Adam Szalkowski Apps

Activity Launcher 1.9.1
This Android App launches hidden activities and creates home screenshortcuts for installed apps. This project still lacks a fewfeatures and translation. You are welcome to contibute!Translations are hosted under Opt-in for Betarelease:
Adam's Battery Saver 1.8.1
This Android battery saver App prolongsbattery life by controlling the status of wifi, mobile data,bluetooth and account synchronization. The connectivity is disabledwhen the screen is turned off and restored to the original state atintervals to synchronize messages, e-mails, calendar, contacts etc.and can be disabled during night time to save even more energy.I was not 100% satisfied with the solutions available on themarket, so I wrote this one :)This App only disables and restores the original state of wifi,mobile data etc. - it is thus recommended to additionally install awidget for controlling these. For me ZDBox( a good job.This application is Open Source Software. Suggestions, problemreports, code and translation contributions, and donations arewelcome at testers try this version: