Time Travel : Date Calculator 2.0.0
Time Travel is a date calculator that allowsyou to calculate the differences between two dates in days, weeksmonths or years. You can calculate dates retroactive (e.g how manydays since you were born, how many days you have worked etc.) orinput the number of days, weeks or months to figure out thecorresponding date in the future. You can find out the day of year.Simple interface, easy to use.
Speech2Math Calculator 1.2.0
Speech2Math Calculator translates your speechto mathematical expressions. Speech2Math Calculator is an usefultalking voice calculator application, which allows you to calculateeasily by speaking. Speech2Math Calculator also has on-screenkeyboard which allows you to edit expressions. Plus, minus, times,divide operations, square, cube square root, power, factorialoperations are available. You can select the input speech languageindependent from your default device locale and language.Trigonometric functions such as sinus, cosine, tangent, arcsines,arccosine, arctangent and logarithmic functions are available inPRO version. Speech to Math Calculator is the only voice calculatorwhich supports all the following languages and TTS (text tospeech).Supported Languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan,Danish, Greek, Estonian, Persian chandani, Finnish, Hebrew, Hindi,Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Haitian, Korean, Lithuanian,Latvian, malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Danish,Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu,Vietnamese, Chinese.By installing this app you agree to the following privacypolicy:http://www.fsmsoft.com/app-privacy-policy.html