Pixelbox Studio Apps

Multicraft: Pocket Edition 2.0.0
Welcome to the new sandbox style break and build!  Thisamazing game in the style of craft, it collected all the best andremove all unnecessary.Gather resources in an endless world ofreal-generation breed farm to eat and not starve to death, defendyour territory from attacking zombies and vampires at night!Showmaximum imagination to build better huts on the beach! Features: -World generated in real time- New beautiful textures and objects-Many animals, zombies, vampires, predators.- Stunning biomes, fullyvoxel map- Day and night + weather (rain, snow, hurricanes)- Andmuch more!
Singlecraft: Multi World 2.0.0
Welcome to the new sandbox style break and build!In this game, toremove all unnecessary and only added to the fun! Awesome items,resources, locations and animals do not make you bored! The game isamazingly optimized for Android, it improved generation of theworld and the world of voxel is generated in real time. Build yourown shelter, hunting will not let you go hungry, protect your homefrom the attack of the zombies and vampires. Build your own farmand raise cattle.Features:- Stunning voxel generation of the world-Many species of animals, weapons, armor and items- Zombies,spiders, vampires, ferocious predators.- Day and night weatherconditions +- And a lot more!
Pizzeria Craft Survival 1.0.0
Pizzeria Craft Survival - a new thematic and original sandbox instyle Craft. In this game you should survive in the Pizzeria mode.One contact of an animatronic and you will be dead! Close alldoors, turn off the light everywhere and watch the card! Featuresof game:- Pizzeria mode- Mode of a survival and creative- It is alot of types of weapon, armor and subjects- It is a lot of animalspecies, the zombie and predators in the usual mode.- Change of dayand night + weather conditions- The world is generated in real time
World Craft: Survival 5.0.0
The new sandbox in style to build and survive waits for you! Thistime entirely plunge into the novel world of blocks and find allsecrets of this place. Construct own shelter and a fire to worrynight and continue the survival! Build unique structures, locks, athome, of a tower and even boats! In game waits for you the uniquenovel worlds, various locations and mass of adventures. Not to beeaten observe vigilance! Features of game:- The updated generationof the world in real time.- It is a lot of types of weapon andarmor, it is possible to create all!- It is a lot of animals: hens,horses, insects, sheep, bears and cows.- Farmer activity: you feedcows, collect milk. Ride horses and graze sheep.- Weatherconditions, rain, snow, cataclysms! - Zombie, mines, caves, evilspirits and unique locations! - The mode of a survival and acreative are included.
Siberia Craft: Winter Hunter 2.0.0
Siberia Craft: Winter Hunter - a new sandbox in the Siberian style.Feel the real hunter in the Siberian snow woods. Your main goal tosurvive at any cost in the wild nature and a frigid climate!Construct own shelter in the wood, commit follies that in your hutit was warm. Create the unique weapon and warm clothes and go onhunting! Develop hunting activity, update the shelter, place trapson bears and be afraid of night! There are furious zombies,palochnik and killing winter spiders at night. Features of game:-The updated generation of the world in real time- Winter, cold,snowfall and blizzards.- Wild animals: bears, wolves, Siberianlynxes - Cattle: chickens, cows, horses, dogs, cats. - Farmeractivity- Stable hunting- Mode of a survival and creative. - It ispossible to construct all!- The updated stock, it is possible tocreate all! - Change of day and night, balance of the naturalphenomena.
Megacraft: Block Story World 2.0.0
Megacraft: Block Story World is a new sandbox in style of researchand a survival! Open for yourself the new world filled with themass of interesting animals find all secret caves the protectedzombies and other predators, investigate villages of ancientsettlements and don't catch sight bandits!Construct a safe andunique shelter, preserve the life and let's enemies killyou![Features]:- The updated generation of the world in real time-It is a lot of types of weapon, armor and other subjects.- It is alot of animals, predators, insects and rodents.- It is a lot oftypes of the zombie, vampires, wild predators.- Weather conditions,change of day and night.- Mode of a survival and creative
Survival Craft: Exploration 2.0.0
Survival Craft: Exploration is a new excellent sandbox in style tobreak and build. You appeared in the novel world, new to you, inwhich there is no end. Investigate all places of this world, createto yourself the weapon and armor, construct own shelter to escapefrom furious predators and the zombie who live in mines and get outon I pull down on arrival of night. Create own farms, grazechickens, sheep, rams and cows. Collect eggs, milk and meat to feedthemselves. Sit down a crop, but be vigilant - forest predators areready to attack at any time your cattle! In game there are 3worlds: 1. Lock of black force: create the unique weapon and armor,investigate the fortress of the angriest king of Survival Craft anddestroy it! It will be difficult to make it, the lock very big! 2.European town: become the resident of the old thrown town in depthsof Europe. Build own house, develop farmer activity. Feed the cows,they will milk to you! Fence the chickens with a fence that theydidn't run away. Get a dog that she protected your cattle from wildpredators! But be careful, the village is controlled by ancientwars.3. A lodge on a tree: find in the wild woods of the Jungle alodge on a tree! The house is huge and thrown. You can burn it, orlodge in it. Build own room and a reliable door that predatorscouldn't make the way in your possession. Spend some nights on atree to safety! Features of game: - The cattle is added: chickens,cows, horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, mouse, insects!- Zombies, forestpredators, spiders, snakes and crocodiles are added.- The freeworld is generated in real time.- 3 unique subject locations: TheEuropean city, the Dark lock and the Lodge on a tree.- Weatherconditions: rain, snow, cataclysms, change of day and night.- Thethrown mines, caves, huts and even the ships.- It is a lot of typesof the unique weapon, armor in medieval style. - Mode survival andcreative- And there is a lot of all!
Worldcraft: Exploration 3D 2.0.0
You are trapped on an island that is created entirely of blocks!Explore the island, look for all the necessary resources, put trapson animals, build the farm, build their own shelter. Watch out forthe night! At night you will hunt for the mass of zombies andvampires. In the afternoon you can go horseback riding, boating,fishing and light a fire on the beach. Build a big fence to yourcattle killed wolves! In this version of the game added newweapons, new armor, a lot of new items including a fire and boat,and much more!Features:- New unique voxel world- New weapons,armor, items and structures- New types of animals, livestock,zombies, vampires and wild predators- Added the farming, you cannow grow plants!- Improved weather conditions, day and night.- Andmuch more is waiting for you inside!
Survivalcraft: Minebuild World 1.0.0
Assembled and dangerous world needs your participation! In thisgame, we collected all the best modifications to the style of"Survival" - No Creativity! Only the harsh tropicalconditions!Welcome to our sandbox! We have gathered in this projecta large number of animals, predators, zombie, vampire, insects, andeven rodents! Collect food in the forest, grow them on your ownfarm! We have created a unique storyline building houses, you cannow show the full imagination and compete with their friends inunique buildings huts!Features:- The final generation of the worldis completely worked out for every detail: the unique biomes, Voxelmountains and caves, wild tropics, the Sahara desert, savannah andeven the snowy Siberian mountains!- We have collected all the bestanimals and zombies - to survive became even more difficult andmore interesting.- We have worked out the weather and now you get areal day and night, and rain!- New texture units, weapons, armor -now everything has become much more colorful than usual!- And allthis is just the beginning!
Worldcraft: Pocket Edition 2.0.0
Worldcraft: Pocket Edition - is a big project for fans ofsandbox-style "break and build." We have gathered in this projectall their best resources and create something more than just agame!Do you offer a huge open world in which lies the mass ofmysteries and stories. Your main mission - to find an abandonedcave and reveal all secrets of this ancient history! To explorethis cave you need to create a certain resources - armor, weapons,build a shelter in which you can always come back after studies!Stock up on food, water, build your own farm near the house,engaged in fishing activities, and set traps to hunt predators!Thisgame does not make you bored! Features:- A huge world in whichcollected all biomes: the shroud, the Sahara desert, the endlesstropical, dangerous cave spiders, endless water and even snowyforest!- A lot of kinds of units, weapons, armor- Many kinds ofdangerous animals, predators, zombies, spiders, vampires- Day andnight, weather conditions and disasters!- Unique secret location"Castle Cave" - ​​to fully explore this cave, you will need morethan one day!- And much more!
Minebuild: Worldcraft Survival 2.0.0
Minebuild: Worldcraft Survival - this is a super sandbox styleCraft. In this exciting game you have to survive at any cost in thewild flow of the world. Select the mode you want among the"Survival", "Creative" and "Ghost Town." Build farming activities,set traps, build his hut and did not let the wild zombies kill you!Create unique weapons, armor, and various construction materials.In this game are absolutely no boundaries!Features:- Many kinds ofweapons and armor- 3 modes of play including an additionallocation, Creative and Survival.- World generated in real time-Weather conditions, day and night- Many species of animals,zombies, and predators- Farming and keeping livestock- Lagoon area,savannah, snow-capped mountains, the islands and much more!
Racing Crash Simulator 1.2
RCS: This is a real survival on the cars in front of thousands ofspectators. Destroy the other cars, performs unique tricks, breakyour car efficiently as possible and earn maximum points! Show whois the king of the ring!Features RCS:- Effective engine damage-Large open world- Many obstacles, jumps, objects.- Effective trickson the car, show their uniqueness- Intelligent AI cars, aggressivedriving!- Survival in the arena in front of thousands of people
Vegas Gangsters: Crime City 3.0
Welcome to Vegas!You returned to his hometown after 10 years on thestreets ruled by the mafia and crime. Only you will be able to winback territory from the hometown of criminal gangs. You have tocome face to face with the "Saints", "The Gorillas" and"Immortals." Before you engage in battle, earn enough money andexperience to buy weapons, clothes and cars. You are ready to beginthe battle? Perform missions to gain respect and clear the streetsof the Vegas gangsters. Features Vegas Gangsters:► A large openworld with vehicles and pedestrians► storyline with over 30 singleplayer missions► store weapons, clothes and special transportimprovement +► Driving tanks, helicopters, planes and even a jetpack!► Gang war for the city, and the bosses► Rank Playerexperience (level) and awards for the actions► Convenient control,mini-map and graphics settings
Great The Auto: Crime Town 2.0
Are you an aspiring mobster came to a large hard city in search ofa better life. You have no money, no weapons do not respect. Youhave to overcome a long way from the usual thieves in large anddangerous mafia. Earn money by stealing cars, buy weapons,clothing. Go through the mission and have a lot of respect! This isa real simulator criminal!Features Great The Auto:- Lots of weaponsmodels, skins, transport and people!- Large open city to the sea,lakes, skyscrapers and ghettos.- Free play, sandbox, missions andstoryline!- You can steal any car and smash it- High qualitygraphics and full optimization for low device- Much more is waitingfor you inside!
Siberia Craft 2: Winter Build 1.0
Survive in a tough western Siberia! Build your house in the iceforest. Create weapons to effectively hunt wild animals, bears,wolves, rabbits and deer. At night the zombies rise up and begin toattack your hideout.Features:- Endless snowy map- Many new animals,beasts and zombies- New weapons, armor, items for construction-Storms, blizzards, day and night- The new system of things- Muchmore inside!
Guess Car Quiz 1.0.3
You thought you knew everything about cars? Test your knowledge ofall the cars in the world. In this game, you'll get 6 game modes:logos guessing, guessing brands, models, producer countries,subsidiaries of automotive giants and the regime "blindly". We havecompiled the largest automotive quiz on Android! - More than 50 carbrands: from the German cars and ending with Russian.- More than 6game modes: the logo, the brand, model, country subsidiaries andmode of 50 to 50.- Experience in the game, statistics and leaderboards. Compete with your friends!- User-friendly interface,prompts in the game and a little weight!- And much more is waitingfor you inside!
Real Crime Gangsters 2.0
Conquer territory, stolen from the police, ride on steep sportscars and motorcycles, to raise their experience, carry out variousmissions, earn a lot of money on it and buy their weapons andcars.- A huge open city to life- A lot of single missions andentertainment- Shop with a lot of cool weapons, skins and cars- Topump its experience and credibility of the gang- Much more insidethe game!
My Unturned: Survival 3.0
Your plane crashed in a world populated by zombies. Your task is tofind the weapons, food and building materials and build their ownhome to wait for help. Collect resources and create in-game objectsof any kind. Survives with friends on the net!Features:-Multiplayer! Play with friends- Lots of weapons and items forconstruction- Large open-world, day and night, weather conditions-Create your weapons, items, and more inside!