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Nimo TV - Live Game Streaming 1.9.78
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---------ABOUT NIMO TV--------- A leading global platform thatallows millions of gamers from all around the world to play andbroadcast their games to other like-minded players. Nimo TV is acommunity of players, gamers, and fans that drive conversation, andallows peer-to-peer rewards and recognition. Utilising high-qualityinteractive technology, audiences can interact with streamers, andgain access to exclusive E-Sports events and tournaments, alongwith unprecedented access to the top streamers from across theregion. ---------INTRODUCTION TO NIMO TV--------- Never play alone.Join the latest dynamic community of gamers where millions ofplayers gather on their games and devices, interact on a dailybasis, and catch the best and brightest in the casual andprofessional gaming scene around the world. As players hone theirskills and craft in popular video games, regardless of platforms,audiences can join in on the fun and action. Come join theexperience by viewing the thousands of streams available - learnfrom the best, reward the masters, as Nimo TV shows you how. TopLive Game Streaming Platform The art of playing video games hasalways been supported by an audience, who watch, comment andcritique the gaming styles of gamers. And that audience has beenwatching and evolving. The act of sharing, and fostering a positiveculture for players to find and entertain an audience, andsupporting them to develop a community, is our goal. ■Our BeliefAnyone who can play a game, can share their experience. ■OurMission We make it as easy as possible for gamers across the globalstage to showcase their talents and expertise, entertain newaudiences, and for gamers to catch the latest online engagement.■Our Vision Connecting players at home, overseas, and everywhereand anywhere you can play a game. Website:
Nimo TV for Streamer - Go Live 1.5.22
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【Nimo TV for Streamer - One-click broadcast, interact withaudiences】 Nimo official broadcast tool. Free to everyone. Oneclick to start your game live. Everyone can be a streamer.Automatically record the games on your phone in real time andbroadcast to the audience on Nimo TV. Enjoy sharing game experiencewith 【Highlight】 ★Easy to broadcast Anyone can be a streamer! Oneclick to create your channel and share your unique gaming tips andfindings with other game lovers! Just one steps, you can be asuperstar! ★Realtime and interactive Share your game and interactwith your audience in real time. As long as your performance issplendid enough, you can get cool gifts from your audience. Don'tforget they can become real money. Want to have a try? DO NOT DELAYAND ACTION! Just a click of “DOWNLOAD”, you will OWN THE WHOLEWORLD in your hand. If you have any questions or suggestions, feelfree to contact us via: Customer Service Email:[email protected] Instagram: Facebook: