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SuperWiFi ✂ ban any user 6.1.1
The SuperWiFi wireless network tool features will help you if youare asking yourself how can i block someone from using my wifi.Monitoring device connections and view hosts information (IP,Hostname ,Organization,Address and Location) We are deeplycommitted to offer you FULL control over your wifi network.Wireless network should never be comprised. The SuperWiFi Wirelessfeatures included in our app will guarantee security. Get it freeNOW! Features: ------------- * Full device details including IPaddress, MAC address, Device Name,Device Manufacturer,and more.*Check your Internet Connection. *Access fine location mappermissions . *Get detailed information about your current ISPProvider. *Get Your Public IP Address. *Ping test for your networkquality. * Cut Internet for all devices on the Network. * InternetSpeed Test , Download and Upload Test. *Check your network forintruders. *Basic information about your device network. *Watch alldevices on your network. *Custom names of your discovered devices.*Get manufacturer Details of your discovered device. Wifimanagement has never been easier. will show you detailed data aboutevery user and manage wireless networks with the free wifi scannerand wifi analyzer tool. Answers how can I block someone from usingmy wireless internet”. know who and when is using your network andblock them HOW TO USE SUPERWiFi ?------------------------------------------- 1. Welcome Screen: Inthis screen, SuperWiFi connects to your router 2. SearchscreenAfter clicking on (Scan), The app searches for all thedevices connected to your wifi network 3.block users: you can blockany user by remotely disconnecting him out of the network andpreventing him from using it. 4. Free wifi scan for ports on theselected device. 5. Ping Scan for selected device. 6. Click tovisit the open ports in the browser. 7. View The Manufacturer ofall devices. SuperWiFi one of the best wifi analyzer, wifi scanner, and wifi monitor , and thief detector , and Wifi Security , theapp let you know Who Is On My Wifi Who use my wifi, block spy Seeall of the devices connected to your wifi network and know exactlywho is using your network. Block wifi users (intruders, stealers)and deny their access. The remote disconnecting of unwanted usersis available for rooted devices only, this app work like selfishnetand netcut Keyword Suggestion wifi checker WiFi Security internetSecurity whos on my wifi who use my wifi devices connected to wifiwifi connected devices devices connected to my wifi wifi users howis on my wifi wifi analyser how to see who is on my wifi my wifipassword whos using my internet who's connected to my wifi wifiblocker control my wifi cut the internet WiFi Security
Who Is On My Wifi 🔍 netcut scan 6.6.2
Do you want to know if someone is connected to your wirelessnetwork without your permission? Your connection is slow and yoususpect that someone are stealing your wifi? Are you afraid thatthe neighbor may have access to your personal data? Who Is On MyWifi tool is a simple app to see all the devices connected to ournetwork (both wired and wifi, whether consoles, TVs, pcs, tablets,phones etc ...), giving relevant data such as IP address,manufacturer, device name and MacAddress. Who Is On My Wifi appalso allows to save a list of known devices with custom name andfind intruders in less than 30 seconds. This makes it easier for usand you will not need to go checking the data whenever we make ascan. All this in a clear and simple design that allows us to seethat our personal data are safe in a few seconds.