govern the physical body and regulate theuptake and energy expenditure uninitiated or poorly developedspiritually are closed or slightly open; when we develop ouretheric body.The energies directed to an astral body also act on the physicalbody.To balance the flow of energy and put in different order have toopen them and exercise them. The stones of the vibrational energy,and help us to induce the desired effect.
This application is a simulation of a laserreally!It emits a red dot on the screen simulating a real laser.Play and have fun with your friends with this app!No damages vision is fully optimized for Android Tablet andMobile.If you dread the night can be illuminated with this applicationbecause the screen glows
A spectacular 2D game where you have to defendthe Earth from aliens who want to take control of the resources ofplanet Earth.The gameplay is very simple, click an enemy ship and explodesinstantly.Each time you start a game background changed dramatically.Every time you kill a ship will increase the points.If you touch an enemy explode instantly.Overcome your brand with their friends.Lives are endless.
com.unbrained.wifipasswordgenerator.app 10.6.0
This application allows you to generate random keys for the Wi-Finetwork. Security Type: WEP 64/128/256 WPA2 64/160/504 An advancedalgorithm will create a password for your router, completely randomto avoid attacks by hackers or crackers on the device. High levelof authentication. With one click you can create a random passwordof powerful encryption, which greatly enhance their protection. Youcan discover all open networks of their city. Do not let you stealinternet gets safety and navigation. Once connected you can useyour device as an access point to the wireless network. Fullyoptimized for Android devices. Free.
This application allows you to generate randomkeys for wireless networks.Select the security type, length and generate for you a totallyrandom password.Avoid now that hackers from entering your wifi network, comes thispowerful password on your router and automatically protected.Security Type:- WEP 64 / 128 / 152 / 160 / 256 / 504 bits.- WPA 64 / 128 / 152 / 160 / 256 / 504 bits.- WPA2 64 / 128 / 152 / 160 / 256 / 504 bits.Fully optimized for Android devices.Free.
A powerful password generator find a key for you.It is capable ofgenerating random passwords from 13 to 33 characters with numbersand letters.This key has to put in the wifi router to increasesecurity.You only have to check the connection is safe fornavigation.Once connect you can use your phone as a hotspot foryour other devices or you may do a speed test.In wifi list you cansee information such as SID, MAC, channel, frequency andintensity.The app is very power and you can search for wirelessnetworks around you.Protect your mobile, tablet the hacker orcracker.Remember that LAN are vulnerable not miss thisopportunity.Compatible with Android 4.0 to 6.0.1.Enjoy thissoftware.
This application allows you to create a random password thatprotects your wireless network.Encryption Type:64-bitWPA.64/128/152/256 bit WEP.WPA2 160/256/504 bits.Protect yournetwork to browse quietly.
This compilation includes:- SPACE SHIP BATTLEDestroy as many alien ships as possible to avoidcolonizingland.- HALLOWEEN MEMORY GAMEMake pairs of cards and exercise your memory.- TAB MANIATouch the cat as often as possible in a limited time.- DIRTY RACE X2An infernal explosion race.Compatible with Android 4.0 to 6.0.1.Enjoy this software.
This application turns your phone into aremotecontrol car.The interface consists of three buttons:- Open or unlocked.- Close and lock.- Activation anti theft alarm.Fully optimized for Android devices.Have fun!