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Survive - Wilderness survival
Wilderness survival simulation game. Travel tosafety.--- BLINKING 'NEAR DEATH' EFFECT MIGHT CAUSE PROBLEMS WITH VISUALLYIMPAIRED PEOPLE (Sep 12, 2017) ---When your character is near of dying, there's a "blinking redscreen" effect. One player reported that this was very painful forhis eyes as a visually impaired person. I didn't realize people canexperience such on my game, sorry about the problem.I'm working to fix that problem and getting new version in thegoogle.-Juuso--- VERSION 319 RELEASED TO EVERYBODY (Sep 10, 2017) ---Finally.New version 319 is now being published in Google Play. It mighttake some hours before you can update the game, that's now ongoogle's hands. It's a big update. Check out the devlog in thegame. If you have feedback, just email me or leave a review.Thanks for your support,JuusoSurvive game developerwww.thesurvivegame.com--- DESCRIPTION ---Try survive and travel to safety. Wilderness survival themedsimulation where you need to decide how you spend your time andwhat action is most crucial for you now in order to survive:building a shelter, finding food, water, traveling, collectingfirewood.--- PRIVACY ---Game can be played OFFLINE. If you have internet connection, thengame will try send anonymized data about gameplay (things like "Xnumber of people play game"). Please check out "for humans" privacypolicy at thesurvivegame.com--- IAP ---As of September 2017: Inside the game you can purchase the "fulledition" (or "wolf edition") that gets you play the game withoutads (+ you get few extra perks). That's one time payment and youget to choose the price. There are no microtransactions forgems/coins or anything else to purchase. This IAP option is forthose who wish to support development. You can continue playingfree edition that is very close to same as the paid version.--- PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED ---* IN-APP PURCHASES (IAP): Only for convenient one-time full gamepurchase for those who wish to do so. Free version is almost thesame as 'full' one. There are no gems/coins/whatnot to buy.* FULL NETWORK ACCESS: you can play offline, but if you play onlinegame sends stats info like "created fire using bow drill" usinganonymizedId. Please see detailed & "for humans" privacy policyat the game website.* VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS: To best of my understanding this checksif your device is online or offline. If offline, there's no storepurchases. I try and see if I can get rid of this one.* CONTROL VIBRATION: this can be toggled off in the settings. It'sused only for in-game events (like if you catch a fish or somethinglike that)* OTHER WORTH MENTIONING: game stores "save game" files to yourdevice so that you can save & continue game after playing.Should not require extra permissions though. Game does not readyour phone files. It only reads game files and via settings screenyou can see list of files that were created.--- DISCLAIMER ---'SURVIVE' IS A SIMULATION GAME INTENDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.THIS IS NOT A COURSE IN WILDERNESS SURVIVAL; PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPTANY OF THESE MEASURES WITHOUT INSTRUCTION FROM A PROFESSIONAL OREXPERT.
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