Wifi Search Free Open 3.1
Find quickly and immediately all the wireless open networks withoutpassword and free where you can connect from your smart phone. Withthis application does not you'll have to search among the hundredsof nearby wireless networks those to which you can connect withoutpassword. With just a click you can see it and connect free. Also,you can see in detail the network parameters you choose. If,moreover, that open wireless network is yours, the application willallow you to generate a strong password and PIN WPS if you decideto block potential hackers attacks. The application will allow you,too, see the rest of available wireless networks, with all possibleavailable data, such as the SSID, MAC, encryption (WEP, WPA, WPA2 /WPS), frequency, signal strength wifi received and the channel onwhich you are working. It contains advertising from otherapplications that may be of interest.
With "WIFI SIGNAL QUALITY" you can optimize your Wi-Fi connectionfrom your smartphone to get the best results. Equipped with ascanner signal, you will see, on only one screen, which is theoptimum signal and speed of data transfer at all times, and you canget the best quality in your link. "WIFI SIGNAL QUALITY" alsoincorporates a compass that will help you determine the precisedirection in which you must situate for best results. With thisapplication you can get the best speed of the wireless networkyou're connected and thus save time and money on your downloadingof music, video or applications. "WIFI SIGNAL QUALITY" will be atool that you can not do without, and that surely, and always willbe among your favorite applications. It contains advertising fromother applications that may be of interest.