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Donate to us! 1.4
This application does not perform anymorefunctions. It shows only nice smile to you. It should beunderstoodas a donation to the developer 0A1.EU for otherapplications, whichwere made as free. Thank you very much forsupport us.No additional functions.If you want, let us know which app is best for you.Thanksagain!Our free apps:Alpereum Mining Pool MonitorDeveloper's Apps ConsoleDino's English Alphabet GameDino's Czech Alphabet GameDwarfpool Mining StatisticsEthermine Pool Stats, EthereumethOS - Linux Ethereum MonitorEthpool Stats, Ethereum MiningFree Antivirus 2016 NewsCzech Golf fieldsHappy Easter Greeting CardsChristmas & New Year 2016 cardOutdoor swimmingMath for KidsMath for Kids #2NiceHash Mining Pool MonitorOstrava - metropolitan newsPixel Boy 2D puzzle adventureStodolni Street OstravaShooting ranges in Czech republicTips on Free Minecraft ServersTips on Minecraft PE ServersToplist LiteShapes and Colors Space gameValentine's day Love cardsWebmaster ToolboxZcash Mining Pool MonitorEmail: [email protected]: www.0a1.euFacebook: facebook.com/0a1eu
Koupání v přírodě - koupat.cz 1.5
Aplikace Koupání v přírodě zobrazuje vmobilnímzařízení informace ze serveru KOUPAT.CZFunkce aplikace:- zobrazení celkové mapy České republiky- zaměření dle GPS- seřazení míst ke koupání dle vzdálenosti od vás- označení nudistických pláží- detail místa ke koupání- navigace na místo, GPS souřadnice- popis místa- rozloha- odkaz na web pokud existuje- možnost přidat komentář- rozloha- občerstvení- vstupné- nudaplážBudeme rádi za další tipy na místa, kde se dá koupat vpřírodě.Ať už jsou to přehrady, jezera, pískovny, lomy, biotopy,rybníky,splavy, štěrkovny či jiné nádrže, které slouží jakopřirozenépřírodní koupaliště ve vašem okolí. Postupně budujemedatabázimíst, kde se koupat.Více informací najdete na webu www.koupat.cz- kvalita koupacích vod- počasí a teplota v místě- novinky a aktuality- komentáře a tipy ostatních uživatelůwww.koupat.czwww.koupaliste.euwww.kvode.euApplications Swimminginnature displays the mobile device information from theserverKOUPAT.CZApplication features:- Overall view maps Czech Republic- Orientation according to GPS- Sort of bathing sites by distance from you- Marking nudist beaches- Detail bathing sites   - Navigate to the location GPS coordinates   - A description of   - area   - A reference to the site where there   - The ability to add a comment   - area   - food   - entrance fees   - nude beachWe will be glad for further tips on places where you can swiminnature. Whether it's dams, lakes, sand pits, quarries,habitats,ponds, weirs, gravel or other containers that serve asnatural anatural swimming pool in your neighborhood. Graduallybuilding adatabase of places where you bathe.For more information, please visit www.koupat.cz- The quality of bathing waters- Weather and temperature at the site- News and updates- Comments and tips from other userswww.koupat.czwww.koupaliste.euwww.kvode.eu
Pixel Boy 2D puzzle adventure 1.2.1
Pixel Boy! is logic puzzle game with pixel artgraphic Sokoban puzzle game base. Goal is simple. Just move red boxto final stage.- 48 levels- level editor- simply pixel graphics- retro 8bit music- simply soundsWe are preparing new levels for our 8bit retro puzzle game PixelBoy!. Check updates, stay tuned!You can create your own puzzle in level editorIf you send us your level, we will publish it in nextactualization.Tags: Sokoban, Sokoban game, Sokoban Classic, Sokoban Clone,Socoban
Post Stamps Worldwide Catalog 1.0.4
📬 Post Stamps finder - Worldwide StampsCatalog 📪This is first version of Stamps Finder. You can browse about 600000postage stamps from 370 countries around the World. We know aboutmany things to be fixed. Please, if you find any errors, mistakesetc, write us email before rating. We are still working on thisapp. If you like it, please rate this app in store. Thanks alot.We made this mobile stamps catalog, because we are fan of Stampstoo and our friends or kids want identify stamp which they found.You needn't be philatelist, but you can spend great time withstamps catalog and history of Stamps.📯 FEATURES 📯✓ Browse stamps by country/year✓ Browse stamps by face values✓ Browse stamps by currencies✓ Browse stamps by themes✓ Browse stamps by catalogs✓ Browse stamps by user on colnect✓ Stamp detail✓ Stamp name✓ Stamp country✓ Date of first issued on✓ Rarity of stamp (in %)✓ Accuracy of rarity✓ Catalog codes✓ Themes✓ Stamp format✓ Emission✓ Perforation✓ Printing✓ Colors✓ Face value✓ Description📮 FUTURE 📮✓ setup your nick and browse your collection✓ make more filters for browsing✓ make correct back button function✓ better list and detail page design✓ check users ratings📯 PHILATELIC CATALOGS 📯✓ AFA number✓ Afinsa✓ ANK✓ Belarus post Inc.✓ Belgium✓ Bolaffi✓ Colnect codes✓ Croatian post Inc.✓ Dai Nippon✓ Dallay✓ Edifil✓ Facit✓ Götig and Jalil✓ Gz (Cefiloza)✓ Israel philatelic federation✓ Michel✓ NVPH✓ PMRstamps.org✓ POFIS✓ Polish Stamps Catalog✓ RHM✓ Romfilatelia✓ Sakura Sassone✓ Seven Seas Stamps✓ Siddiqui Catalogue✓ Stamp Number✓ Stanley Gibbons Unificato✓ WADP Numbering System - WNS✓ Yvert et Tellier✓ Zumstein📯 370 COUNTRIES IN STAMPS CATALOG 📯🏤 CONTACT 🏤Email: [email protected]: www.zero1apps.comNo ads versionhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zero1apps.StampsCatalog☆ COLLECTORS DATABASE ☆Thanks to Colnect.com for their API data and great website forcollectors.Colnect provides a comprehensive collectibles catalog. The catalogis a wiki created by contributing collectors on Colnect. It isexpected to replace most (if not all) printed catalogs by providingmore up-to-date accurate information.